Feast of Fish

Johnny Shot Off Both Heads

Sunday Oct 23rd – The evening

The sight of the ratmen startled Mary into a stupor. She began crying hysterically as the others ran out of the cabin to help her.

Ratmen: “Oh, poor girl, she’s crying. She’s scared almost to death. What have you all done to this poor, innocent, young girl?!”

After some conversation, Mary calmed down and Johnny, Angus, and Douglas made deals with the rat people.

Several of the rat people seemed excited that they could potentially be human again. They bit off their digits and hurled them at Johnny.

A short parley later, a few rats were assigned to take everyone to the cave. They told a story about a sea-creature that uses the cave. It had, over time, collected a wall of brains which the rats couldn’t eat. The brains were webbed together, for an unknown reason. With that story in mind, everyone went back to the cabin and collected the pile of bones-in-a-net.

11:45 pm

They returned to the cave with the bones of the creature’s mate. Before reaching the mouth of the cave, the smell of the sea washed over them. The smell of rotten fish and crabs broken and left to rot and dry on the rocks assailed them. In the dirt and debris leading up to the mouth of the cave, something heavy had been dragged along the ground. (They later realized this was caused by the shambling gate of the monstrous creature within.)

As quietly as they could, they entered the cave and followed it along some twists and turns. Mary quietly whimpered as everyone shuffled along, often slipping on the algae-encrusted ground. Douglas carried the load of mermaid-bones, and once lost his footing causing a loud clatter. Johnny and Angus readied their weapons while Douglas scrambled to pick up his dropped cargo.

From somewhere in the cavern, a light was spotted, so Johnny went to investigate. He saw that it immediately opened into a roughly 30×30 cave. Inside was a seal-like-creature: over 10 feet tall and the width of 2 stout men, with human arms, human legs, and a massive head. It stood next to a large barrel resembling those found on the docks of Portchester. Five Shaggai-Shan were working on a grim altar of brains and animal sinew. On the wall above the rows of brains were occult symbols describing the spell that would explode the brains of all humans as it emanated out from the altar.

They decided to back up and discuss a strategy. It was right at midnight when they heard cooing, sing-song sounds and other noises coming from the cave. They ducked as six Shan bugs flew out, possibly leaving the monstrous creature alone inside.

They decided to try to talk to the creature, possibly offering the bones of its lost mate in apology for what had happened to her. They entered to see the sea creature (Bunyip) scooping water from the barrel onto his face and into his mouth, and a much larger Shan working on the brain structure. They also discovered a large, swirling portal on the south wall that was emanating the light illuminating the cave. Johnny and Angus tried to talk to the beast, and Douglas stepped forward to offer the bones. In response, the beast howled a hideous roar and charged.

Johnny and Angus fired their weapons, Douglas grabbed the net and some bones to try to draw the beast away, while Annie hid around the corner and Mary ran off in hysterics. After medicating herself, Mary ran back – she burned the beast with acid while Annie ran into the room to try and destroy the altar of brains.

The beast cast magic that drowned Angus into unconsciousness while the Shan took control of Old Henry’s body, and charged into the battle. As Angus fell to the ground, Douglas started summoning a Night Gaunt, Annie tried to destroy as many things as possible, Mary poured acids over the brain altar, and Johnny shot the head off of both Old Henry and the massive Shan.

Johnny battle the massive Bunyip single handed, giving the others enough time to perform their tasks. Mary stabbed her scalpel into the one unprotected brain and scrambled it; Annie knocked over the barrel of sea water, shrimp, and fish, and used her occult skills to artfully invalidate the spell written on the wall; Douglas summoned the demon; and Johnny was crushed so violently that his ribs and organs exploded as his body fell to the ground in two separate pieces.

The Bunyip cast his drowning magic on Mary and then charged Douglas. Having no luck with the other acids, Mary shoved the green gaseous sphere into the scrambled brain and smashed it open with her knife – the acid immediately started disintegrating the protective carapace, brains, and shelving, expanding at an accelerated rate. Douglas commanded the demon to attack the Bunyip, which distracted it enough for them to escape. As they fled, Douglas grabbed Johnny’s torso, Anny picked up Angus, and they ran back to Old Henry’s cabin.

The wall of brains was destroyed, the magic spell was spoiled, the apparent master-mind Shan was dead. The spell would not be performed this year, so the people are safe. But the Bunyip still lives: will it return in 7 years to start again? Only time will tell.

I'll take up the rear

Clues and ToDo

  • Persuade Rats not to do ritual on Johnny
  • Kill Rats?
  • Find Shaggai Cave
  • Return to Henry’s Shack to re-collect Sinster

Sunday, October 23rd, 5:00 pm, Cabin in the Woods

The monster, wreathed in shadow, pulled itself above the lip of the old well. Angus fell away from the edge and screamed in horror. He turned and ran for the picket fence that bounded the cabin property. With a hop, he cleared the fence, but the monster was hot on his heels.

Mary and Johnny heard Angus’s yells of warning, and came to see what the commotion was. From inside the doorframe of the cabin, Johnny saw the monster at the edge of the fence whip a shadow tentacle around Angus and haul him back into the yard. Johnny tried his best to blow the tentacle off with his shotgun, but it backfired and blew sparks in his face.

Mary came around the side of the house at about the same time, and saw Johnny’s second slug rip through the inky black body of the horror, only to then see the hole congeal. Mary drew her pistol and shakily pointed it at the creature, but before she could find her aim and pull the trigger, the monster lifted Angus from the ground and swallowed him whole.

Johnny charged forward and tried to punch through the shadow beast’s belly to grab Angus, but his fist met with solid skin.

Angus was then excreted with a slimy coating and the monster wrapped Johnny in a long tentacle and swallowed him as well.

To revive Douglas, Annie ran to the front porch, shielded her eyes from seeing the monster or any of her companions, drew a ladle of water, and ran back into the house.

Now free of the monster, Angus told everyone that they should flee, then ran inside after Annie. Mary followed him in. Johnny was excreted in a similar manner to the one in which Angus had been, but the experience took a toll on his sanity. He ran screaming like a madman into the house. Behind him, Mary closed the door.

In a short while, a knocking came at the door. The cabin was Frau Trude’s, and Frau Trude had returned. She huffed, and she puffed, and the guys let her in. Douglas came out of his trance in time to apologize (something no one else had thought to do).

When she entered the house, Angus leapt at her and tried to stab her with his Cold Iron dagger. She ran and he chased her. She froze him in place, gouged part of his cheek out, and explained “the previous person was more polite. He is in a cave that is North of a watering hole East of here. The cabin you’re looking for is to the North of here.”

Everyone cleaned up Frau Trude’s house, were not swayed to steal from the temptation box, and decided to head to try and find Carl Sinster in the caves to the East.

Sunday, October 23rd, 7:00 pm

With Douglas’ knowledge of geography and the map he had acquired, finding the watering hole to the East was very easy. They turned North toward a large rocky crop, then heard spooky sounds. They found a cave there, with Carl in its opening, badly injured and partly eaten.

“It was horrible, save yourselves. A huge horrible beast with teeth, claws. I tried to kill him but he was too strong. cough I tried to kill it, but he slammed me against the wall and started shredding me with his claws and fangs. Something dragged me out of there, I didn’t see what it was. Thought it was a dream, thought I was dead. cough … Not a bear … just a big lump of fur.”

Johnny and Angus explored the cave and found a slumbering bear. Mary, Douglas, and Annie built a stretcher for Carl. They all left together.

Sunday, October 23rd, 8:00 pm, Bear Cave

They decided to try to find Henry’s cabin. Douglas led them on a wild goose chase for an hour, then decided to head back toward town or Frau Trude’s cabin.

Sunday, October 23rd, 9:00 pm, Frau Trude’s Cabin

They reoriented themselves, and headed up North. Along the way, they started hearing creatures moving around in the underbrush. Before too long, they found a dilapidated cabin with an old crumbling stone well out front.

Annie spotted tracks that belong to very large rats.

Inside the cabin, Johnny found a fishing net over the skeletal remains of an unidentified skeletal body.

There was also a rat-mother with several converted offspring.

They decided to leave Carl Sinster there. To make him safe, they started fixing the door.

Mary waited outside, and went insane when a fresh pack of 10+ ratmen showed up.

Instruction Manual...
... How to deal with the head.

Sunday October 23rd, morning

Johnny woke up to a frantic ShermanRat rifling through the things in his former room. “It’s getting late, gotta get the bar ready.” Johnny pointed out that the bar would be fine, and if he was upset about the mess in the bar, he should talk to Angus. Angus who is probably at Johnny’s place. Sherman left, and Johnny went to set up.

He found that Lady Shijo had the place in good running order. After starting in on his breakfast, Betty from the hospital walked in. She was vacant and subdued, asking repeatedly about Mary.


Angus, walking down the road, noticed a stark-white-robed person near Pearl St and Union Ave. The hands of the figure were very dark… Almost black. He decided to chase after her as she turned the corner away from him. He chased her, seeing a glimpse of her far away. He managed to follow and found a tiny shop. He knocked on the door.

The proprietors of a secret small shop opened the door. “How did you find this place? What have you done with her head?” Angus revealed that he had given Frau Trude a body, allowed her to get eyes, and call her cat.

She gave Angus a cold-iron knife and premonitions of DOOOOM!


Mary walked into the bar and immediately Betty came up to her and blankly explained, “Orkliff needs to see you. It is very urgent. You must immediately.” When Mary assented to go, Betty immediately became manic again, apparently suffering amnesia for the past several hours.

Just when Mary was about to leave to visit him, a messenger boy ran in screaming for her. Someone was dying and needed a doctor right away!

When it looked like Mary wouldn’t be following her back to the hospital, Betty glazed over again, and quietly insisted, “Mary, I need to talk to you in private.” Mary convinced her that they could talk in private at a place nearby, and with Johnny followed the child to Stubor manor in Stamford.

Stubor manor is the location where the Shaggai attacked a girl, and Frau Trude tussled with Annie over the girl’s eyes.

Inside, Mary and Johnny found the man had gained an insectile infection. Over Betty’s objections, Mary treated Mr. Stubor. With that taken care of, Betty led the way to the hospital.

Douglas and Annie

Edward showed up at the Raven’s Head and was starting to panic about the Buzzkill situation, but Doug and Annie set him straight. Together, the three of them crafted another press release.


Everyone wrapped up their activities at about the same time and headed to the hospital together to meet Orkliff.

In his office, Orkliff pulled Mary aside and brought in a covered bundle. He confessed that he had found a Shaggai larva and raised it into maturation. His experiments taught him that with enough physical harm, they simply die. He also discovered that the Shaggai can control the body of something by probing their brains. Orkliff didn’t want to go to a church, so he asked Mary came up with the idea to organize him being included in a militia.

After returning to the Raven’s Head, Angus got a bowl of soup with a few rotten eyeballs in it. He complained, Lady Shijo offered to punish one of her cooks, and Angus used the opportunity to have one of the Asian men carry away the dirt/eyes/cat corpse outside Johnny’s window.

While he was out, Mary convinced Annie and Douglas to send word to Edward that doctors could volunteer for militia instead of being posted at the churches. They sent a courier with notes to Orkliff and Edward.

Johnny got his shotgun back and went home to get lots of ammo. He noticed the horrible mess that Angus had made.

Angus went home to get ammo. Harold was in a bad state, as the pile of cats/eyes/gore had been left on Angus’ bed.


They headed out to find Henry’s cabin!


They found it! There was a picket fence around the property, with a kept lawn containing a dismantled stone well. There was a garden out back with a stone well set within. On the front and back porches there were barrels, the one in front having a sign which read, roughly “drink me”. Also on the front porch, there was a well-crafted rocking chair and a small chest. While everyone investigated every possible aspect of the house, Douglas entertained himself with 3 bowls of porridge he had found inside.

Upon eating the best portion of porridge, he felt sleepy so he went to sleep.

Angus dropped a stone into the front well, and awakened a mean-looking shadow creature. Mary and Johnny ran to his aid.

He wouldn't mind if we had some pot and ran the bar

Clue and ToDo List

  • Cure Johnny
  • Grace Hopper is mother of Tim Hopper (Deceased boy)
  • Dogs can hear Shaggai Shan

Saturday, October 22nd, 5:00pm

The gang (Johnny, Mary, Annie, and Douglas) left the store and started heading toward the Brewmaster Pub. Inside, they found a dilapidated rundown dive. Douglas ordered drinks and food for everyone, and asked about SamSomething and Joe Catcher.

The bartender brought out the soup and wandered around the bar cleaning. He stopped over-long at one table, and the patron quietly tried to leave the bar. Johnny distracted the bartender while Mary, Annie, and Douglas caught up with him and brought him back to the Pub.

During a long conversation with a very drunk Joe Catcher and an increasingly drunk Sam. They mentioned that Joe had seen Henry at the docks, picking up a barrel of water. He recounted a short tale of Henry having claimed to have caught something in his net.

Sherman had been around, asking about Henry, too. They told him to talk to Peter Kimmen (sons Jeffrey and Carlton) at the Dead Duck Inn. They arrived at the door, a beat up thing with an actual dead duck nailed to it at around 7:00pm.

Saturday October 22, 11:00pm. Angus at the Raven’s Head

Things had gotten calm in the Inn when Trent and Bruce burst into the place. They started causing a commotion and making a big deal out of Lady Shijo. Angus called the attention of all of the members of “Douglas’ Militia”, then when Bruce kept running his mouth, he cold-cocked him and forced him to apologize to Lady Shijo.

Saturday October 22, 7:00pm. Johnny, Douglas, Annie, and Mary

The four of them pushed into the Dead Duck and saw “Charles” playing cards with One-armed Peter. They sat down with them and played a few hands of poker. A few hands and a few dollars and the lips start to loosen.

North down Battery til the North docks. Left down Maple St. go till you hit Corenth. head down til you hit a dead ends at the woods. Head into the woods. in 10 mins find a path next to an old stream, take the path north. Stone well in front of the cabin.

Saturday October 22, 11:00pm. Johnny, Douglas, Annie, and Mary

Around 10:00pm the lot set out from the Dead Duck for home. When they neared Lafayette St. they noticed the tell-tale signs of a Buzzkill: lights diminishing and extinguishing in the distance.

Mary panicked and ran toward the Church of the Redeemer. Douglas, Annie, and Johnny ran the opposite direction, though Johnny was too slow. He was overtaken by Annie and Douglas who made it to the Police Station in relative safety. Johnny was attacked thrice by the Buzzkill, but he shook it off each time. When he arrived at the bar, he found it in a party state. Lady Shijo explained the situation to him, and he had some words with Angus.

At the police station, Douglas and Annie slammed the doors open and started causing a scene.

At the church, Mary explained of the evil spirit. William took her to the Vicar and she explained again. A person brought two shaken but uninjured men into the church. Mary talked over with them, and they had been attacked by a Buzzkill.

At the Raven’s Head tavern, Johnny continued to scold Angus, marked down the losses the bar had suffered, and took what he could out of Angus’s paycheck. Harold and Lady Shijo each had things to say. Lady Shijo is going to watch over the bar while Johnny faces his end and the end of all things. Harold drank another bottle of vodka, and told Angus that he had had an old lady come visit. And he was surprised that he had a cat. The cat left when the old lady did.

Middle of the Night

Johnny was visited by WalterRat. “Wakeup Johnny, it’s almost morning. You’ll be so happy. It’s gonna be great! All three of us will be together again. Sherman didn’t want to either, at first, but that’s probably because of how mean the others are. You don’t want to be a rat? Well, I haven’t given them your toe yet. Tuesday night, at midnight, they’ll make me give it to them. But I won’t give them your toe if they can go back to the cave.”

Douglas had a dream-meeting with the King in Yellow (a servant of Hastor), where he was taught two spells. One to communicate with the servant at any time, and one to Summon/Banish Buzzkills.

Angus was wakened by Frau Trude. “Hurry, try this one!” And when Angus peeked above the covers (through which he could smell something rancid), he spied the bloated purple corpse of a young girl. He left and grabbed a spoon. Frau Trude was willing to help him hold the head down, and he went to work on the delicate surgery. He bent his head in concentration as he maneuvered the spoon around the socket. At one point, he thought he felt a pocket of rot and swiveled his spoon to avoid it. The edge of the spoon bit into the jelly of the eye and it popped in his hand, spraying gunk from the socket. “It’s ruined! Get the other.”
He did that, successfully pulling the other eye from the girl’s corpse. Having now two eyes, Frau Trude took the girl’s body and fled on her tail-less cat mount, telling Angus “I’ll take the body; you keep the eyes.”

Sunday October 23rd, 8:00am

Douglas awoke with the certainty that the Buzzkill can be killed. Annie agreed that they should go to 13 Lafayette, and she gave him the stone.

They got to the house and entered it. It was just as they remembered it: in a horrid state of disrepair and abandonment. They proceeded through the trapdoor into the ritual room. Annie’s dog noticed something dark and threatening in a corner of the room, where Annie saw nothing and Douglas only saw a deep darkness.

Douglas began to draw a circle of salt in the center of the room. Before he finished, the thing erupted from the wall! Douglas saw a bit of darkness flash and that was all, but Annie and the dog saw a huge mass of insects, maggots, and bugs. Douglas just barely managed to finish the salt circle before the thing broke into it.

Annie managed to restrain her dog, and Douglas started chanting. He finished the spell and the essence of the Buzzkill was trapped within the stone.

Meanwhile, Angus gave an arousing speech

Result of militia training

  • Six groups of 6 people
  • Militia has knowledge of the ShaggaiShan
  • Many Earplugs
  • Groups are organized, armed, with a leader, and understand battlebuddies
  • Some people had hunting dogs {T3d, TD, T, WT, T, WTD}
  • Sent messages to hospital/doctors, they are on board

Backwards in time, Thursday, Oct 20, 8:00pm, following Angus

Angus sent two messengers plus himself to meet with the nightly patrol groups. They contacted three that were on patrol that night, and asked them to send word to the others: “Douglas wants everyone to meet up by Our Lady of the Angels at 8:00 am for special training. Don’t patrol tonight, there’s no danger.”

Friday, Oct 21, 8:00am

Six groups of six showed up at 8:00 am for training.

Angus accomplishes much of the training detailed in Angus and the Militia with 5 of the groups. Two were well-trained, three were badly trained, and one was completely unaffected.{T3D, TD, U, T, TD, WTD} Untrained, Trained, WellTrained, #Dogs.

  • Militia has knowledge of the ShaggaiShan
  • No Earplugs
  • Groups are organized, armed, with a leader, and understand battlebuddies
  • Some people had hunting dogs (detailed above)
  • Sent messages to hospital/doctors

Sat Oct 22, 6am

Shrunken Head: “Wakeup! Wakeup! Let’s try this! You have to get them, sleepy head! You promised to get me the eyes.”

Angus: “You must promise to either leave me alone or help us save the world.”

Shrunken Head: “As soon as I get eyes I can use, I will leave you alone. Why do you hide beneath your covers?”

Angus: “It’s scary. Go into the corner, as an act of good faith.”

Angus slowly opened his eyes and looked on his bed. Atop the sheets a furry distended form writhed in a heap. Maggots pushed for space and fell to the covers into piles of wriggling rot.

Though the site was disturbing, Angus set to work finding a knife to carve the cat.

Shrunken Head: “Don’t cut it! You might not cut the eye!”

Angud: “I’m not cutting the eye, I’m cutting the head off so I can poke the eyes out from inside!”

Shrunken Head: "… That might work… "

Cutting into the neck, Angus made slow work. A sudden popping noise preceded a spurt of ichor and a plume of gasses assailed him.

Once the head was messily severed, Angus began tugging at the spinal column. With a squelch and another spurt of mess, the brain came loose. With the inside of the cat’s skull loose, Angus started pressing the eyes into the cavity. They deformed and popped into the inside where they dangled loosely.

When Angus went to pull the eyes from inside the skull, he accidentally crushed one of the eyeballs. Finally, he looked at Frau Trude and saw that she had eyes. She pulled one of her eyes out, replacing it with the mangled, crushed cat eye. “This won’t work! We’ll have to try again. I’ll bring another one tomorrow! This time, something fresher.”

She went to leave, and Angus offered her a peace treaty. Let’s shake hands and let bygones be bygones… (Angus rolled a natural 100 on his persuade). “We can shake hands when you fulfill your promise!” The tiny malevolent doll lashed out at him and ran away.

Angus patched up the scratch and cleaned it as well as he could. He chucked all of the most solid pieces of the rotten cat out of the window, and he left a note to housekeeping about the rest of the bloody, maggoty, horrible mess. “From Angus: Just clean; don’t ask questions.” Then Angus went to another room.

Saturday 8:00am

Angus attended additional drills in the morning, followed by Edward’s speech in the early afternoon.

A man: “Angus, what happened at the tavern? It’s closed! We have to go to the other place, now.”

Angus: “Actually, after training, why don’t we go to the Raven’s Head and I’ll run it.”

The groups trained until 6:00 or 7:00. By the end of training, it seemed that most of the groups had gotten their roles down.


They arrived at the Tavern after training, and there appeared to be activity inside. A peak inside showed Harold tending the bar, sitting next to a big stock pot.

Angus went up to Harold to find out what was going on, and Harold didn’t know. He had come to work and opened the door and then people started coming in. “If you wanna beer, just go ahead and grab it. Put the money in the stock pot.”

Angus thought he would rob the store blind, and launder it by selling the liquor and food at horrid discounts. Then he realized his militia would get trashed if he just gave away alcohol, and he changed his mind. After this point, he tried valiantly to control the mob of drinkers.

He got them under control before too long, and pulled in money hand-over-fist with heavy, but somewhat reasonable, discounts. At around 10:00pm, he had a run-in with the Asian Woman.

Lady Shijo: “There is darkness in Johnny’s future. There is darkness in your future.”

Angus: “Speaking of helping, would you like to join Douglas’s militia?”

Lady Shijo: “I don’t go for such things, but I would like to help Johnny,” she said before dispatching her two body-guards as help/cook, and her dogs to guard the door.

Her servants created an exotic stew, and she took control over the stock-pot of money, denying Angus his ambition of stealing it all. When he protested, she cast a spell on him that made him compliant and helpful: “You are a great friend. You all must work together. I’m sure Johnny will agree to do the right thing. He’ll be here at 11. We must make sure the tavern runs smoothly until he gets here.” – Angus went about keeping things running smoothly, while making sure his militia did not get too drunk.

All total, $291 earned. 1/2 liquor and food stores are depleted.

11:00 pm

"I'm not crazy.
Yes you are." - Me

Clue and ToDo List

  • Talk to Joe Catcher (and/or “Sam”-something)
  • If no success, talk to random sea-dogs about Henry’s Cabin
  • Cure Johnny
  • Ask Reaver about Carl “Charles” Sinster
  • Harold is having a bad day.
  • Grace Hopper is mother of Tim Hopper (Deceased boy)
  • Dogs can hear Shaggai Shan

Saturday, October 22nd, 1:00am

Johnny started a commotion, and woke everyone from their slumber. Douglas and Annie joined him at the bar for some whiskey coffee, while Mary went back to sleep.

After the quick drink, Harold, Johnny, Annie, and Douglas took off. Harold was leading them toward the site of a horrible murder. His severely inebriated state made it difficult for him to find anything. The bare sliver of moonlight made his task even more so.

Johnny caught sight of a pair of feet near a rubbish pile, and heard cat yowls from the area. He turned his lantern in the direction, and saw a body that had been mutilated. The lower body region and neck were covered in blood. Atop the body sat a pair of cats picking at the torn flesh. One took off when Annie and Douglas started talking at Johnny; the other ran away when Johnny swung his gun at it.

Annie immediately started to catalog the scene, trying to determine who he was and what had killed him. His pants had been pulled around his ankles. His genitals had been ripped off of his body. His chest appeared to have been ripped/shredded open. A huge chunk had been ripped out of his neck, and traces of lipstick were found on his collar area.

Harold hadn’t seen the murder, but he had seen the body. He took a seat to think for a minute—an action which made a squishing sound. When Harold looked at what he had sat on, he yelped, threw the item at Douglas, and ran off in a panic. Douglas was too slow to dodge the gory dick-and-balls as it sailed through the air. In his scramble to evade, Douglas dropped the whiskey, and the bottle shattered on the ground.

Johnny brought Harold back while Douglas and Annie prepared the corpse to take it to the police station. Meanwhile, Harold licked the whiskey from the stones, cutting his tongue and lips from the broken glass. Douglas and Annie took the body to the police station. There, the clerk suggested that he looked like the other man that was murdered a couple night ago: a chunk missing from the neck and chest clawed open, but the other man hadn’t had his genitals removed.

Back at the Raven’s Head, Johnny set Harold to bed, but not before Harold downed another bottle of cheap whiskey. Then Johnny himself went to bed in the common room, too.

Annie went to sleep in the Sergeant’s office, in his chair. Douglas went home to sleep.

Saturday, October 22nd, am

Annie was awakened by a cat yowling at her from outside the window. She shooed it away and went back to sleep. Once asleep, she had a mythos-dream sparked by the book she had been reading: Revelations of Hali.

Saturday, October 22nd, 5am

Johnny was awoken by WalterRat in the middle of the night. “I’m glad you took my toe, I didn’t mean to bite off so much of your toe.” He seemed concerned and frustrated that Johnny hadn’t done anything to try and find anything. “You want me to be like you, right? You don’t want to be a rat; but you do want to be like Sherman, right?” Johnny agreed that he wanted WalterRat to be like him, and that Johnny wanted to be like Sherman.

Thinking that that was suspicious, Johnny went to check on Sherman. His pounding on the door awoke Mary. He opened the door when no one answered, and Johnny saw that the shutters were open and the bedsheets were torn and messy.

Mary attended to Harold, who was bloody and drunk. Johnny explained that he was probably duped by WalterRat, and Mary went back to sleep.

Saturday October 22, 10:00am

The Japanese woman (Lady Shijo) and her bodyguards roused Mary, and started asking her about the condition of the bar. She was concerned because no one had shown up for work yet, and the front door lock was broken. Mostly, Mary just gave her empty assurances that it would be repaired during the day. She suggested that they take this opportunity to try some of the other local restaurants and taverns, for today.

Johnny and Harold woke up and the three of them tried to put the bar together.

10:00am Annie

Edward woke Annie up in her… ahem, his office. She wandered around town wondering where she can buy a dog.

10:00am Douglas

Douglas woke up just fine, having had a very restful night’s sleep. He spent some time trying to find clothes that weren’t bloodstained.

11:00am Mary and Johnny

Johnny had gone from damage-control to “fix the bar” mode. Mary talked him into closing down so he could focus on NOT TURNING INTO A RAT.

He went to Lady Shijo’s rooms, but there was no answer since they had left earlier. He went to the maid’s room to leave a note for her. Her room looked extremely tidy and un-lived in. The maid’s key was sitting on the table, as well, suggesting she may have left town. Then he went to check that Walter’s old room was still locked. It was, but he heard movement inside. When he opened the door, he saw a similar scene as when it was first investigated. The glassware on the side table was scattered; the bedding was ripped from the bed; the shutters were open; a giant rat sat on a pile of clothes and dug at the remains of a squirrel.

The rat turned to look at Johnny, squirrel jiblets falling out of his maw. “I’m not a rat!” The face of Sherman, twisted and deformed hissed at Johnny. Johnny tried to convince him to stay, but ShermanRat fled the room. “I can’t help you if you don’t stay!” Johnny shouted after, to no avail.

11:00am Annie

Annie found a street urchin to guide her to a dog salesman, where she purchased a burly mastiff she named Edison.

1:00pm Everyone

Douglas and Annie showed up at the bar shortly after 1:00pm. Johnny finished locking up the bar. A child showed up with a letter from Carl Sinster for Angus. It said he had met with a few people.

Just as they were about to leave to find Clinton Reever and Joe Catcher, they were interrupted by Sergeant Edward. He said that his speech went well, the churches have agreed to hold the vigils, but word of the Buzzkills has spread. The attacks happen at night, so how are people supposed to congregate? Some citizens refuse to leave their homes at night, so the vigil may fail. Annie assured him that they knew how to deal with the bugs, and it would be taken care of before Sunday night.

As Edward described how people had been sent to the hospital, and suffered mental trauma from the massive cloud of biting insects, Douglas began having an episode. This sent Harold into a fit, as well. The both of them began scratching and shouting about insects crawling in and out of their ears, nose, and mouth; Douglas shouted about them laying eggs under the skin. Edward also became very animated: “You’ve seen them? What can we do?” Annie tried to calm everyone down, threatening them with her dog, while Mary got a tranquilizer prepared for Douglas. At this point, Johnny went off the deep end, grabbed a baseball bat from behind the bar, and started smashing bottles while shouting “Get out! Everyone out! We’re closed!” Almost in response, six men entered the Tavern asking for food and drinks. Johnny shouted “We’re closed” as he smashed more glasses and bottles with the baseball bat.

The men left quickly, followed shortly by Edward and Harold. The remaining investigators left a few minutes later, after Johnny had calmed down a bit.

To find Clinton Reever, the group headed to the Docks of Portchester. Carl Sinster had described Reever as knowing some “sea dogs”, so hopefully finding them will lead to Reever.

Near the docks, they found a worker that was willing to point them toward Reaver. He has a nice grocery.

Douglas engaged Reever in a long conversation. Reever mentioned that some of the old sailors that frequent the Dead Duck Inn may know where Henry’s cabin is, since he was an old seadog too. He said Joe Catcher often hangs out at the Brewmaster Pub with his buddy “Sam”-something. Sam started going to the Brewmaster Pub a few weeks back, after being kicked out of the Dead Duck Inn for cheating at cards.


If he was here, he'd make it harder for me

Clues and ToDo List

  • Walter rat said to find the cave, find Henry’s Cabin and talk to “the others”. Joe Catcher told Walter how to find the cabin. Clinton Reever knows Joe.
  • Talk to churches and get them on-board for midnight vigil
  • Clinton Reever knows where Carl “Charles” Sinster is
  • Harold has burst into the Bar and is chugging liquor

Saturday, October 22, Johnny

Everyone went home to go to sleep. At Johnny’s house, he waited in his bed for Walter-Rat. At a point early in the morning, he was awakened by the sound of Angus’s trap clapping shut. Johnny assumed Walter-Rat had been caught, and had a long conversation with him, during which Johnny agreed that he “wanted ten toes, but he didn’t want to be turned into a rat.” Walter stated that he wanted to become human again, and asked Johnny to help him – asking him what he would need. Johnny intended to cut off a piece of Walter’s tail, but then after some discussion agreed to Walter’s alternative plan: “I’ll give you my toe, and you’ll turn me back into a human.” Afterwards, Walter sprung from his hiding place in the shadow jumping onto the trap and out of the window. Walter did not leave his toe behind.

Mary and Annie awoke and tried to find some acid. The hospital seemed the most natural location. Orkliff wasn’t there, so they spoke with Betty. She was in a horrible state, extremely agitated and frantic; and her snuff jar of cocaine was obviously empty. They placed an order with her for chemicals from out of town, which Betty said should arrive on the next shipment – Fri Oct 28. After Mary shared the rest of her cocaine with Betty, she settled down a bit and said she would try to place a rush order so that it might arrive on Wed Oct 26. Mary and Annie then headed to the Raven’s Head tavern.

Douglas went to the library and actually found geographical maps. He studied them and found several areas where he thinks there could be caves. It will take approximately three full days of searching to discover all caves to the North of Portchester.

Johnny and Angus went back to the Curiosity Shoppe, buying several potions and a couple other oddities: cat tail, monkey paw, and Cthulhu statuette. Shortly after returning to the Tavern, Johnny’s foot/toe began itching horribly. Upon investigation, he saw that his big toe had grown back – as a rat toe (Walter’s toe).

Douglas conceived of a plan to gather citizens (especially ones with young girls) into churches on Sunday evening. He and Annie delivered a speech to acting-Sergeant Edward for him to deliver. Angus went out to organize the militia groups to help coordinate the effort.

Mary and Johnny tried to gather permission from the various churches, but when they walked past Lafayette street, they were ambushed by Buzzkill (the darkness-bug-controlling-light/fire-damping monster). The ran back to the Tavern just barely ahead of the flying mass of insects, and made it inside without injury.

Terrified by the prospect of Buzzkill wandering the streets, everyone slept in the common room. Later that night, Johnny was awakened by Walter-Rat: “I’m back, Johnny. What did you want?” After some discussion (and several attempts by Walter to trick Johnny some more), Walter shared the following information:

  • I don’t know where the cave is. The others don’t trust me. They say I’m still too human.
  • I didn’t want to be a rat. They did this to me, at the cabin.
  • They’re all at Henry’s cabin. Joe (Catcher) told me how to find it. Clinton (Reever) told me how to find Joe.
  • If you find Henry’s cabin, you can ask them where the cave is. They might trust you.
We could definitely really use more acid

End of Session ToDo List

  • Need more acid/acid balls, where did Diggen get his?
  • Patrol more tonight?
  • Dispose of brain/eyes
  • Get surveyer’s map from library (for Douglas)
  • Viccar’s groundskeeper (William Sullivan?) more stories about the doll
  • Walter-Rat visit?
  • Curiosity shop? (Destroy other doll stuff)


Annie, having recovered from the expedition with Mary and Douglas, settled into the Raven’s Head Tavern and examined the Beetle-Stone. At some point a midst her lonely introspection, Edward found her and explained the progress that the cops had made.

Crime Scene at Fairfield Asylum

  • They followed three sets of barefoot tracks from the asylum. One set split off. The other two led to a small clearing in the woods where they found a male body, who was naked from the waist down and had had his throat ripped out.
  • They believe the body to be Jack Spinkle.
  • List of Escapees:
    • Ellen Deepton – paranoid schizophrenic (cultist leader?), dead
    • Isabelle Timeboon – pyromaniac, whereabouts unknown
    • Cindy Gryphon – high-risk nymphomaniac, whereabouts unknown
    • Jack Spinkle – bi-polar kleptomaniac, dead
    • Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher, whereabouts unknown

Clues from Taylor’s Pawn and Gifts

  • The owner was a nasty, dirty, ill-tempered man.
  • He mentioned a woman who’s son was found murdered on the docks earlier this month.
  • He is fed up with Fairfield police, not doing anything about problems in Portchester.
  • Pawn ticket was for a silver pocket watch, engraved with the initials WTL (Walter Timothy Lightbrother).

After the bar incident… Friday October 20th, 12:30 am

The coach dropped the party off at Princess/Damsel Dr. & Main St. They wandered to the North, along Damsel Drive, and then into the alley ways heading toward Knight St.

After a small scare from an alley cat, the gang heard a soft, melodious song. They followed the noise and found a Shaggai Shan perched on a 2nd story window. Johnny just opened fire on the thing, shattering the window. Mary tried hitting the thing with green-spheres-of-demon-banishing, but she missed twice.

Johnny was put into a trance, thinking he had to clean the Raven’s Head. He was taken out of commission. When the residents of the house came into their child’s room, they started making a commotion. When they made a commotion, Angus grabbed Johnny and fled. Mary and Annie went inside to make sure the child was okay, and to talk down the parents. Douglas ran to “catch the vandals”, he ended up with the boys.

When Angus shook Johnny out of his stupor, and Douglas had scolded him for firing his weapon at a house, the shrunken head started talking to Angus. “College Row, Damsel Drive. Climb the Ivy, 35. There she lies, there she dies.”

Douglas went and got Mary and Annie. They ran out to Damsel Drive, and up to College Row. They quickly caught up to Johnny and Angus.

They found address 35 on College Row, and there was an ivy-covered wall nearby. The boys began trying to climb the ivy-covered trellis. Johnny tried to jump to grab the window ledge of the open window and fell. Angus tried to swing over to the window ledge and fell. Douglas climbed all the way onto the roof.

Annie and Mary began pounding on the door, until the boys fell. Then Mary went to make sure they didn’t break anything.

Douglas lowered himself into the room. He saw a scene that horrified him. A little girl was in her bed with the tail of a Shaggai Shan sticking out of her abdomen. He heard a splurtch, and the Shaggai turned writhed out of the stomach wound, holding something.

The man answered the door, and Annie and Mary rushed into the house. Angus and Johnny stayed in the street, guns leveled at the window. If anything non-human comes through the window, they’d shoot it.

Annie burst into the room, just as Douglas slammed the window shut shouting “We’re too late!” Annie, Mary, and the girl’s father saw the carnage. The father fell unconscious in the doorway.

The Shaggai tried to escape through the closed window, but thwacked into it. Just afterward, the corner of the window shattered open and the shrunken head doll jumped into the room, alarming everyone.

Annie passed a yellow-gas ornament to Mary, who nailed the Shaggai with it. The Shaggai started screeching and writhing around. It dropped the brain with a sickening squish. The acid ate quickly and relentlessly through the thing.

Mary tried to save what parts she could of the Shaggai, while Annie secured the scene. Angus burst in and found the tiny doll digging at the girl’s eyes. He tried to pry it off of her, to no avail. Annie also failed to knock the doll away.

The girl’s mother came into the room, and one glimpse of the grizzly scene sent her into a panicked, hysteric, state. Sometimes you step over the unconscious body of your husband to see a doll digging out your daughter’s eyes, a doctor recklessly dissecting a giant cockroach, and a bloody trail leading from your child’s bed to where her brain ended up. This unsettles the mother.

Douglas went to try and calm her down. Johnny went to the kitchen to make tea and maybe a stiffer cocktail.

Angus talked the doll into being slightly calmer. Annie picked up the corpse of the girl. The doll was upset by this, and began climbing up Annie’s leg. As the doll clawed its way up Annie’s leg, Annie dropped the corpse and started swatting at the doll. Angus took the opportunity to jump down and start digging at the eyes of the girl.

Annie batted the doll away, and Mary pulled a gun on Angus. They broke into a discussion in which Mary tried to convince Angus that you don’t pull out the eyes of the dead, and Angus tried to convince Mary that giving the doll the eyes of the girl will be a major success. Annie tried to carry the girl away again.

When she picked it up, she felt the head lolling around, and heard sounds of effort coming from inside. She immediately realized that the doll was inside the head. She reached up the stomach, through the throat, and into the skull, and she grabbed the doll by a leg and tugged it out of the brain cavity. There was a sick sucking noise, and Annie ripped the doll out of the body, but the doll had a firm hold on the eye roots. The eyes squished down and the doll came free, tugging a long rope of nerves, veins, and arteries that ended in mushed disgusting jelly. Annie and the doll struggled against each other for several moments. The doll slashed at Annie while Annie fought to get the eyes away from it. Angus jumped in and wrestled the doll from Annie, but in the same moment Annie snatched the eyes from the doll and fled the room.

The doll was upset and declared that it would take revenge on Angus once it had gotten its own eyes, saying: “I know that you tried. But you failed, so you lied. I will be back to deal with you. After I find my own eyes.”

Meanwhile, the woman was hysterically pleading, “Frau Trude! She’s real and she killed my baby!” She brought out a book Frau Trude An Examination of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Local Folk Lore – by H. C. Anderson

Prequel: Angus whipped his junk out and put it on the table.

Thursday, October 20th, 5:00 pm

Mary, Douglas, Annie

Mary collected Douglas and drugged him with calming medicine. They went back together and found Annie. Annie had a new book, and she was studying her yellow-stone-set-into-a-black-setting-with-small-carvings-of-bugs-and-beetles. Silently, Mary lead the two gobsmacked explorers back to the Raven’s Head Tavern.

Angus and Johnny

Angus and Johnny were in the Tavern when Harold walked in. Angus spoke to him, and he seemed intent on talking to Mary. Angus invited Harold over to sit and wait for Mary. Along the way, Harold had a bit of an episode and tried to kill another patron (Gerald). Johnny intervened giving Harold enough time to recognize Gerald as a friend, and the four went to a table to chat and enjoy some soup.

6:00 pm

Mary, Douglas, and Annie arrived at the Tavern. Harold immediately spotted Mary and went to her. He told her how he had seen a man turn into a swarm of bugs and chase him on the 11th. And he told her about how he saw the Shaggai Shan on the 9th (near Barker’s Bread). And he told her about seeing Peter. He also mentioned the girl seven years ago, that both he and Mr. Ferell saw. “They’re taking the brains. I know that now, but I don’t know why.”
He also mentioned seeing additional monster while growing up:

  • Shadow Creatures that live in Portchester (Saw when 5 or 6)
  • Dog-faced flesh eaters. Sheep hooves. Dog faces. Dig up bodies and eat them. (10 or 12 years old)
  • Younger brother had a black evil hag sit on his chest at night. A nice old lady brought Harold to a black woman. She gave him an amulet to give to his brother to keep him safe (happened when he was 5 or 6). Now he sees the hag in the shadows in corners and under beds. At one point, he pointed hysterically at a corner and shouted that the hag was there. Mary saw something hunched over and creepy, but it was gone in an instant.

Harold was very concerned because he has no place to stay, and no job. Mary told him they would work something out, and headed back to the others.

Meanwhile, Douglas was taking a hot bath to clean himself and his clothing from the insects.


Mary, Harold, and Angus returned to the table and began discussing plans. Douglas returned, and joined them. Angus tried to sell his German Grimm’s Fairy Tales books to Douglas, who said he would have to look them over first to see if they were worth it. Harold and Gerald went to the bar to chat by themselves.

Angus planned to stay at the Tavern to handle the extortionist, and the others were planning to possibly start patrolling Stamford. Since he would be far from Stamford, and knowing that the Shrunken Head doll would announce the next murder, he tried to convince it to go with one of the others.
Head: “But you agreed to help me. How can you help me if I’m not with you. You agreed to give me her eyes.”
Angus: “Can it be any eyes? Why does it have to be that girls eyes”.
Head: “Why would you take someone else’s eyes? Why would you hurt someone else? I asked for her eyes because she’ll be dead, so she won’t need them anymore.”
Angus: “But where will she be murdered?”
Head: “I don’t know, I can’t tell. There’s many of them, and one has to succeed. Only then will I know. And when I know, I’ll tell you where she is.”
Angus: “But you could tell them. And they could give you the eyes. Mary is much better skilled at such a thing.”
Head: “I can’t talk to them. They can’t hear me. It has to be you. You gave me my body, now you must give me her eyes. Then I will be complete, and then I will be able to help so much more!

Angus proceeded to tell the others there was no sense in patrolling Stamford because they won’t be able to save the girl. He also told them what the Head had said about there being “many of them”.

Mary was appalled, saying that they have to try. “You say there are many monsters, hunting and killing young girls. And we should do nothing? We can’t just let those monsters kill little girls. We have to try to save them!”

When Angus continued to try to persuade them otherwise, he was suddenly bitten hard by Shrunken Head doll, who told him: “You have to try to save her. And when you fail, you have to give me her eyes.”

What the others saw was Angus stop talking mid-sentence, exclaim in pain grabbin his chest, look down, and then simply saying: “Okay.”

They finally decided they should all wait together at the Tavern, and then all ride together in a carriage to Stamford after the extortionist had been dealt with.


Angus offered Harold his place to stay, and took him there to help him settle in. Johnny talked to Sherman and got him hired as a handyman at the Tavern. Mary took a nap, as did Angus when he returned. Johnny went home to get bird-shot for the rifle, and some other gear. Annie studied her new book and the yellow stone. Douglas read the books that Angus had purchased from the curiosity shop.

At one point, Edward came in and took Annie off to the side to discuss important matters.


A big burly guy started accusing Douglas of stirring up trouble in the town. He got angry and aggressive, at which point 4 other men in the tavern stood up: “Do you know who you’re messin’ with?! That’s Douglas. You best leave him alone.” Unimpressed and angry, the man took a swing, clocking Douglas (4hp damage). The four men rushed him in Douglas’ defense, landing a couple blows. Douglas stood up and returned the favor by knocking the man out cold. Angus started a cheer, and before too long the whole bar was rowdy with support for Lincaster.

Johnny returned to the tavern just in time to help service the additional business from the impromptu party that had started in the tavern. After an hour of merriment, Angus bought the clipboard from his dubious contact and destroyed the papers in the Tavern fireplace.

Johnny told Sherman he had to be leaving, and was paid $40 for helping out.

You Caught my Boner

Thursday October 20th, 1:00 am

Mary had fled the scene, she went home to sleep the horror away. (Asleep at 2am)

Police arrived at the scene of Stromberg’s home and took a statement from the witnesses.

Douglas and Annie had crazy dreams. The yellow-robed-tentacle-god offered them powers and rewards to finish off the last follower who “claims he follows me, and yet denies me to others.” Annie feigned ignorance. Douglas agreed.

Thursday October 20th, 10:00 am

Mary woke up (+8 hours rest) to a messenger knocking and brought her to the police station. She learned that they had not been taking good care of the captured cultist. Upon inspecting him, he was pale and muttering “Gotta put him away. Gotta get to the home. Ellen. Gotta finish. Take me back, gotta put him away.”

Elsewhere, Douglas awoke (+5 hours rest). He meant to head to the tailor, but wandered instead to the police station. “Oh, I guess I meant to come see my friend” he says after a short conversation with the receptionist.

He was barely in the room for a minute when he began to strangle the cultist. Mary was not able to stop him from choking the life away from the cultist; Douglas was too strong and too strongly willed. When the cultist was dead, Douglas was confused, realizing what he had done.

Annie, 11:00 am

Annie was awakened by a knock at her door (+6 hours rest). It was Kieth. “We need you to come look at Rick’s house. Somebody ransacked the place. We were supposed to get something, but the place was torn apart. He had the clipboard with asylum visitors.”

Rick lives at 23c Arbuckle, Annie headed there with Kieth. Along the way, Annie picked up a newspaper.

Douglas and Mary

Scott detained Douglas, and asked that Mary be near when he brought someone to speak with Douglas. He was sending for Jim Darknun.


Annie and Kieth arrived at the scene of Rick’s trashed apartment. There, she discovered a bloody labcoat partially burned in the fireplace. So, she set out to find Edward, to share this new piece of evidence.

Johnny and Angus

Johnny and Angus woke around 12:00 pm (+7 hours rest). They went to talk to Sherman about the ritual they had discovered. Unfortunately, Sherman said Walter had visited and offered to fix Sherman’s finger. By agreeing, Sherman may have doomed himself to turn into a rat.

Douglas and Mary

Jim Darknun showed up to the police station. He interrogated Douglas a while.

Douglas, Annie, and Mary

Annie showed up while Jim and Mary were speaking about Douglas, and she showed Jim the bloody smock. He discovered in the pocket a tag from Taylor’s Pawn and gifts, #3123. As the two of them discussed the finer points of who should investigate, a boy delivered another letter to Douglas.

Johnny and Angus

Johnny and Angus headed back to Johnny’s place, where Angus spent an hour devising a trap for Walter rat. Angus wanted to visit Orkliff. The two of them went to the hospital to visit Sgt. Stromberg. Of course, he was in intensive care and not to be disturbed, so the two of them went to the Curiosity Shop.

The shop owner piqued their interest with a few cult-related books. Spells, elder gods, and more. They also bought some white beeswax candles, and Angus went on a shopping spree. He bought a couple of protective amulets, a shrunken headless body. Johnny spotted some spheres with liquid within it, said to banish monsters, demons and ghosts.

Douglas Annie and Mary

Along with Mary’s insight that Douglas was most likely “just acting out deep rooted anger from the scene he had witnessed the previous night”, and that “it is most likely a single episode brought on by the psychological trauma”, Annie convinced Edward to release Douglas. So the three of them warned the police that a murder was imminent tonight, and that it would probably be in Stamford, between Princess Drive and Cedar Oaks.

They left and went to 13 Lafayette (former residence of Ellen Deepton) to see what the cultist had been gibbering about. Mary waited outside while Douglas and Annie explored the house. They found tons of cultist paraphernalia, including some sort of protected circle with symbols of “summoning and consolidation” on one side and “separation and confinement” on the other. The circle contained 5 candles – burnt to the ground, and was surrounded by a circle of salt that had been broken in several areas by rat tracks.

In the corner of one room, they heard a deep buzzing sound, and a mass of cockroaches, beetles, hoppers, and flies erupted and slammed into Douglas. Then they retreated and slammed into Annie. Douglas and Annie tried to use a chant they had seen to banish the possessed bugs, but it didn’t seem to work. To get away from the bugs, they fled. During their flight, they were magically compelled to panic.

Mary witnessed the two of them burst from the house and split up and flee.

Angus and Johnny

Angus and Johnny left the Curiosity Shop and went to Johnny’s house. Johnny went to work on checking number-ish clues against the map.

Angus went to another room and offered to unite his shrunken head with the shrunken body. When he combined the two, they grew together and started laughing. In surprise, Angus dropped it, and it started cackling and running blindly into things. “I can’t see, Angus. You want to see the Dark Lady again, don’t you. But I can’t see her – she saw to that. Give me eyes, Angus, give me eyes and I will be able to see her”

Angus was confused, and asked “who’s eyes”, to which the shrunken head replied: “You can’t stop it, but you may be able to stop the next one if you knew what the Dark Lady knows. Give me the young girl’s eyes. She won’t need them; she’ll be dead.”

Angus asked: “Who’s going to be killed? Where will she be killed?”
Shrunken head answered: “There are many possibilities. It is not set yet. But when the time comes, I’ll tell you… if you give me her eyes!”

  • Cultist wanted to “get back to the house and finish”
  • Cultist mentioned Ellen and Lafayette
  • Curiosity Shop is closing
  • Angus’s two spheres
  • Walter’s trap is set
  • Find Carl Sinster
  • Pawn Shop
  • Find maps to locate caves
  • Murder tonight
  • Throat-ripped-out murder victim
  • Lady with itchy skin screaming about flies and roaches

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