johnny ruines

Diligent, hardworking bartender


Diligent and hardworking. Long bushy sideburns that meet his thick handlebar mustache. Always well kempt and neatly groomed. Whenever traveling at night, always wears the same dark overcoat that he came to town with. His hope is to one day become a business owner, and Sherman and Walter (owners) have begun working with him to teach him what he never had a chance to learn at a University.


Jan 28, 1864 to Oct 24, 1892

Killed while defending his friends from monsters in a cave North of Portchester.

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Johnny was always studious and hard working. He wanted to attend the University to study business. Unfortunately, tuition is very expensive and his family never had a lot of money. Never afraid of hard work, he search endlessly for a job to start saving up the money he needed. Being young and inexperienced, he could only find menial labor that paid very low wages. Finally, he landed a job at an exclusive Gambling House – The Midnight Society. Making moderately good wages busing tables and assisting the bartenders, he seemed to pick up tasks quickly and easily, as if born to them. He was soon asked to “stand in” on occasion and, soon later, was promoted to bartender.

Having worked for about a year, he had saved enough for his first semester at the University. The business classes were difficult, and there were few “ledger” and “book keeping” examples provided. So, he decided to use a “real-world” example to expand his knowledge, and started studying the The Midnight Society ledgers. He began to find discrepancies in the books, and tried cross-referencing the entries with the other business logs. Things still didn’t add up; in fact, they became more out of sync.

New to business and book keeping as a first semester student, he took the ledgers to the owner. The owner explained away the discrepancies as “bad investments in a race horse business”. When asked specifically about expenses that had no description other than “New York”, the owner explained that that is where the failing business is. Unconvinced, Johnny left the office.

A couple days later, his boss came to him and told him that they needed someone to get their New York business in order. “Lady Luck race horses is failing, because the man running it is an idiot. We need you to go down there and take over as manager. It’ll mean a promotion for you, and a big pay increase. We’ve already bought you a ticket, but you have to leave tomorrow morning, first thing. Don’t worry, we’ve already paid a company to pack your personal belongings, and they’ll be delivering them to you there.”

Johnny was no idiot. He had no formal business education, so he now knew he had stumbled upon something big, and potentially fatal. He knew he couldn’t just decline, and it would be better to go along with it for now. His fears were confirmed when, the next morning, he noticed a man following him to the Shore Line train station, waiting by a distant lamp post, and then boarding the train himself several minutes later.

Non-stop, the trip would only take about 4 or 5 hours. But there were a couple stops on the way. After an hour, the train pulled into New Britain, and this is where he started to put his plan into action. He exited the train and entered into a shop where he found a secluded corner, and quickly changed his overcoat. Watching carefully, he found a group heading back to the train and, strategically placing himself in the center while exclaiming “how nice” the woman’s new hat was, he boarded the train unnoticed by the man. Finding an empty room, he carefully watched until, just as the train was about to depart, the man sprung from the train to search the shops. The train departed, leaving Johnny safe – for the moment.

He knew he couldn’t actually go to New York, so he exited at the next stop in New Haven. He didn’t know where he was heading, but headed toward the ocean shoreline just south of the railway. After several hours of walking, he found a ride with an old farming couple “on their way back from Bridgeport”. This led him to Fairfield, where he found the Raven’s Head Tavern in desperate need of help, jumped in without asking, and essentially hired himself on as a new bartender.

This was in July of 1891, and since then he has grown out bushy sideburns and a handlebar mustache to change his look.

Johnny’s newer big toe:



johnny ruines

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