Annie Adler

Private investigator with poor people skills...but, tophat!


Quickly Written, Crappy Description: A young woman of average height and slim build. Annie has long, curly, frizzy red hair, pale skin, and numerous freckles. She often wears a pair of silver-rimmed, round eyeglasses, a top hat, brown leather pants and a tunic, and carries a rather nondescript, boring cane.

Annie appears to lack many people skills, seemingly unable to really connect with others. She tends to lack empathy or understanding and is quick to make fundamental attribution errors when judging others. Annie’s skills seem to be in the crime itself and in understanding the criminal mind, she leaves the dealing with people to others. Are you useful to her in some way? Then she might keep you around. Otherwise, she’ll probably ignore you.

Lives with roommates Douglas and Edison in their main P.I. estate.

The King in Yellow
Annie Adler – Diary

Annie’s new top hat, black silk with red and yellow feathers attached with a silver pin.

Annie’s new gloves and broach.



Annie’s new dog Edison, leash, and boots to match Annie’s awesome clothes:


Char Rolls Avg
Str 2d6+6 13 Sanity 65
Con 3d6 11 DamBonus +0
Siz 2d6+1 8 Weapon Bite 40%, dam: 1d8
Int - - Skills Spot Hidden 60%, Listen 75%; Scent something interesting 90%
Pow 2d6+6 13 MP -
Dex 2d6+6 13
HP 8
Move human(8)+4 Armor -1 thick hide

Annie Adler

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