Feast of Fish

"I'm not crazy.

Yes you are." - Me

Clue and ToDo List

  • Talk to Joe Catcher (and/or “Sam”-something)
  • If no success, talk to random sea-dogs about Henry’s Cabin
  • Cure Johnny
  • Ask Reaver about Carl “Charles” Sinster
  • Harold is having a bad day.
  • Grace Hopper is mother of Tim Hopper (Deceased boy)
  • Dogs can hear Shaggai Shan

Saturday, October 22nd, 1:00am

Johnny started a commotion, and woke everyone from their slumber. Douglas and Annie joined him at the bar for some whiskey coffee, while Mary went back to sleep.

After the quick drink, Harold, Johnny, Annie, and Douglas took off. Harold was leading them toward the site of a horrible murder. His severely inebriated state made it difficult for him to find anything. The bare sliver of moonlight made his task even more so.

Johnny caught sight of a pair of feet near a rubbish pile, and heard cat yowls from the area. He turned his lantern in the direction, and saw a body that had been mutilated. The lower body region and neck were covered in blood. Atop the body sat a pair of cats picking at the torn flesh. One took off when Annie and Douglas started talking at Johnny; the other ran away when Johnny swung his gun at it.

Annie immediately started to catalog the scene, trying to determine who he was and what had killed him. His pants had been pulled around his ankles. His genitals had been ripped off of his body. His chest appeared to have been ripped/shredded open. A huge chunk had been ripped out of his neck, and traces of lipstick were found on his collar area.

Harold hadn’t seen the murder, but he had seen the body. He took a seat to think for a minute—an action which made a squishing sound. When Harold looked at what he had sat on, he yelped, threw the item at Douglas, and ran off in a panic. Douglas was too slow to dodge the gory dick-and-balls as it sailed through the air. In his scramble to evade, Douglas dropped the whiskey, and the bottle shattered on the ground.

Johnny brought Harold back while Douglas and Annie prepared the corpse to take it to the police station. Meanwhile, Harold licked the whiskey from the stones, cutting his tongue and lips from the broken glass. Douglas and Annie took the body to the police station. There, the clerk suggested that he looked like the other man that was murdered a couple night ago: a chunk missing from the neck and chest clawed open, but the other man hadn’t had his genitals removed.

Back at the Raven’s Head, Johnny set Harold to bed, but not before Harold downed another bottle of cheap whiskey. Then Johnny himself went to bed in the common room, too.

Annie went to sleep in the Sergeant’s office, in his chair. Douglas went home to sleep.

Saturday, October 22nd, am

Annie was awakened by a cat yowling at her from outside the window. She shooed it away and went back to sleep. Once asleep, she had a mythos-dream sparked by the book she had been reading: Revelations of Hali.

Saturday, October 22nd, 5am

Johnny was awoken by WalterRat in the middle of the night. “I’m glad you took my toe, I didn’t mean to bite off so much of your toe.” He seemed concerned and frustrated that Johnny hadn’t done anything to try and find anything. “You want me to be like you, right? You don’t want to be a rat; but you do want to be like Sherman, right?” Johnny agreed that he wanted WalterRat to be like him, and that Johnny wanted to be like Sherman.

Thinking that that was suspicious, Johnny went to check on Sherman. His pounding on the door awoke Mary. He opened the door when no one answered, and Johnny saw that the shutters were open and the bedsheets were torn and messy.

Mary attended to Harold, who was bloody and drunk. Johnny explained that he was probably duped by WalterRat, and Mary went back to sleep.

Saturday October 22, 10:00am

The Japanese woman (Lady Shijo) and her bodyguards roused Mary, and started asking her about the condition of the bar. She was concerned because no one had shown up for work yet, and the front door lock was broken. Mostly, Mary just gave her empty assurances that it would be repaired during the day. She suggested that they take this opportunity to try some of the other local restaurants and taverns, for today.

Johnny and Harold woke up and the three of them tried to put the bar together.

10:00am Annie

Edward woke Annie up in her… ahem, his office. She wandered around town wondering where she can buy a dog.

10:00am Douglas

Douglas woke up just fine, having had a very restful night’s sleep. He spent some time trying to find clothes that weren’t bloodstained.

11:00am Mary and Johnny

Johnny had gone from damage-control to “fix the bar” mode. Mary talked him into closing down so he could focus on NOT TURNING INTO A RAT.

He went to Lady Shijo’s rooms, but there was no answer since they had left earlier. He went to the maid’s room to leave a note for her. Her room looked extremely tidy and un-lived in. The maid’s key was sitting on the table, as well, suggesting she may have left town. Then he went to check that Walter’s old room was still locked. It was, but he heard movement inside. When he opened the door, he saw a similar scene as when it was first investigated. The glassware on the side table was scattered; the bedding was ripped from the bed; the shutters were open; a giant rat sat on a pile of clothes and dug at the remains of a squirrel.

The rat turned to look at Johnny, squirrel jiblets falling out of his maw. “I’m not a rat!” The face of Sherman, twisted and deformed hissed at Johnny. Johnny tried to convince him to stay, but ShermanRat fled the room. “I can’t help you if you don’t stay!” Johnny shouted after, to no avail.

11:00am Annie

Annie found a street urchin to guide her to a dog salesman, where she purchased a burly mastiff she named Edison.

1:00pm Everyone

Douglas and Annie showed up at the bar shortly after 1:00pm. Johnny finished locking up the bar. A child showed up with a letter from Carl Sinster for Angus. It said he had met with a few people.

Just as they were about to leave to find Clinton Reever and Joe Catcher, they were interrupted by Sergeant Edward. He said that his speech went well, the churches have agreed to hold the vigils, but word of the Buzzkills has spread. The attacks happen at night, so how are people supposed to congregate? Some citizens refuse to leave their homes at night, so the vigil may fail. Annie assured him that they knew how to deal with the bugs, and it would be taken care of before Sunday night.

As Edward described how people had been sent to the hospital, and suffered mental trauma from the massive cloud of biting insects, Douglas began having an episode. This sent Harold into a fit, as well. The both of them began scratching and shouting about insects crawling in and out of their ears, nose, and mouth; Douglas shouted about them laying eggs under the skin. Edward also became very animated: “You’ve seen them? What can we do?” Annie tried to calm everyone down, threatening them with her dog, while Mary got a tranquilizer prepared for Douglas. At this point, Johnny went off the deep end, grabbed a baseball bat from behind the bar, and started smashing bottles while shouting “Get out! Everyone out! We’re closed!” Almost in response, six men entered the Tavern asking for food and drinks. Johnny shouted “We’re closed” as he smashed more glasses and bottles with the baseball bat.

The men left quickly, followed shortly by Edward and Harold. The remaining investigators left a few minutes later, after Johnny had calmed down a bit.

To find Clinton Reever, the group headed to the Docks of Portchester. Carl Sinster had described Reever as knowing some “sea dogs”, so hopefully finding them will lead to Reever.

Near the docks, they found a worker that was willing to point them toward Reaver. He has a nice grocery.

Douglas engaged Reever in a long conversation. Reever mentioned that some of the old sailors that frequent the Dead Duck Inn may know where Henry’s cabin is, since he was an old seadog too. He said Joe Catcher often hangs out at the Brewmaster Pub with his buddy “Sam”-something. Sam started going to the Brewmaster Pub a few weeks back, after being kicked out of the Dead Duck Inn for cheating at cards.




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