Feast of Fish

Prequel: Angus whipped his junk out and put it on the table.

Thursday, October 20th, 5:00 pm

Mary, Douglas, Annie

Mary collected Douglas and drugged him with calming medicine. They went back together and found Annie. Annie had a new book, and she was studying her yellow-stone-set-into-a-black-setting-with-small-carvings-of-bugs-and-beetles. Silently, Mary lead the two gobsmacked explorers back to the Raven’s Head Tavern.

Angus and Johnny

Angus and Johnny were in the Tavern when Harold walked in. Angus spoke to him, and he seemed intent on talking to Mary. Angus invited Harold over to sit and wait for Mary. Along the way, Harold had a bit of an episode and tried to kill another patron (Gerald). Johnny intervened giving Harold enough time to recognize Gerald as a friend, and the four went to a table to chat and enjoy some soup.

6:00 pm

Mary, Douglas, and Annie arrived at the Tavern. Harold immediately spotted Mary and went to her. He told her how he had seen a man turn into a swarm of bugs and chase him on the 11th. And he told her about how he saw the Shaggai Shan on the 9th (near Barker’s Bread). And he told her about seeing Peter. He also mentioned the girl seven years ago, that both he and Mr. Ferell saw. “They’re taking the brains. I know that now, but I don’t know why.”
He also mentioned seeing additional monster while growing up:

  • Shadow Creatures that live in Portchester (Saw when 5 or 6)
  • Dog-faced flesh eaters. Sheep hooves. Dog faces. Dig up bodies and eat them. (10 or 12 years old)
  • Younger brother had a black evil hag sit on his chest at night. A nice old lady brought Harold to a black woman. She gave him an amulet to give to his brother to keep him safe (happened when he was 5 or 6). Now he sees the hag in the shadows in corners and under beds. At one point, he pointed hysterically at a corner and shouted that the hag was there. Mary saw something hunched over and creepy, but it was gone in an instant.

Harold was very concerned because he has no place to stay, and no job. Mary told him they would work something out, and headed back to the others.

Meanwhile, Douglas was taking a hot bath to clean himself and his clothing from the insects.


Mary, Harold, and Angus returned to the table and began discussing plans. Douglas returned, and joined them. Angus tried to sell his German Grimm’s Fairy Tales books to Douglas, who said he would have to look them over first to see if they were worth it. Harold and Gerald went to the bar to chat by themselves.

Angus planned to stay at the Tavern to handle the extortionist, and the others were planning to possibly start patrolling Stamford. Since he would be far from Stamford, and knowing that the Shrunken Head doll would announce the next murder, he tried to convince it to go with one of the others.
Head: “But you agreed to help me. How can you help me if I’m not with you. You agreed to give me her eyes.”
Angus: “Can it be any eyes? Why does it have to be that girls eyes”.
Head: “Why would you take someone else’s eyes? Why would you hurt someone else? I asked for her eyes because she’ll be dead, so she won’t need them anymore.”
Angus: “But where will she be murdered?”
Head: “I don’t know, I can’t tell. There’s many of them, and one has to succeed. Only then will I know. And when I know, I’ll tell you where she is.”
Angus: “But you could tell them. And they could give you the eyes. Mary is much better skilled at such a thing.”
Head: “I can’t talk to them. They can’t hear me. It has to be you. You gave me my body, now you must give me her eyes. Then I will be complete, and then I will be able to help so much more!

Angus proceeded to tell the others there was no sense in patrolling Stamford because they won’t be able to save the girl. He also told them what the Head had said about there being “many of them”.

Mary was appalled, saying that they have to try. “You say there are many monsters, hunting and killing young girls. And we should do nothing? We can’t just let those monsters kill little girls. We have to try to save them!”

When Angus continued to try to persuade them otherwise, he was suddenly bitten hard by Shrunken Head doll, who told him: “You have to try to save her. And when you fail, you have to give me her eyes.”

What the others saw was Angus stop talking mid-sentence, exclaim in pain grabbin his chest, look down, and then simply saying: “Okay.”

They finally decided they should all wait together at the Tavern, and then all ride together in a carriage to Stamford after the extortionist had been dealt with.


Angus offered Harold his place to stay, and took him there to help him settle in. Johnny talked to Sherman and got him hired as a handyman at the Tavern. Mary took a nap, as did Angus when he returned. Johnny went home to get bird-shot for the rifle, and some other gear. Annie studied her new book and the yellow stone. Douglas read the books that Angus had purchased from the curiosity shop.

At one point, Edward came in and took Annie off to the side to discuss important matters.


A big burly guy started accusing Douglas of stirring up trouble in the town. He got angry and aggressive, at which point 4 other men in the tavern stood up: “Do you know who you’re messin’ with?! That’s Douglas. You best leave him alone.” Unimpressed and angry, the man took a swing, clocking Douglas (4hp damage). The four men rushed him in Douglas’ defense, landing a couple blows. Douglas stood up and returned the favor by knocking the man out cold. Angus started a cheer, and before too long the whole bar was rowdy with support for Lincaster.

Johnny returned to the tavern just in time to help service the additional business from the impromptu party that had started in the tavern. After an hour of merriment, Angus bought the clipboard from his dubious contact and destroyed the papers in the Tavern fireplace.

Johnny told Sherman he had to be leaving, and was paid $40 for helping out.



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