Feast of Fish

When you pull out, does it do more damage?

Wednesday, October 19th, 4:00 pm

Johnny overheard that the owner of a lingerie shop (Nonde Scrip) had been brutally murdered, her throat torn out. He and Angus tried to catch some Z’s. Johnny and Angus went to sleep at 3:30 pm

Annie discovered bare-footprints outside the asylum, and together with Mary resolved to tell the police the clues they had discovered. Mary didn’t stay with her all the way to the police station; instead she went home to bed. Mary was in bed by 5:00 pm

On the way into the station, Annie saw reporters leaving. Inside, Edwin was missing, and another officer was talking to Rick (the prime suspect in the murder!). Rick tried to leave, Annie stopped him, and they scrapped for a moment. Annie knocked Rick out cold, and she explained to the officers why Rick is the prime suspect in the murder at the asylum. The officers told her about the vandal and offered to let her interrogate him. However, since she was hungry, she went back to the Raven’s Head to get some food. Johnny woke up at 5:00 pm. +1.5 hrs sleep. Johnny and Annie exchanged information.

Douglas. Time unknown

Doug got an unknown amount of sleep. Douglas awoke in the basement of the library, smoke billowing everywhere around. The lobby floor seemed to be on fire; portions of the basement ceiling were collapsing. The entrance he had come in from was locked! Douglas found a woman in the basement, pinned under a bookcase, and who had a compound fracture in her leg. He managed to find a service exit and got the woman and himself to safety before passing out from smoke inhalation.

Annie, Johnny, Angus, 7:00 pm

Annie woke Angus and Carl from their nap. Angus +3.5 hrs sleep. Angus shared what had happened with Carl the previous day as well as what had transpired with Dr. Orkliff. Angus stayed in the bar to crazy-sit Carl. He passed him a bottle, and the two went back to sleep. Angus went to sleep at 7:30 pm Annie and Johnny went back to the police station, to warn them of the riot and to interrogate the captured vandal.


Douglas awoke! There was nothing wrong in the library, the inferno had been a dream. As he left the library, the librarian presented him with some material. A leaflet on shaggai (Mesmerizing fly thing), and a booklet on human-faced-rats (Homo Rattus Monstrous).

Angus and Carl, 7:45 pm

Angus woke (+0.25 hrs sleep) just in time to see Carl slipping away. He managed to collar Sinster in, and keep him from escaping.

Johnny and Annie

Annie sent a forged note to Douglas. Johnny and Annie told the police about the riot, and they went into the back room to interrogate the vandal. He was dressed in a purple robe, wearing a ring with a yellow stone. He identified himself as Tom Little. He claimed to have a beef with Wellbrooke.

Angus and Carl, 8:00 pm

Angus convinced Carl that there were no bathrooms outside. Then Douglas walked in. They shared their respective information.


Mary was awakened by calls of FIRE! (+3.75 hrs sleep). She and Johnny, from their separate places, rushed to the scene, but found that the fire brigade was missing in action. The water wagons were nowhere to be found. Finally, one arrived, but more should have been forthcoming. Having no experience with firefighting, Mary looked for wounded. Johnny was a bit more of a leader, and he began directing

Angus, Douglas, and Annie 9:00 pm

Douglas got the forged letter from Annie. Shortly afterwards a suspicious man approached Douglas. He tried blackmailing Douglas outside, but Angus offered an epic defense. He got the cost of the blackmail way down, but also insinuated Douglas as the leader of a new mob.

When they went back inside, Sinster was missing. Angus began searching for him immediately. Annie and Douglas went to check out the riots.

Annie and Douglas, 9:30 pm

Annie and Douglas intercepted a group of potential rioters and talked them out of rioting. Among them were some firefighters, who seemed eager enough to get to fighting the warehouse fire.

They showed up to help with the firefighting.


As he wandered the streets of Portchester, looking for Sinster, he felt something in his pocket. He pulled out the shrunken head and it started screaming at him, eyes glowing, “Lewis Dunham Drew Jeff MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER!” He pleaded with the tiny disgusting head to tell him more, and it relented. “Douglas will know.

He ran to the Lady of the Sacred Heart, where he didn’t find Douglas. He questioned the two men who had stayed behind to tell other rioters that it had been called off. “There’s nothing going on here. No one should be here. The police found out.” He asked about Douglas; they didn’t know him. But they did offer: “Everyone’s gone off to help with the fire.” So, Angus ran to the warehouse district.

Everyone. October 20th, 12:00 am

There is a Dunham Square, just inside Stamford, where there is a Dr. Lewis and a legal assistant Drew. They all rushed out to find the scene of what Angus insisted would be a horrible murder! But where does Jeff Stromberg live? Annie remembers that he lived in a brick building, and there are three brick buildings in Dunham Square.

Annie, Mary, and Angus went to the homes to try and either find Jeff or to find someone who knows which house is his.

Douglas and Johnny went to investigate the offices of the doctor and the legal assistant.

The first house had someone answer who wasn’t sure where Stromberg lives; but after some questioning said he lived at 27 – the red house. Across the street, the legal assistant pointed out that the first house (nearly directly across the street) was in fact Stromberg’s. Johnny and Douglas realized immediately that the other three had been duped. Annie, Mary, and Angus realized it when the house at 27 was yellow, and the old man that answered the door said that Stromberg lived a few housed down – indicating the first house they had gone to.

Angus charged behind the house, Mary guarded the alley between houses, and Johnny, Douglas, and Annie took the front. The front door was locked, so Johnny blasted the knob with his shotgun. The back door wasn’t locked, so Angus burst through the back door.

Angus found a room full of cultists torturing Jeff Stromberg. While they were still reacting to him breaking in, he put two bullets in the torturer, and one into another one. Johnny burst around the corner and blew the head off of another cultist.

There remained four living cultists in purple robes. “Deepton! Deepton!” they cried and charged and tried to stab at Angus and Johnny. Douglas broke into the room and crossed to fight one that still loomed over Stromberg’s bed.

Annie walked into the room and started whooping ass on one. Angus blew the guts out of the one he had previously hit, and shot twice at another cultist. One bullet winged him, the other planted firmly in his hip.

Johnny was out of shells, so he dropped Bessy and tried to tackle the nearest cultist to the ground. The three remaining cultists, two of whom were wounded by Annie and Angus, swung their knives at everyone, to no effect.

Douglas used his sword to pin the uninjured cultist to the wall—through the stomach and to the wall. Annie drove her elbow into the chest, completely smashing in the rib cage, puncturing the lungs and heart, and killing him as he spat up massive amounts of blood. Angus finished off the fellow he had shot twice.

The last cultist pulled the sword from the wall, and swung at Douglas. Johnny punched the cultist, who turned and stabbed him in turn. Johnny grabbed his wrist and wrenched the knife away.

Angus ran out of the house to find Mary and bring her in to treat Jeff. He returned to find Stamford residents coming to the scene. Angus rallied them to “get a medical cart to save Stromburg”, which Mary rounded the corner to enter the room and provide care to Stromburg. But when she saw the gory scene the cultists had prepared (and become) she panicked and fled the house. After running for several minutes, her head cleared, and she decided it would be best if she headed home for a drink and some well-deserved sleep.

Angus tucked his balls away.

Tuesday, October 18th, 10:00 pm

Having fled the asylum with Carl Sinster (escapee), Angus and Johnny went to Sinster’s old residence. Annie trailed not-far behind. Despite the late hour, Sinster was brazen about knocking on the door of his old house. He was shouting and carrying on.

Annie spotted a couple of officers, keen to watch the scene unfolding at the Sinster manor. They were waiting in the shadows, trying to catch vandals in the act of vandalizing the Welbrooke manor.

The new owner of Sinster’s house invited the guys in, under the guise of religious proselytizers. Carl immediately moved to go upstairs to his old bathroom.

Annie came to the door, and when she was received, she declared herself and he announced to the rest of the house, “Honey! It’s the police!” This caused alarm to Angus and Johnny who didn’t know it was Annie.

Johnny fled upstairs and found Carl prying up floorboards. Carl pulled out a small chest from under the floor in the upstairs bathroom.

Finally, the family name of the hosts was revealed to be the Graybunkles. They invited the odd party of four to stay in the guest room.

Mary and Douglas went from the asylum back to the Raven’s Head, where Mary got a room. Douglas wandered drunkenly home.

In the middle of the night, the shrunken head visited Angus: “Morblin Spinkle Lowbron Murder Murder!”

Angus ran next door, discovered that the house had been half-way marked, and went back and told Annie. She checked the scene and verified that most likely, the vandal had been interrupted midway, and he and his tools had been carried off the scene.


As he drunkenly staggered home, Douglas nodded off and had a dream about being on the sandy shore, the King In Yellow imparted knowledge upon him (Douglas lost 3 sanity). When he awoke, he was attacked by the hag in white! (Douglas lost 2 sanity and 2 health). When he really awoke, he found himself at home and secure.

Wednesday October 19th

Mary, 3:00 am

Mary was awoken by Sherman, who turned her over to the police. Something had happened at the asylum, and they needed a hush-hush doctor.

Annie, Johnny, and Angus, 7:00 am

They all woke to the smell of bacon. Kieth Purnam came around, looking for Annie. She followed him to the asylum, under the lure of “This is it. Leather gloves and a brooch.”


Mary arrived at the scene, and found Rick the orderly with a slight headwound. Frank Lowbran was dead, under a sheet. He had been strangled, his neck broken, and his skull bashed in. Mary gave the officer on duty, Edwin, her opinion that Rick was likely responsible for the murder. Rick blamed the murder on figures in a yellow cloak.


Douglas decided to investigate the library today. The librarian was disturbed that he hadn’t actually checked out the books. He returned them, and he asked for more in the same vein. The librarian allowed him back into the restricted section.

Annie and Mary

Annie arrived at the asylum. They turned over to her a list of escaped inmates.

  • Ellen Deepton – paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of a “Gold Crowned King” that will destroy the world
  • Isabelle Timeboon – pyromaniac
  • Cindy Gryphon – incurable and high-risk nymphomaniac
  • Jack Spinkle – bi-polar kleptomaniac
  • Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher

The shrunken head’s clues became clear: the asylum is on Morblin street. Spinkle is one of the patients that was released. Lowbron was murdered at the asylum.


Douglas continued to try and research the many strange sightings and events. He had no luck all day.

Johnny and Angus

Johnny and Angus took Carl Sinster back to the Raven’s Head Tavern. They served him delicacies (such as soup and fruit).

A very elegantly clad woman entered the bar. She was accompanied by two equally elegantly clad bodyguards with two white dogs unleashed. She bought all ten rooms (including buying off Carl Sinster’s room).


Carl decided that he wanted a gun. Angus was willing to sell his at an exorbitant markup. Instead, Carl took the gun while Angus wasn’t looking. They fought for a bit. Carl tried to escape with his bowl of soup and Angus’s gun. Johnny took Carl to Johnny’s house.

Annie and Mary

Annie found a spot of blood on the desk, and broke into a drawer to reveal a bloody gun. With this new piece of evidence, Annie confidently left for the police station. Mary followed her.

At the police station, Annie had a quick argument with Edwin. He eventually assented to bring Rick back in for further interrogation..

Angus and Johnny

Johnny disputed with Carl. Carl denied having Angus’s pistol. They decided to get more soup and headed back to the Raven’s Head. Angus took time to go purchase another pistol.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2:00 pm
Annie and Mary

Annie and Mary went back to the asylum. It was locked the scene seeming to be abandoned.

Ellen Deepdon was “transferred” to Bridgeport Medical on October 1st: “patient receiving Orderly” signature is illegible. The line for receiving doctor was left blank.

While trying to break into the rest of the asylum, Peter the orderly discovered them. He confirmed that Rick was the only person who would know if Ellen was missing.

Johnny and Angus

Johnny and Angus tried to take Carl Sinster to see Dr. Orkliff. The doctor calmed Mr. Sinster, and unlocked his memory. Near the docks in Portchester, to the North in the woods there is a cave with the entrance covered in moss.

Dr. Orkliff brought out a package that had been given to him by Ben Diggen. Ben was working with a Portchester citizen, and noone had come to claim the package. Inside the cloth that wrapped the package were two spheres, swirling inside with a greenish-yellow mist.

There's Only One Way to Get Hairy Palms...
"Yup! There's some hair"

The caretaker (previously “Hunched Necrophile”) is named William Smith. One of the adult female bodies was missing her stomach.

Tuesday, October 18th, 7am

Annie found a letter from her roommate. Douglas was visited by a banshee again; it clawed him in his dream, and when he awoke, he found that his face was actually scratched.

  • See Orkliff to tattle on Thomas
  • Visit Harold to see if he’s okay
  • Go to mortuary and see if it’s not too late to save Mad Jack’s body
  • Tell police that vandalism is most likely tonight; most likely to be near Wellbrooke home.

Mary, Annie, and Douglas went to check on Harold. He seemed to be in good health. Seems to have been sent into his stupor from having seen a dead body. Whether Harold saw the corporeal body of the deceased or a phantasm was not clear.

After not meeting with Johnny and Angus after a few minutes, Mary, Annie, and Douglas informed the police of when and where they suspected the next vandalism to occur.

Johnny and Angus went to check on the state of Mad Jack. William Sullivan carted a fresh load of bodies away from the mortuary and to the Ditch, and Jack was with the bodies in the wagon. Johnny and Angus were quick to try and find the wagon ruts and follow William to the North. An hour or more later, they caught up to William in time to keep him from throwing Jack into the ditch. Johnny and Angus brought Jack’s body back and prepared some other cemetery services.

Tuesday October 18th, 11:00 am

Douglas received another letter from his father. Douglas’s father is a major supporter of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart church. Inside the Raven’s Head tavern, several patrons were starting to get rowdy about something (presumably they want to vandalize OLotSH). Douglas tried talking to a few of them, as they dispersed. He managed to convince the rabble-rousers that he DID NOT AGREE WITH VANDALIZING THE CHURCH.

  • Wednesday, 19th, sometime before 10pm, the churchgoers will vandalize OLotSH.

Mary started feeling anxious about the situation with Jack, so they all decided to go to Our Lady of the Angels and ask about finding another gravedigger. The church did, in fact, have a licensed groundskeeper, so they paid for services. Hopefully Mad Jack would haunt Mary no more.

Tuesday October 18th, 5:00 pm

The party, all together, headed North, to the Fairfield Asylum. Carl Sinster told them that if they really want to know, they got to talk to Reggie. He said he bought a necklace similar to his daughter’s friend’s; it was NOT the same necklace. He told everyone what the name of the store was. He hinted at some other knowledge, but couldn’t seem to relent from inside the asylum. They tried to sneak him out.

Rick, the warden of the asylum, lead them to the front desk. The escape went badly, and they will soon be wanted people.

  • Return Sinster by Friday, 5pm
In fact, that's starting to make sense.

Monday October 17th, 8 pm

Hungry from a long day of investigating suspicious characters, everyone headed to the Raven’s Head for some dinner. Sherman had a bandage on his hand, and when Johnny confronted him about it, he admitted that Walter-Rat had visited Sherman and had bitten off Sherman’s finger.

While they ate, Douglas finished his book. Once their hunger was satisfied, they headed to the police station to check on the captured cultist. (The one who’s leg was blown off and who bit chunks out of his own arm and mouth). The desk clerk mentioned that the cultist died the morning of October 17th. The Sergeant confirmed this, describing that they left the cultist alone, and when they came back, he had chewed through his bandages and self-mutilated even more, ripping open his wrists and bleeding to death.

When asked about Sinster, the Sergeant, Jeff Stromberg, said that Sinster’s property had been purchased by a couple that moved to town a couple of years ago. The property is in Stamford, on Princess Drive, near Scott Wellbrooke. With no obvious leads, the party informed the police that they should add extra patrols to the locations that had had murders occur in 1878.

When they left, they saw Thomas (the assistant from Orkliff’s coronary office) wheeling through the shadows with a hospital gurney with a body atop it. They tailed him all the way to the Our Lady of the Angels cemetery, where Angus overheard an exchange between Thomas and a hunched over man. “She’s a lovely one, isn’t she?” “Yes, she’ll make a pretty ‘aunt’.” The hunched guy handed a payment to Thomas and scooped up the shrouded body.

After the exchange was finished, Thomas started wheeling his gurney away. He spotted the party, and confronted them. “What are you doing? I’ll kill you!” He pulled out a knife, but when confronted with a pistol, decided the safest course was to just run away. As soon as they were clear of Thomas, they moved to follow the hunched fellow who took the body. Annie found his tracks in the freshly-rained-on grounds, and they lead to a small shack on the grounds. The tracks led to the back of the shack where they found a double-oak-doored root cellar, with large chain and padlock – currently unlocked.

Angus opened the door to the shack and a putrid stench rolled over the party. Mary and Johnny were instantly sickened. The opening lead down a stairway. The stairway lead down to a lit room with a dining table. The table was set with dessicated corpses. “Shhh, Gregory [Tinder?], Aunt Mabel has come to visit. Isn’t that nice?” he whispered to a plump, bloated, freshly decaying corpse infested with large maggots.

A pair of dogs began to growl from the top of the stairs, then they began to bark, alerting the hunched necrophile to the party’s presence. Johnny took out his Bessy at the same time a giant mutt barreled down the stairs, teeth gnashing and drool flying. Hunched Necrophile grabbed a knife and staggered towards Angus, who wasted no time putting two bullets into the maniac. The first was with a flick of his wrist as he brought the gun up, winging the hip; the second, he had time to aim, and blasted a chunk of the hermits leg away, right at the knee.

Johnny fired a shot at the dog that was still up the stairs, but his shot embedded into the door at the top of the stairs. Both dogs came hard at Johnny, biting into his arm and chest.

Douglas tried to implore Mary to help the Hunched Necrophile, but all she heard and saw was a horrid visage of Mad Jack imploring her: “Mary, you have to help me. They’re going to take me to the ditch! You can’t let them take me to the ditch! You don’t know what happens at the ditch!! AHHHHHH!” His face stretched back, his teeth bulged out of his lips, and his flesh split open and away from his face; blood ran down as the flesh peeled away, leaving a bony, leathery-skin covered ghoulish skull, almost dog-like, with wild canine teethl. (Mary lost 3 sanity) Mary dropped down to the ground to look through her valise for the perfect restorative.

As the Hunched Necrophile whimpered away, Angus drew his pistol on the corpses of children sitting at the dining table: “Call off the dogs, or the children get it!” Before he could do anything, Annie got bitten by the hounds as well.

“Rex! Char! Retreat! Retreat!” The Necrophile shouted. With Johnny’s ears ringing from the gunshots inside an enclosed space, he didn’t hear the order to retreat, and loaded another slug into his shotgun and put the bullet through Rex’s forehead, blasting out the back of the dog’s head and dropping it.

In the following moments, everyone realized that Mary was having a hard time, but eventually, after being constantly confronted by Angus, Necrophile acknowledged that the children were already dead. He charged at Angus, “They’re dead already!” As he stepped, blood splurted from his already shot leg. Angus was able to blast the rest of the leg off, and stood on him, pinning him to the ground.

As Necrophile went more limp, Angus realized the man was bleeding out and saved him.

Annie went to get the police, and the whole situation was sorted out. Mary attended to everyone’s injuries (poorly), and they all got home safely at around 2am.

The next morning at around 7am, Annie had a dream about a porcelain doll at the beach. She saw the King in Yellow emerge from the surface of a lake. He worked his way out of the water, a mass of tentacles writhing from under the great golden cloak. It grabbed Annie, it’s hood falling away, revealing more tentacles that grabbed at her brain. It imparted mythic knowledge (Gained 5 Cthulhu Mythos points, lost 1 sanity). She awoke in a crazed stupor and found a packet of information from Edward – spreadsheets, maps, and a calendar he had created from the old police reports and current information.

Misc Notes

  • 1871 – Richard Gene, Bryan Sumpter Jr.,
  • 1878 – Sinster’s Neighbors (Wellbrooks) murdered
  • 1885 – Ben Diggens, Sinster


  • a
Well, it is throbbing a little bit...

Monday October 17th, 2 pm

With Johnny patched up (though his toe still throbbing), the gang headed down to find Dr. Orkliff, coroner. They entered into the coroner’s room and were belligerently confronted by Orkliff’s assistant, Thomas. Orkliff dismissed Thomas.

Kier won’t deliver goods to Orkliff; he’ll exchange medical examination records for a service. Get the box from Kier (Staab and Kier Mortuary).

Orkliff made Angus remember the event with the little girl (Missy Brooke), including the maggot-backed, fly-eyed, hypnotizing horror. (Angus lost 1pt of sanity.)

They made their mind up to go get the crate from Kier. After arriving at the mortuary, they haggled with Kier, and eventually paid $17 (of $35 “owed”) for the package.

On the way back to the hospital, Angus pried the lid off of the crate and they saw that it was packed almost full with dirt. They delivered the crate to Orkliff, who in turn delivered the autopsy reports from the past festival’s Octobers. It seems a trend that brains are taken from specific victims. Bystanders are also killed, but not de-brained.

They also asked about Mad-Jack’s death. He seemed to have died of blood poisoning; a result of the infection.

Monday October 17th, 4 pm

Their business with Orlkliff satisfied, the party decided to head to Elmwood Heights to investigate Harold. The landlord revealed that his apartment was #27.

In the bedroom of #27, sitting against his bedrest in his underwear, the bedding around him soiled by days of fecal matter and urine
“I saw it. Just like before, I saw it. Talked to Frank, but didn’t tell him nothin’. Can’t see what ain’t real, but it’s real. It’s in the papers. Poor girls, innocent boys. Writhing about.”

He was so close to the brink of death, they had to drag him to the hospital. All the while, he muttered about monsters.

*Mad Jack’s Corpse needs to be attended.
*Someone Broke into Library
*Murders Thursdays & Sundays
*Graffiti is at site of past murders. Can use to catch artists.
*Contact Sinster. Visit his home? Looking for a cultist den. (We don’t know location)
*Interrogate captured cultist
*Trap Walter-Rat (day of murders)
*"Vampire-like creatures lure children from home. Bug-creatures take brain."
*Reginal & Charlina Wellbrooke case?

I think we should all sleep at the same place.

Saturday, October 15th 8pm

The police arrived on the scene and took everyone to the police station to fill out statements. It took until 3am.

Sunday, October 16th, 5am

Mary had a hallucination about Mad Jack being a walking corpse haunting her.

Angus had a message from his shrunken head. “Dustin. George. Pearl. Hurry don’t be late!”

Annie had a dream about a beach with cold breath on her neck.

Douglas had a dream about a creepy doll “Pandemonium, Bedlam, Turmoil!” and behind him was the HAG! “Return it, you can’t just take it!” Then he got a letter (Letter from Friedrich Oct 15), which informed him that he was a suspect in the breaking-and-entering of the Fairfield Library.

Mary got a letter (Letter from Asylum Oct 16), informing her that Harold is missing.

Angus arrived near the spot where he had shot the dog, and was lectured by the police. They revealed that Rooster’s Emporium had been vandalized with two symbols.

Johnny got a letter (Letter from Hospital Oct 16), informing him that Mad Jack was dead.

Sunday, October 16th, 8pm

Douglas commented offhand that a girl would probably die tonight; it fits the pattern. Angus immediately declared that he knew where the girl would be, and led the party to George & Pearl street, near Dustin Heights Apartment.

Monday, October 17th, 12:30am

After several hours of waiting, everyone heard a commotion. “You have to walk! We’ll get you help!” Mary, Angus, and Johnny followed the sounds of the voices and discovered Bruce and Trent. Bruce was covered in WORM boils. Mary decided to take Bruce to the police station, to show him as evidence that something unnatural is happening.

Angus heard from his shrunken head, “Jillian, Dustin, George, Pearl!” and bolted away from the other two. He discovered, in the alley between Jillian’s Fine Apparel and Dustin’s Leathers, the corpse of a 4 year old. Inside the stomach cavity was a maggoty fly thing. He fired on it with his pistol, it cast a sing-song spell and hypnotized Angus.

Annie and Douglas arrived after hearing the pistol discharge. They found Angus in a stupor. They took the body of the girl to the police station.

At the station, Mary lanced one of the WORM boils, and talked to the Sergeant about teaming up for town-saving strategies, including catching vandals and preventing a 2nd little girl from dying.

Mary stayed at the station all night, lancing Bruce.


Johnny was visited by Walter-face the giant rat. It bit off part of his big toe. He fired his shotgun at it, but missed.

Monday October 17th, 1pm

Johnny went to the hospital, so everyone went to visit him and try to meet up with Dr. Orkliff.

  • Harold is missing. Look at his new/future home. (We know the locations)
  • Mad Jack’s Corpse needs to be attended. Find out why he died.
  • Someone Broke into Library
  • Murders Thursdays & Sundays
  • Graffiti is at site of past murders. Can use to catch artists.
  • Contact Dr. Orkliff
  • Contact Sinster. Visit his home? Looking for a cultist den. (We don’t know location)
  • Interrogate captured cultist
Highlight Things That are Important so You Can Ignore Them

Saturday, October 15th


Angus awoke from his nightmare and rushed immediately to the corner of George and Pearl, where he discovered “Dustin Heights Apartments”. Checking behind a wastebin, at the behest of his shrunken head, he discovered a snarling wounded hound. It snipped at him and growled, so Angus shot it a few times.

As the dog crumpled, a swollen boil erupted into a semi-carapace, worm thing with large fly-like eyes, which Angus also shot to death.

Johnny, Mary, Douglas, and Annie

Mad Jack was feverish and worse than ever. Johnny tried to see to him, but sent for Mary. When Mary arrived, Mad Jack tried tumbling down the stairs. “Look what they did to me Johnny!” he moaned as he tumbled. Johnny ran up and caught him before he fell too far, but Mad Jack’s arm broke anyway. Mary managed to patch him up, and Johnny got some help to get Mad Jack transferred to the hospital. Annie and Douglas helped not at all.

Douglas and Annie

Douglas sat in the tavern pouring over the clues. He and Annie decided to head to the Stamford police department. They ran into Angus, and convinced him to come with them to Stamford.


Mad Jack, Johnny, and Mary arrived at the hospital. Betty the spastic hostess had them fill out admittance forms. Johnny took responsibility for paying for Mad Jack’s care.

Angus, Annie, and Douglas

They arrived at the Stamford Police Station. Annie barged in, “I have a letter!”

“Would you like a pastry?” one officer greeted her. A Simple Simon (Tom), a stocky guy, and a stately officer (Wellbrook) were also there. Tom distracted Angus for a long time.

“It’s odd that he wants the files from these particular times,” Welbrook said after reviewing Annie’s letter. He went to the filing office, and Annie followed him. He showed that they had never gotten copies of Fairfield’s reports from that time. “Why are you looking for these particular files?”

“Sgt. Ben Diggen was found flayed on his own bed (Nov 23 1985) for investigating these dates. My brother (Reginald Wellbrook) and his wife (Charlina) were murdered in 1985.”


Mary and Johnny searched for signs of insect aberrations. The rest of the group was stymied when trying to break into Diggen’s old home, and retreated to the Tavern, where everyone was found.

As a group. they all headed out to the house of Diggen. One of the boarded windows had been covered with a false-front. The window opened easily, and the place smelled awful. The window opened to a fancy bathroom: a tall sink, and a wooden toilet. The entire area was covered in shit.

A single door lead to a room with smashed furniture. When lanterns were lit in the room, the light revealed vile and ugly graffiti. Douglas identified ritualistic symbols of summoning and sacrificing. Everyone saw random numbers as well as several of the yellow graffiti symbols. (3+2)*5+3 is the pattern that Johnny notices.

The kitchen area is a disaster. Broken dishes, smashed furniture, ripped and ruined linens form a base upon which is heaped the bloody remains of mutilated rats, cats, dogs, and who knows what else.

The bedroom showed a ruined bed, splintered closet door, and many splotches of blood on the ground and walls. The blood seemed to trickle to a sagging spot in the floorboards. When Johnny pried open a secret panel, he found the missing police reports.

TRESPASSERS!” moldy-robed gangly-limbed cultists burst from the bathroom. They waved long thin knives around. KILL THEM!” Angus heard them coming, so as they burst into the room, he fired his pistol at one that charged toward him. The others ran flailing at Mary, Annie, and Douglas. Annie nimbly dodged the knife thrust at her, and Douglas unsheathed his cane-sword. Mary took a vicious hit to the waist. She bolted immediately, and discovered a cultist muttering in the bathroom so she whacked him with a purse. Johnny rounded the corner and leveled his shotgun at the muttering cultist.

Instead of stabbing Douglas, the cultist nearest him gnashed his teeth together, trying to bite him. Another one did successfully bite Angus, who swore to blow his head off.

Douglas stuck his saber so far into a cultist’s ribs that it stuck fast, at the same time Annie clobbered one in the jaw, shattering it and snapping his head back. Johnny pulled the trigger on his shotgun and planted a slug in the chanting cultist’s stomach. Just after he does, the chanter stopped, and his eyes snapped open. YOU FOOLS!” a deep, ominous voice boomed throughout the whole house, NOW IS NOT MY TIME!” and the cultist’s head exploded, showering Johnny and Mary in goo.

Annie delivered a kidney-crunching blow to the chest of hers, and he crumpled, oozing blood from his orifices.

Angus blew the lower leg off of the last cultist, and everyone tried to stabilize him for interrogation. However, he had no fear and began eating his own arm while he bled to death. Annie finally fixed his leg, just as the reinforcements that Mary had called for broke into the room.

You're Actually Having a Pretty Decent Day Today

Friday, October 14

11:00am Mary, Angus, and Annie

Annie confronted Angus about his seemingly supernatural knowledge of where the child’s corpse was. He quickly explained that he had seen rats running to and from the spot and that it really was time to be going to the church.

Mary and Angus, to the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

They arrived to find a beautiful church with beautiful windows. After knocking on the front door and not getting answers and trying the back door and not getting answered, they went to a local shop to inquire.

Nonde Scrip’s Ladies Wear had few answers, but to try knocking harder. She mentioned that the church had changed her life. And ever since she’d “found God” her business had prospered tremendously.

They headed back to the church and knocked again, loudly. They heard an answer this time, who sounded unsure why anyone would be at a church at 11am.


Johnny overheard customers talking about FOUR or FIVE or SIX or THREE businesses that have been vandalized. They were not able to corroborate if it was the same symbol, but they were talking about the stuff being yellow. The more Johnny talked about cultists and investigating, the louder the customers got.

They started getting rowdy, and insisted that Johnny go investigate. Get your investigator friend and the police to figure out if it’s the Sacred Heart that’s been vandalizing everyone.

“She’s investigating something else, but if it leads to the church she will.”

“What could she be investigating that’s more important than these vandalisms!?”

“Murder.” After Johnny started getting the customers riled up again, Sherman took him back to the kitchen.

Annie and Douglas

Annie and Douglas took the wrapped up child to Edward Jackson (Annie’s roommate). The Teddy Bear, which had previously seemed to Annie to be covered in a strange goo, appeared clean. They bagged it. “Take this body and evidence to Sgt. Stromburg. Keep quiet about it.”

Mary and Angus

A priestly type guy with a goatee invited them into the church. He tried to excuse himself when Mary and Angus offered to help with chores around the church. He went upstairs toward a giggling voice, and Angus snuck after him. It turned out that he was seeing to a mistress upstairs. Angus eavesdropped and heard something about “Just getting started” and “What about Jeremy?”

“Bradly, what’s all this noise, what’s all this about?”

“Quiet, there’s some people downstairs. I had to let them in”

Bradly’s girlfriend started to get upset, but he settled her down.

Angus snuck back to where Mary was praying.

After a while, Bradly came back down to chat with the two of them.

Two new people came into the church. They seemed surprised that anyone was there. Angus helped the hands with some heavy carrying. Mary ascertained that the church is run by the two brothers, Bradly and Jeremy (who “isn’t there”).

Annie and Douglas

Annie and Douglas arrived at the police station and made a scene before being allowed to see Sergeant Stromburg.

The previous police sergeant was brutally and horribly massacred. “I don’t know the details of the murder, and everyone who worked here at the time has moved on except for Welbrook. He’s over at Stamford.” Stromburg looked over the files for years 1885, 78, 71 and 64. He seemed not to be able to find the files for October for any of the years 85, 78, or 71. He sends them away with a writ of access to the police records in Stamford.


Mad Jack came in in a bad way. He smelled ripe, and muttered to himself. He looked savaged, as if he had been stabbed. Even as he stood there, “It itches so bad! It itches!” He took out a knife and stabbed himself in the shoulders a couple times.

Johnny took him out of the bar to tend to him. He had a huge boil, and Johnny lanced it like Mary had the previous day. “Roaches! They tried to stab my Johnny, look what they did!” he exclaimed as he indicated the wounds he had most likely inflicted on himself.

Johnny set him up in a room and sent somebody to find Mary.

Mary and Angus

Having discovered precious little, Mary and Angus headed back to the Raven’s Head Tavern.

Mary, Angus, Johnny, Annie, and Douglas

The runner brought Mary and Angus to the bar. She was unwilling to see to Mad Jack after Johnny mentioned the WORM. She stirred some alcohol together with some chemicals from her valise and sent it off claiming it was a sleeping draught. Who knows if it was.

Some time later, Annie and Douglas arrived wearing fresh clothes. Everyone shared the results of their days’ investigations.

  • Mad Jack infected on Elmwood Street
  • Welbrook may have information about the missing police reports from 85, 78, and 71
  • Lady of the Sacred Heart has licentious owners, and got a few suspicious crates

Saturday, October 15

Annie had a night terror.

Angus had “Dustin! George! Pearl!” dream from his shrunken head.

Douglas dreamed about being on a beach with a porceline doll in the sand. Annie showed up and whisked the doll away!

I Wish I Had a Spare Character Sheet

Wed, Oct 12, Early Morning


Still nervous about his dreams the previous night, Johnny made his way back to the tavern, rather than going home. He left a note for the owner, explaining that he didn’t want to sleep at home, and locked himself in a room.


Douglas went back to his home and dived immediately into “The King in Yellow”. He read until he fell asleep in the pages.

Wed Oct 12, daytime


After a groggy morning of rounds, Mary headed to an appointment with a new patient. Along the way, she purchased a newspaper with a small article about another toddler death.

The new patient complained of an itchy rash on his back. When Mary examined him, she found a boil 3 inches in diameter. It appeared to be pulsating. She boiled some towels and sterilized her scalpel and performed a lancing operation. As she attempted to squeeze puss from the lance, a disgusting worm peeked out and lashed at her hand! She pulled back, but she got a scratch. She forced the worm out of the wound and onto the ground, where she covered it with a bowl. The ordeal left her insensate. She maintained her professionalism, and after draining the rest of the fluid, collected the needle-nosed worm in a mason jar. After this horrible day, Mary went home and calmed her nerves with a couple fingers of whiskey and an early bedtime.


Angus came to the tavern and found Johnny’s note, but didn’t know it was his. He asked the owner about it, and the owner seemed really concerned about Johnny.


Sherman talked to Annie. He’s concerned about Johnny. Johnny’s been acting strange, obsessed with Walter and going to the library late at night. Annie agrees, Johnny may need to be committed. She tells Sherman that Johnny had “seen rats with human faces”, which disturbed Sherman. Anyway, would she take a look at Walter’s room and see if she could find what Johnny was looking for in there, in case it’s important?

She finds mainly two clues. Scratch marks on the bedding and windowsill, and indentations in the paper on the table of the underlined word “Sinster!”


Finally awake after his long nap, he realized that he was supposed to read the other book. But falling asleep in the middle of the book like he did made him lose his place. He decided that he should spend the day rereading the stories.


Angus overheard a couple of customers talking about Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: “Mysterious how shop owners who did not tithe ran into some trouble with their shops being burglarized. I don’t trust those young guys, and all that theatrical ‘hallelujah’ preaching stuff." They also mention the newly mutilated toddler. They had read the same article that Mary had.


Annie decided to investigate Room 3 again. After picking the lock, she found the windowsill to be highly scratched up.

She confronted Johnny telling him to take her to his house. “You’re seeing rats with people’s faces,” she accused, but he denied the accusations and was reluctant to leave the room for any reason. After several minutes, including threatening to “take stuff”, he still did not assent. She she went to investigate his house and found deep, thick scratches on his bedroom windowsill, both inside and outside.

Clue Summary

*Walter’s Room – Deep scratches, only inside window
*Room 3 – Deep and shallow scratches, inside and outside window
*Johnny’s Room – Deep scratches, inside and outside bedroom window


At the end of his shift, Angus was approached by a strange woman who, for $2, lead Angus to a mysterious question-answerer.

Angus was lead to a soothsayer’s shop on Union Avenue. A Haitian woman in a cowl spoke to him about the human-faced rats. “Of course they killed someone. That’s what they do. They come every festival. There is a dark evil about, and you’re at the heart of it. But it’s not the rats you have to worry about, it’s what drives them out.” She reached into her robes and pulled out a wadded bloody cloth. Placing it to her ear, she says: “What’s that? What’s that you say? Are you sure? Alright then.” She placed the cloth on the table saying: “She says she must go to you, now. Says she has much in common with what you’re going to see. No choice now, you must take it!” She tried to hand the bloody wad to Angus. After some hesitation, he unrolled the bloody cloth, revealing a wrinkled shrunken head.


After some trepidation, he tries talking to the head. She responds to his actions: “Do you hear anything? Of course not! But she’s yours now, she says she’s yours! Run away, now. Run away. You must not be later for your appointments!” and laughs maniacally.


Annie spent the rest of the day trying to find out who Sinster is. Unsuccessful, she went to the tavern, where she met Crazy Harold. “Have you heard of Sinster?” “Sinster? Sinster? Sinster… Sinster… slasher? Yeah, I don’t like thinking about the slasher, they thought I was the slasher. Never saw anything. They’re going to switch my route! Those streets are too dark. Can’t see anything; can’t get ’em clean. Too dark.”

“You ever see rats with faces?”

“No, those would be monsters. Monsters aren’t real, can’t see what’s not real?”

Annie continued to harass the poor man.

Thursday, Oct 13


Douglas had a startling dream in his room, walking along the shore of a lake, tall listing building beyond, lightly purple sky with black stars. Then he feels a presence watching him; it grows stronger until he awakes with a start. He was relieved to find there was only a pale woman with long scraggly hair next to his bed.

She looked angry and panicked as she screamed, “Where is it!? You’ve taken it, where is it! You can’t just take it like that!”

Thurs Oct 13


Angus thought the previous day had been a creepy dream, but awoke to find the shrunken head on his dresser. He rewrapped the whole thing, bloody cloth and all, in a nice clean handkerchief.


Douglas was shaken and hungry after his two-day reading binge, so he went to the tavern early in the day.

Douglas, Angus, and Johnny

Johnny made some food for Douglas, while Douglas read “Brothers of the Yellow Sign”, for the first time.

Douglas, Angus, Johnny, Annie, and Mary

Annie made it into the tavern around 1pm. She interrogated Douglas about the results of his readings and scolded him about missing their meeting time yesterday. The scolding ended when Douglas handed her the King in Yellow, prompting her to sit and read. Mary showed up at 3pm.

Angus tried pulling out his shrunken head, but he got bitten! When he succeeded in taking it out, it was no longer shrouded in a nice handkerchief. Johnny was opposed to anyone talking about the supernatural inside the bar. “Get that head out of the bar. This kind of stuff ruins patronage.” Johnny took the head and threw it in the garbage. Mary got a room for everyone. Sherman came over to talk to Johnny about freaking out the customers. Angus took the head out of the garbage.

Everyone went up to a room.

Courses of action

  • Investigate 4yr-old toddler crime scene
  • investigate Sinster
  • talk to Voodoo lady. (Tried, She can’t be found.)
  • Go to new church
  • Go to scene of bot-worm infection

Johnny ended up talking to Crazy Harold. “I talked to Frank, and he’s found me a new apartment. Moving out of Elmwood Heights. Going to be cleaning near Stamford, better light. These streets are too dark. Can’t see; can’t get ’em clean.” Johnny inquired what streets he had been cleaning a couple nights ago. Harold mentioned Windsor and S. Windsor Ave. But that he had “got sick and couldn’t finish the night”.

That night, Johnny was visited by Rat Walter again. He was sitting on Johnny’s chest, eating at a pile of entrails and organs. “Are you sure you won’t join us!? That’s four! YES it is! All done, and now four more!”

Friday, Oct 14


9:00am, “Annie, Annie, you gotta help, Peter Crayburn’s parents are looking for him. He’s gone missing. Come with me!” Her roommate is frantic. “I’ll pay your rent.”


Angus had a dream. His finger was bitten and the shrunken head was talking to him, “Buttons! Buttons!” wha? “Buttons. Bonnets! Buttons and bonnets and buttons and buttons and bonnets…” the tiny head jabbered in the dream.


Annie went to the Crayburn home and found the child missing. There were small scratches on the outside of the window. The missing stuffed bear enticed Annie to track outside the window, where she found little Peter’s tracks. Following them, she crossed tracks with Mary and Angus.

Annie, Mary, and Angus

Prompted by his tiny head, Angus checked behind some garbage bins. To his horror, he discovered the remains of a tiny child. According to Annie, the tracks suggest that the child was compliant. He walked behind the garbage and simply sat down and waited to be eviscerated.

The Plan

  • Deliver the child body to the police
  • Go to the church to try and meet yellow cultists
  • Find 4th Victim (Buried b/c in Portchester? Does Harold have info? Something Behind Barker’s Bread?)
  • Find patterns in previous killings
  • Get Police information about current and past murders
  • Find out why Walter was interested in Sinster
  • Find friends/family of Sinster
What's Everyone Doing?

Tuesday, Oct 11

Angus and Johnny

“Won’t be long. Wanna join us, Johnny? Three down, just one more. Just one more, then another four!” WalterRat visited Johnny in the middle of the night, as a nightmare.

Poking around at work, Angus talked with a customer who knew about “You mean The Rat King. Vicar O’Reilly at the Church of the Redeemer would know more.” And he gave instructions.

Johnny went to talk to the bar owner, Sherman. They exchanged pleasantries before Johnny got to the point. “Let me into your brother’s room. I got my reasons.” After a long discussion, he succeeded. With permission, he went to Walter’s room. Unfortunately, after an hour or longer of searching, no clues were found.


“Ms. Springstein’s resort was vandalized. Weird symbol was painted in yellow. A week or so ago,” Explained one of Mary’s eczema patients. “Ms. Springstein is a beautician.”

Douglas and Annie

At around noon, they met to head out to where Douglas saw the yellow symbol. It is on the door to “Her Lady’s Wear and Jewelry”. Annie tried to take a picture, but she suspects the exposure is probably ruined.

The mark was mostly cleaned, with just some yellow chips on the street. To find out more, Douglas and Annie headed into the shop. The elderly proprietor looked up from a book and greeted him. After a short, awkward exchange, Douglas bought Annie a piece of jewelry. With the ice broken, Douglas began questioning her about the door. She admitted to knowing of others. Ms. Springstein “Pink Lady’s Resort”, Ms. Klein “Klein’s Bakery and Goods”. She was willing to do a sketch of the symbol on her door, which jogged Douglas’s memory. She also mentioned that there was a bucket of paint found on the scene of her own vandalism.


From here, they continued on to visit Ms. Klein’s bakery. A man was cleaning the door, Annie tried for another picture. While she tried that, Douglas drew a version of it.


The two went inside. Again, to break the ice, they bought a bunch of food. Klein’s door was vandalized on Sunday. She’s heard of more vandalisms all around town. With this information in hand, the pair heads to the library.

Mary, Angus, and Johnny

In the early afternoon, Mary got off her shift and went to the Raven Head.

Mary and Johnny

These two went poking around, looking for Harold. They weren’t able to find him, and so they headed to the asylum.

Annie and Douglas

They arrived at the library. It looks like Notre Dam. The books were arranged by the Dewey Decimal System. Douglas couldn’t find a card catalog. Without anyone else in the library, Douglas approached the old woman at the counter. She perked up when Douglas and Annie mentioned black magic. She revealed that the library has books regarding the symbol, but they are in “the archive.” Douglas threw his weight around, and the librarian eventually consented to them going to the archive.

Mary and Johnny

Up Clarkstreet and through a small wooded area, they arrived at the broken, hanging gate of the asylum. After hearing a shrill shreik, they continued inside, where they were greeted by a fellow in wirerimmed glasses.

Oct 27, 1885 – Harold thought to be Fairfield slasher. Delusions of monsters.

Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher killed his daughter, and years before he probably killed his neighbors.

Oct 1st – Harold released. Set up with a street cleaning job in the evening.


On his lunch break, Angus headed to the Church of the Redeemer. At the old timey church, there was an old-timey old man tending the garden. The old timer was happy to forward Angus into the church to talk with Vicar O’Reilly.

Angus immediately starts asking him about local folklore. Specifically, he asks about rats with human faces and admits to having seen one. Just before the Vicar can have him committed for insanity, Angus asked about the Rat King. Vicar explained a short story about giant clusters of rats, their tails knotted together, and told Angus to talk to the land’s caretaker.

Annie and Douglas

They descended the rickety stairwell into “The Archives” under the library. Annie cleared the dust off of a table, while Douglas searched bookshelves for information about cults. When she arrived at the table, she found that the table was not dusty, nor was the lantern upon it.

In the following several hours, Douglas noticed moving shadows multiple times but assumed it was Annie. It wasn’t. Neither of them seem too concerned about this fact.


As he left the church, Angus had a confrontation with the landscaper. They argued for a moment over the importance of four-leaf clovers. The landscaper, who had just plucked something from a patch of clover, insisted that there is nothing lucky about clovers.

Angus asked about the Rat King, who the landscaper told “When many rats grow in a confined area, they tie together. The mass of rats can grow so large that they carry off livestock and children and such.” And he mentioned seeing a huge rat.

Mary and Johnny

Mary and Johnny walked into the library. Gretta Libraum greeted them warmly. The newspapers are kept in The Archive, and after some convincing she lets them down.

Annie and Douglas

While Annie was wandering a strange book caught her eye. She resisted pulling it from the shelf, but it had drawn her attention to other cultist books. She pulled a thin book with an ornate cover. When Douglas’s attention was brought to it, he was unable to resist opening it. He finds a passage: “Crouching behind the large weather boulder, he watched in terror as the figure glided across the landscape…” The sense of the passage left lingering thoughts in Annie’s and Douglas’s minds.

Annie, Douglas, Mary, and Johhny

Johnny found the stacks of newspaper, and when he called out that he had found it, Annie heard him. Johnny and Mary pulled a huge stack of newspapers and headed toward the table.


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