Feast of Fish

Instruction Manual...

... How to deal with the head.

Sunday October 23rd, morning

Johnny woke up to a frantic ShermanRat rifling through the things in his former room. “It’s getting late, gotta get the bar ready.” Johnny pointed out that the bar would be fine, and if he was upset about the mess in the bar, he should talk to Angus. Angus who is probably at Johnny’s place. Sherman left, and Johnny went to set up.

He found that Lady Shijo had the place in good running order. After starting in on his breakfast, Betty from the hospital walked in. She was vacant and subdued, asking repeatedly about Mary.


Angus, walking down the road, noticed a stark-white-robed person near Pearl St and Union Ave. The hands of the figure were very dark… Almost black. He decided to chase after her as she turned the corner away from him. He chased her, seeing a glimpse of her far away. He managed to follow and found a tiny shop. He knocked on the door.

The proprietors of a secret small shop opened the door. “How did you find this place? What have you done with her head?” Angus revealed that he had given Frau Trude a body, allowed her to get eyes, and call her cat.

She gave Angus a cold-iron knife and premonitions of DOOOOM!


Mary walked into the bar and immediately Betty came up to her and blankly explained, “Orkliff needs to see you. It is very urgent. You must immediately.” When Mary assented to go, Betty immediately became manic again, apparently suffering amnesia for the past several hours.

Just when Mary was about to leave to visit him, a messenger boy ran in screaming for her. Someone was dying and needed a doctor right away!

When it looked like Mary wouldn’t be following her back to the hospital, Betty glazed over again, and quietly insisted, “Mary, I need to talk to you in private.” Mary convinced her that they could talk in private at a place nearby, and with Johnny followed the child to Stubor manor in Stamford.

Stubor manor is the location where the Shaggai attacked a girl, and Frau Trude tussled with Annie over the girl’s eyes.

Inside, Mary and Johnny found the man had gained an insectile infection. Over Betty’s objections, Mary treated Mr. Stubor. With that taken care of, Betty led the way to the hospital.

Douglas and Annie

Edward showed up at the Raven’s Head and was starting to panic about the Buzzkill situation, but Doug and Annie set him straight. Together, the three of them crafted another press release.


Everyone wrapped up their activities at about the same time and headed to the hospital together to meet Orkliff.

In his office, Orkliff pulled Mary aside and brought in a covered bundle. He confessed that he had found a Shaggai larva and raised it into maturation. His experiments taught him that with enough physical harm, they simply die. He also discovered that the Shaggai can control the body of something by probing their brains. Orkliff didn’t want to go to a church, so he asked Mary came up with the idea to organize him being included in a militia.

After returning to the Raven’s Head, Angus got a bowl of soup with a few rotten eyeballs in it. He complained, Lady Shijo offered to punish one of her cooks, and Angus used the opportunity to have one of the Asian men carry away the dirt/eyes/cat corpse outside Johnny’s window.

While he was out, Mary convinced Annie and Douglas to send word to Edward that doctors could volunteer for militia instead of being posted at the churches. They sent a courier with notes to Orkliff and Edward.

Johnny got his shotgun back and went home to get lots of ammo. He noticed the horrible mess that Angus had made.

Angus went home to get ammo. Harold was in a bad state, as the pile of cats/eyes/gore had been left on Angus’ bed.


They headed out to find Henry’s cabin!


They found it! There was a picket fence around the property, with a kept lawn containing a dismantled stone well. There was a garden out back with a stone well set within. On the front and back porches there were barrels, the one in front having a sign which read, roughly “drink me”. Also on the front porch, there was a well-crafted rocking chair and a small chest. While everyone investigated every possible aspect of the house, Douglas entertained himself with 3 bowls of porridge he had found inside.

Upon eating the best portion of porridge, he felt sleepy so he went to sleep.

Angus dropped a stone into the front well, and awakened a mean-looking shadow creature. Mary and Johnny ran to his aid.



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