Feast of Fish

They meet

Sep 5 – Mon

Bruce and Trent caused trouble. Angus got stabbed. Everyone met.

Sep 22 – Thur

Everyone was friendly, hanging out at the bar. Mad Jack came in frantic about snakes. Asked for a drink and some bread.

Sep 27 – Tue

Mad Jack came into the bar frantic about rats. Asked for a drink and some bread.

Oct 5 – Wed

Mad Jack came into the bar frantic about flies and cockroaches. Johnny got lectured about keeping better records, and that a tenant hasn’t made rent yet. He and Angus went upstairs to confront the bum tenant, but discovered a horrific rat-person looming over the corpse of the tenant. “He’s back, just like before. But this time, everyone is going to die!” the creature hissed, before another rat-person declared that Johnney and Angus must die. Johnny fired from the hip and nailed one of the creatures with a salty spray from his shotgun, before slamming the door to the room closed. The rat-person struggled to open the door before disappearing.

Angus and Johnny seemed very disturbed as they tried to relate their story to the Mary, Annie, and Douglas.

Oct 6 – Thur

Angus and Johnny continue to try and convince everyone of what they saw. Bored, Douglas left and had a strange encounter with a man.

“He’s here, and he’s coming for you all.” – Yellow spotted hand man. He cackled and fled.

Douglas saw a significant sign, but couldn’t identify it.

Oct 7 – Fri

Douglas related his tale to the rest of the group. Then, in walked a crazy looking, hair-plastered man. Bruce and Trent identified him as Harold. They started harrassing him immediately. “Tell us about those monsters that eat people!”

“Never seen no monsters. Can’t tell tales about what don’t exist.” Harold is so meek that Bruce and Trent lose interest in picking on him.

Angus tried persuading Harold to tell his story, but Harold was too “cured” to talk about monsters.

Oct 8 – Sat

“Extra extra, read all about it, toddler murdered in Fairfield streets”. Got a newspaper clipping.

Oct 10 – Mon

That Monday evening, Harold returned to the bar. “Just like before, nobody believed me.” When Johnny took interest, Harold changed his tune, “Never seen nothing. Can’t see anything never seen nothing.”

“I thought I saw something. I thought it was a monster, eating through his belly. But I didn’t see nothing, I’m cured.” Mary had a talk with him, and gave him some calming medicine.

“Well, what I thought I saw was a big slug.” Definitely not a rat. Definitely not with a human face. He also mentioned a young boy, different from the new toddler. When Mary pressed for more information, he got frantic and fled the bar.

Historical Record
  • 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition in London.
  • 1853 Commodore Matthew Perry opens trade routes with Japan.
  • 1853-1856 Crimean War.
  • 1856 Grammar of Ornament published by Owen Jones.
  • 1856 Pasteurization invented by Louis Pasteur.
  • 1859 Comstock Lode discovered in Virginia, Nevada dramatically increases silver supply.
  • 1861 Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, dies.
  • 1861-1865 United States Civil War.
  • 1862 Alexander Parkes invents the first man-made plastic.
  • 1865 Lincoln shot by Booth April 14, dies next day.
  • 1867 Exposition Universelle in Paris.
  • 1869 Transcontinental railroad completed.
  • 1869 John Wesley Hyatt invents celluloid (used for camera film)
  • 1872 The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in New York.
  • 1874 Impressionist Salon in Paris organized by Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cézanne, and others.
  • 1875 Gold discovered in the Sioux holy grounds, the Black Hills of South Dakota.
  • 1876 Internal combustion engine invented by Nicolaus August Otto.
  • 1876 Thomas Edison’s invents the incandescent bulb.
  • 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.
  • 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.
  • 1887 Queen Victoria celebrates her Golden Jubilee and officially comes out of mourning.
  • 1888 George Eastman’s camera. (Eastman Kodak Company" roll film and flash)
  • 1888 C.R. Ashbee founds Guild of Handicraft in London.
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