Feast of Fish

I'll take up the rear

Clues and ToDo

  • Persuade Rats not to do ritual on Johnny
  • Kill Rats?
  • Find Shaggai Cave
  • Return to Henry’s Shack to re-collect Sinster

Sunday, October 23rd, 5:00 pm, Cabin in the Woods

The monster, wreathed in shadow, pulled itself above the lip of the old well. Angus fell away from the edge and screamed in horror. He turned and ran for the picket fence that bounded the cabin property. With a hop, he cleared the fence, but the monster was hot on his heels.

Mary and Johnny heard Angus’s yells of warning, and came to see what the commotion was. From inside the doorframe of the cabin, Johnny saw the monster at the edge of the fence whip a shadow tentacle around Angus and haul him back into the yard. Johnny tried his best to blow the tentacle off with his shotgun, but it backfired and blew sparks in his face.

Mary came around the side of the house at about the same time, and saw Johnny’s second slug rip through the inky black body of the horror, only to then see the hole congeal. Mary drew her pistol and shakily pointed it at the creature, but before she could find her aim and pull the trigger, the monster lifted Angus from the ground and swallowed him whole.

Johnny charged forward and tried to punch through the shadow beast’s belly to grab Angus, but his fist met with solid skin.

Angus was then excreted with a slimy coating and the monster wrapped Johnny in a long tentacle and swallowed him as well.

To revive Douglas, Annie ran to the front porch, shielded her eyes from seeing the monster or any of her companions, drew a ladle of water, and ran back into the house.

Now free of the monster, Angus told everyone that they should flee, then ran inside after Annie. Mary followed him in. Johnny was excreted in a similar manner to the one in which Angus had been, but the experience took a toll on his sanity. He ran screaming like a madman into the house. Behind him, Mary closed the door.

In a short while, a knocking came at the door. The cabin was Frau Trude’s, and Frau Trude had returned. She huffed, and she puffed, and the guys let her in. Douglas came out of his trance in time to apologize (something no one else had thought to do).

When she entered the house, Angus leapt at her and tried to stab her with his Cold Iron dagger. She ran and he chased her. She froze him in place, gouged part of his cheek out, and explained “the previous person was more polite. He is in a cave that is North of a watering hole East of here. The cabin you’re looking for is to the North of here.”

Everyone cleaned up Frau Trude’s house, were not swayed to steal from the temptation box, and decided to head to try and find Carl Sinster in the caves to the East.

Sunday, October 23rd, 7:00 pm

With Douglas’ knowledge of geography and the map he had acquired, finding the watering hole to the East was very easy. They turned North toward a large rocky crop, then heard spooky sounds. They found a cave there, with Carl in its opening, badly injured and partly eaten.

“It was horrible, save yourselves. A huge horrible beast with teeth, claws. I tried to kill him but he was too strong. cough I tried to kill it, but he slammed me against the wall and started shredding me with his claws and fangs. Something dragged me out of there, I didn’t see what it was. Thought it was a dream, thought I was dead. cough … Not a bear … just a big lump of fur.”

Johnny and Angus explored the cave and found a slumbering bear. Mary, Douglas, and Annie built a stretcher for Carl. They all left together.

Sunday, October 23rd, 8:00 pm, Bear Cave

They decided to try to find Henry’s cabin. Douglas led them on a wild goose chase for an hour, then decided to head back toward town or Frau Trude’s cabin.

Sunday, October 23rd, 9:00 pm, Frau Trude’s Cabin

They reoriented themselves, and headed up North. Along the way, they started hearing creatures moving around in the underbrush. Before too long, they found a dilapidated cabin with an old crumbling stone well out front.

Annie spotted tracks that belong to very large rats.

Inside the cabin, Johnny found a fishing net over the skeletal remains of an unidentified skeletal body.

There was also a rat-mother with several converted offspring.

They decided to leave Carl Sinster there. To make him safe, they started fixing the door.

Mary waited outside, and went insane when a fresh pack of 10+ ratmen showed up.



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