Feast of Fish

If he was here, he'd make it harder for me

Clues and ToDo List

  • Walter rat said to find the cave, find Henry’s Cabin and talk to “the others”. Joe Catcher told Walter how to find the cabin. Clinton Reever knows Joe.
  • Talk to churches and get them on-board for midnight vigil
  • Clinton Reever knows where Carl “Charles” Sinster is
  • Harold has burst into the Bar and is chugging liquor

Saturday, October 22, Johnny

Everyone went home to go to sleep. At Johnny’s house, he waited in his bed for Walter-Rat. At a point early in the morning, he was awakened by the sound of Angus’s trap clapping shut. Johnny assumed Walter-Rat had been caught, and had a long conversation with him, during which Johnny agreed that he “wanted ten toes, but he didn’t want to be turned into a rat.” Walter stated that he wanted to become human again, and asked Johnny to help him – asking him what he would need. Johnny intended to cut off a piece of Walter’s tail, but then after some discussion agreed to Walter’s alternative plan: “I’ll give you my toe, and you’ll turn me back into a human.” Afterwards, Walter sprung from his hiding place in the shadow jumping onto the trap and out of the window. Walter did not leave his toe behind.

Mary and Annie awoke and tried to find some acid. The hospital seemed the most natural location. Orkliff wasn’t there, so they spoke with Betty. She was in a horrible state, extremely agitated and frantic; and her snuff jar of cocaine was obviously empty. They placed an order with her for chemicals from out of town, which Betty said should arrive on the next shipment – Fri Oct 28. After Mary shared the rest of her cocaine with Betty, she settled down a bit and said she would try to place a rush order so that it might arrive on Wed Oct 26. Mary and Annie then headed to the Raven’s Head tavern.

Douglas went to the library and actually found geographical maps. He studied them and found several areas where he thinks there could be caves. It will take approximately three full days of searching to discover all caves to the North of Portchester.

Johnny and Angus went back to the Curiosity Shoppe, buying several potions and a couple other oddities: cat tail, monkey paw, and Cthulhu statuette. Shortly after returning to the Tavern, Johnny’s foot/toe began itching horribly. Upon investigation, he saw that his big toe had grown back – as a rat toe (Walter’s toe).

Douglas conceived of a plan to gather citizens (especially ones with young girls) into churches on Sunday evening. He and Annie delivered a speech to acting-Sergeant Edward for him to deliver. Angus went out to organize the militia groups to help coordinate the effort.

Mary and Johnny tried to gather permission from the various churches, but when they walked past Lafayette street, they were ambushed by Buzzkill (the darkness-bug-controlling-light/fire-damping monster). The ran back to the Tavern just barely ahead of the flying mass of insects, and made it inside without injury.

Terrified by the prospect of Buzzkill wandering the streets, everyone slept in the common room. Later that night, Johnny was awakened by Walter-Rat: “I’m back, Johnny. What did you want?” After some discussion (and several attempts by Walter to trick Johnny some more), Walter shared the following information:

  • I don’t know where the cave is. The others don’t trust me. They say I’m still too human.
  • I didn’t want to be a rat. They did this to me, at the cabin.
  • They’re all at Henry’s cabin. Joe (Catcher) told me how to find it. Clinton (Reever) told me how to find Joe.
  • If you find Henry’s cabin, you can ask them where the cave is. They might trust you.



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