Feast of Fish

We could definitely really use more acid

End of Session ToDo List

  • Need more acid/acid balls, where did Diggen get his?
  • Patrol more tonight?
  • Dispose of brain/eyes
  • Get surveyer’s map from library (for Douglas)
  • Viccar’s groundskeeper (William Sullivan?) more stories about the doll
  • Walter-Rat visit?
  • Curiosity shop? (Destroy other doll stuff)


Annie, having recovered from the expedition with Mary and Douglas, settled into the Raven’s Head Tavern and examined the Beetle-Stone. At some point a midst her lonely introspection, Edward found her and explained the progress that the cops had made.

Crime Scene at Fairfield Asylum

  • They followed three sets of barefoot tracks from the asylum. One set split off. The other two led to a small clearing in the woods where they found a male body, who was naked from the waist down and had had his throat ripped out.
  • They believe the body to be Jack Spinkle.
  • List of Escapees:
    • Ellen Deepton – paranoid schizophrenic (cultist leader?), dead
    • Isabelle Timeboon – pyromaniac, whereabouts unknown
    • Cindy Gryphon – high-risk nymphomaniac, whereabouts unknown
    • Jack Spinkle – bi-polar kleptomaniac, dead
    • Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher, whereabouts unknown

Clues from Taylor’s Pawn and Gifts

  • The owner was a nasty, dirty, ill-tempered man.
  • He mentioned a woman who’s son was found murdered on the docks earlier this month.
  • He is fed up with Fairfield police, not doing anything about problems in Portchester.
  • Pawn ticket was for a silver pocket watch, engraved with the initials WTL (Walter Timothy Lightbrother).

After the bar incident… Friday October 20th, 12:30 am

The coach dropped the party off at Princess/Damsel Dr. & Main St. They wandered to the North, along Damsel Drive, and then into the alley ways heading toward Knight St.

After a small scare from an alley cat, the gang heard a soft, melodious song. They followed the noise and found a Shaggai Shan perched on a 2nd story window. Johnny just opened fire on the thing, shattering the window. Mary tried hitting the thing with green-spheres-of-demon-banishing, but she missed twice.

Johnny was put into a trance, thinking he had to clean the Raven’s Head. He was taken out of commission. When the residents of the house came into their child’s room, they started making a commotion. When they made a commotion, Angus grabbed Johnny and fled. Mary and Annie went inside to make sure the child was okay, and to talk down the parents. Douglas ran to “catch the vandals”, he ended up with the boys.

When Angus shook Johnny out of his stupor, and Douglas had scolded him for firing his weapon at a house, the shrunken head started talking to Angus. “College Row, Damsel Drive. Climb the Ivy, 35. There she lies, there she dies.”

Douglas went and got Mary and Annie. They ran out to Damsel Drive, and up to College Row. They quickly caught up to Johnny and Angus.

They found address 35 on College Row, and there was an ivy-covered wall nearby. The boys began trying to climb the ivy-covered trellis. Johnny tried to jump to grab the window ledge of the open window and fell. Angus tried to swing over to the window ledge and fell. Douglas climbed all the way onto the roof.

Annie and Mary began pounding on the door, until the boys fell. Then Mary went to make sure they didn’t break anything.

Douglas lowered himself into the room. He saw a scene that horrified him. A little girl was in her bed with the tail of a Shaggai Shan sticking out of her abdomen. He heard a splurtch, and the Shaggai turned writhed out of the stomach wound, holding something.

The man answered the door, and Annie and Mary rushed into the house. Angus and Johnny stayed in the street, guns leveled at the window. If anything non-human comes through the window, they’d shoot it.

Annie burst into the room, just as Douglas slammed the window shut shouting “We’re too late!” Annie, Mary, and the girl’s father saw the carnage. The father fell unconscious in the doorway.

The Shaggai tried to escape through the closed window, but thwacked into it. Just afterward, the corner of the window shattered open and the shrunken head doll jumped into the room, alarming everyone.

Annie passed a yellow-gas ornament to Mary, who nailed the Shaggai with it. The Shaggai started screeching and writhing around. It dropped the brain with a sickening squish. The acid ate quickly and relentlessly through the thing.

Mary tried to save what parts she could of the Shaggai, while Annie secured the scene. Angus burst in and found the tiny doll digging at the girl’s eyes. He tried to pry it off of her, to no avail. Annie also failed to knock the doll away.

The girl’s mother came into the room, and one glimpse of the grizzly scene sent her into a panicked, hysteric, state. Sometimes you step over the unconscious body of your husband to see a doll digging out your daughter’s eyes, a doctor recklessly dissecting a giant cockroach, and a bloody trail leading from your child’s bed to where her brain ended up. This unsettles the mother.

Douglas went to try and calm her down. Johnny went to the kitchen to make tea and maybe a stiffer cocktail.

Angus talked the doll into being slightly calmer. Annie picked up the corpse of the girl. The doll was upset by this, and began climbing up Annie’s leg. As the doll clawed its way up Annie’s leg, Annie dropped the corpse and started swatting at the doll. Angus took the opportunity to jump down and start digging at the eyes of the girl.

Annie batted the doll away, and Mary pulled a gun on Angus. They broke into a discussion in which Mary tried to convince Angus that you don’t pull out the eyes of the dead, and Angus tried to convince Mary that giving the doll the eyes of the girl will be a major success. Annie tried to carry the girl away again.

When she picked it up, she felt the head lolling around, and heard sounds of effort coming from inside. She immediately realized that the doll was inside the head. She reached up the stomach, through the throat, and into the skull, and she grabbed the doll by a leg and tugged it out of the brain cavity. There was a sick sucking noise, and Annie ripped the doll out of the body, but the doll had a firm hold on the eye roots. The eyes squished down and the doll came free, tugging a long rope of nerves, veins, and arteries that ended in mushed disgusting jelly. Annie and the doll struggled against each other for several moments. The doll slashed at Annie while Annie fought to get the eyes away from it. Angus jumped in and wrestled the doll from Annie, but in the same moment Annie snatched the eyes from the doll and fled the room.

The doll was upset and declared that it would take revenge on Angus once it had gotten its own eyes, saying: “I know that you tried. But you failed, so you lied. I will be back to deal with you. After I find my own eyes.”

Meanwhile, the woman was hysterically pleading, “Frau Trude! She’s real and she killed my baby!” She brought out a book Frau Trude An Examination of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Local Folk Lore – by H. C. Anderson



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