Douglas Lincaster

Rich playboy with many interests


Douglas now suffers from primary delusional parasitosis, the belief that there are insects under his skin, and entomophobia after contact with a demonic entity that appeared as a collective of bugs that took human form.

Note the symptoms of each:

“An entomophobic is likely to experience enough anxiety upon viewing or otherwise coming into contact with an insect that he or she experiences a full-blown series of panic attacks. With extreme cases, the individual may lose consciousness for a short period of time. Uncontrollable weeping or a strong desire to flee from the area are also common signs that indicate an individual is suffering with this particular phobia.”


“Details of delusional parasitosis vary among sufferers, but it is most commonly described as involving perceived parasites crawling upon or burrowing into the skin, sometimes accompanied by an actual physical sensation (known as formication). Sufferers may injure themselves in attempts to be rid of the “parasites”. Some are able to induce the condition in others through suggestion, in which case the term folie à deux may be applicable.

Nearly any marking upon the skin, or small object or particle found on the person or his clothing, can be interpreted as evidence for the parasitic infestation, and sufferers commonly compulsively gather such “evidence” and then present it to medical professionals when seeking help."


Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Douglas, never had to want for anything. Always an inquisitive child he would drive his teachers mad with questions and poke his nose into anything and everything. Despite his bookwormish ways he stayed very active and engaged in fencing as a hobby.

After spending a year abroad working to make a man of himself, his fathers words, Douglas has been exiled to his parents summer home. This banishment is due to the controversy over events that took place at a certain college where Douglas became keenly interested in the Occult. He was kicked out of the school after some of the rituals (unbeknownst to Douglas at the time these were nothing more than common roman bathhouse practices) he and his best mate engaged in were discovered.

More recently Douglas has started working on earning a degree in Anthropology via correspondence courses. Part of his work for this degree has been collecting German folk lore from the emigrant population in Fairfield and Bridgeport. Many of his nights are spent in bars listening to stories and building trust with these communities. This has been a great way to diligently ignore the demands of his parents to enter the family business and marry a suitable lady (a marriage they would happily arrange for him).

Douglas is often taken at first meeting to be some sort of dandy. His clothing is always impeccable, and fashionable. His facial hair neatly trimmed into a stylish beard or sideburns and his hands clean.

The King in Yellow

Douglas’ pride and impeccable fashion sense have both taken a blow do to recent events. He now is likely to be seen with clothes soiled by dirt, blood, or spills of various kinds. Hair and beard are now raggedly chopped short, and any exposed skin is likely to look raw from over zealous cleaning and scratching. Even his manor and bearing have changed, from confident and proper to slouched and anxious.

Has now gone into business with Annie. Having had such an exciting time with and gaining so much recognition for the work they’ve been doing on the “feast of fish” case has convinced Douglas that becoming a PI with annie is what he should be doing with his life. What better way to get out from under his parents thumb while also indulging his curiosity. They’ve even had business cards made.


[jm] – Dang it, I didn’t know you made cards yet. I made these based on the rough sketch Annie handed me (and printed them, too). But yours look more realistic, for the time-period.


Douglas Lincaster

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