Feast of Fish

Meanwhile, Angus gave an arousing speech

Result of militia training

  • Six groups of 6 people
  • Militia has knowledge of the ShaggaiShan
  • Many Earplugs
  • Groups are organized, armed, with a leader, and understand battlebuddies
  • Some people had hunting dogs {T3d, TD, T, WT, T, WTD}
  • Sent messages to hospital/doctors, they are on board

Backwards in time, Thursday, Oct 20, 8:00pm, following Angus

Angus sent two messengers plus himself to meet with the nightly patrol groups. They contacted three that were on patrol that night, and asked them to send word to the others: “Douglas wants everyone to meet up by Our Lady of the Angels at 8:00 am for special training. Don’t patrol tonight, there’s no danger.”

Friday, Oct 21, 8:00am

Six groups of six showed up at 8:00 am for training.

Angus accomplishes much of the training detailed in Angus and the Militia with 5 of the groups. Two were well-trained, three were badly trained, and one was completely unaffected.{T3D, TD, U, T, TD, WTD} Untrained, Trained, WellTrained, #Dogs.

  • Militia has knowledge of the ShaggaiShan
  • No Earplugs
  • Groups are organized, armed, with a leader, and understand battlebuddies
  • Some people had hunting dogs (detailed above)
  • Sent messages to hospital/doctors

Sat Oct 22, 6am

Shrunken Head: “Wakeup! Wakeup! Let’s try this! You have to get them, sleepy head! You promised to get me the eyes.”

Angus: “You must promise to either leave me alone or help us save the world.”

Shrunken Head: “As soon as I get eyes I can use, I will leave you alone. Why do you hide beneath your covers?”

Angus: “It’s scary. Go into the corner, as an act of good faith.”

Angus slowly opened his eyes and looked on his bed. Atop the sheets a furry distended form writhed in a heap. Maggots pushed for space and fell to the covers into piles of wriggling rot.

Though the site was disturbing, Angus set to work finding a knife to carve the cat.

Shrunken Head: “Don’t cut it! You might not cut the eye!”

Angud: “I’m not cutting the eye, I’m cutting the head off so I can poke the eyes out from inside!”

Shrunken Head: "… That might work… "

Cutting into the neck, Angus made slow work. A sudden popping noise preceded a spurt of ichor and a plume of gasses assailed him.

Once the head was messily severed, Angus began tugging at the spinal column. With a squelch and another spurt of mess, the brain came loose. With the inside of the cat’s skull loose, Angus started pressing the eyes into the cavity. They deformed and popped into the inside where they dangled loosely.

When Angus went to pull the eyes from inside the skull, he accidentally crushed one of the eyeballs. Finally, he looked at Frau Trude and saw that she had eyes. She pulled one of her eyes out, replacing it with the mangled, crushed cat eye. “This won’t work! We’ll have to try again. I’ll bring another one tomorrow! This time, something fresher.”

She went to leave, and Angus offered her a peace treaty. Let’s shake hands and let bygones be bygones… (Angus rolled a natural 100 on his persuade). “We can shake hands when you fulfill your promise!” The tiny malevolent doll lashed out at him and ran away.

Angus patched up the scratch and cleaned it as well as he could. He chucked all of the most solid pieces of the rotten cat out of the window, and he left a note to housekeeping about the rest of the bloody, maggoty, horrible mess. “From Angus: Just clean; don’t ask questions.” Then Angus went to another room.

Saturday 8:00am

Angus attended additional drills in the morning, followed by Edward’s speech in the early afternoon.

A man: “Angus, what happened at the tavern? It’s closed! We have to go to the other place, now.”

Angus: “Actually, after training, why don’t we go to the Raven’s Head and I’ll run it.”

The groups trained until 6:00 or 7:00. By the end of training, it seemed that most of the groups had gotten their roles down.


They arrived at the Tavern after training, and there appeared to be activity inside. A peak inside showed Harold tending the bar, sitting next to a big stock pot.

Angus went up to Harold to find out what was going on, and Harold didn’t know. He had come to work and opened the door and then people started coming in. “If you wanna beer, just go ahead and grab it. Put the money in the stock pot.”

Angus thought he would rob the store blind, and launder it by selling the liquor and food at horrid discounts. Then he realized his militia would get trashed if he just gave away alcohol, and he changed his mind. After this point, he tried valiantly to control the mob of drinkers.

He got them under control before too long, and pulled in money hand-over-fist with heavy, but somewhat reasonable, discounts. At around 10:00pm, he had a run-in with the Asian Woman.

Lady Shijo: “There is darkness in Johnny’s future. There is darkness in your future.”

Angus: “Speaking of helping, would you like to join Douglas’s militia?”

Lady Shijo: “I don’t go for such things, but I would like to help Johnny,” she said before dispatching her two body-guards as help/cook, and her dogs to guard the door.

Her servants created an exotic stew, and she took control over the stock-pot of money, denying Angus his ambition of stealing it all. When he protested, she cast a spell on him that made him compliant and helpful: “You are a great friend. You all must work together. I’m sure Johnny will agree to do the right thing. He’ll be here at 11. We must make sure the tavern runs smoothly until he gets here.” – Angus went about keeping things running smoothly, while making sure his militia did not get too drunk.

All total, $291 earned. 1/2 liquor and food stores are depleted.

11:00 pm



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