Angus McAbis

Ugly as sin, ginger, broken nose, diformed


A tall ginger man with a broken nose and pail white skin and fire red curly hair and side burns, he is slightly taller and stronger looking then the average man making him appear intimidating, and for the most part he is. He attempts to dress nicely with a black suit and a black Bowler hat, however this appears to many he is attempting to look like a clown as his red curly hair goes of to the sides. He has obviously been in many fights as he is face appears slightly warped.

Do to his over sized body both in length and in width his close tends to tear in the shoulders, he has two tattoo art on him, one is from the IRA, the other has been scared up and appears to be branded, it is next to impossible to tell where it came from unless you know what you are looking for. However he keeps them well hidden but once in a while you might get a glimpse of it.


Angus was born in a upper middle class in Dublin Ireland, at a young age he has exhibited physical prowess among his pears and classmates, allegedly he showed very high potential in school in all subjects and appeared learned, however this was not the case. In school he used his above average physical ability’s to threaten the smarter students into doing his work for him, he would continue to do this even unto his collage years as he attended a 4 year university in England. Angus did not have a short fuse but he was not afraid to use force to get what he wants, and he wanted more wealth and power.

Eventually he hit the big leagues working for the IRA, his job was to steal and demoralize English citizen, a cut would go to the IRA. However soon the Irish mob saw his talents, and offered him a deal, and a good one. With his educated status he was able to enter into areas the regular mob could not hope to get to with such ease, posing as a banker he helped the Irish mob rob the English merchant bank Barings Bank, embarrassed and afraid of a repeat if news got out the bank claimed it to be a poor financial decision that caused the loss of such cash.

The mob was now fabulously wealthy, and as a reward the don personally congratulated Angus and set up a plain to send Angus to the Americas for the American operations, however Angus was rewarded greatly, however his greed lead to illegal gambling, hookers and other debauchery and poor spending habits as he parted with his fabulous wealth. The well had run dry for Angus, tho he still had some cash it was not a shadow of what it once was, he could no longer live the lavish lifestyle he so dearly urne for.

He began to panic, the trip to the Americas was only a week away, he must find a way to feed his spending addiction, he then began the process of stealing from the mob itself, knowing he would need to hide after he stole from the don, he also needed a way to get to the cash. He eventually discovered that the don had a daughter, and seduced her to discover where the cash is, after a few days of inpatients and fear greed drove him forward, he discovered that a large chunk of the cash was hidden behind a wall in the basement, on the night of his departure he took two suitcases full of the stolen cash back with him.

He was then greeted at the docks by one of the Irish mob members in the city of Boston, unaware of Angus’s treachery he showed him around the city, after a nerve wracking day he would escape from the mob at night as no one suspected him of doing so. He moved into a city he felt the mob had no presence in, Fairfield. Still preferring to beat people up he found the Raven’s Head Tavern and became a bouncer.

The cash to this day is hidden as he fears using it and the mob discovering his location, as the cash is still in English pounds it would surly draw attention if he exchanged it all at once. for the time being, he will hide it until the time is right, once he knows it is safe, then he can once again live his wildest dreams.

Angus McAbis

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