Angus and the Militia

Angus has been quite busy working with the six small militia groups that have formed. He spent an entire day gathering them all together in a single place, giving them information, and organizing some strategies.

Friday Oct 21, 2pm:

  1. Doctors: messengers have been sent to the hospital and all doctors. They are asked to set up triages at the various churches. Result: response was favorable, but not definite. They will wait for Sergeant Jackson’s speech to confirm what is needed.
  2. Knowledge of the Shaggai-Shan: He warned them of the horrible monster, and how it can erase memories with its entrancing singing. He explained that many of them go out together, searching for the appropriate victim. Result: Many were convinced, but not all.
  3. Earplugs: He searched for several earplugs, mostly made from beeswax procured from Portchester farmers. He explained that the earplugs will prevent the Shaggai-Shan’s songs from working. They should be used immediately upon encountering the creature, or at any indication that an encounter may take place. Result: no earplugs could be found.
  4. Organization: There are already three groups of six, previously formed to guard the streets at night. Angus has managed to muster up an additional three groups of six for Sunday. For daily patrols, each group will be split into three groups of two (for a total of eighteen groups of two). For night patrols, they will patrol as six groups of six. Result: 2 groups seemed to immediately catch on, grasping the concepts easily. 3 seemed to get it after many hours of training. 1 group just couldn’t seem to get it together.
  5. Leader: Each group of six will be assigned a “Leader”. The leader will use hand signals, and other methods to direct the group. Leaders will be chosen by Angus on the second day of training (those who don’t believe in the massive bugs will not be leaders, the most intelligent from the people who do believe shall be selected) Result: success.
  6. Battle Buddy: No one is to ever move alone, everyone gets a battle buddy. Each battle buddy must keep an eye on the other, periodically looking at one another. Result: success.
  7. Dogs: Anyone who owns a trained hunting or guard dog is required to bring them on a leash. Result: two groups have one member that owns an appropriately trained dog. One groups has three such dog owners.
  8. Hand Signals: Since militia will not be able to hear each other, they will need to communicate with hand signals. He taught two simple signals: “Stop”, and “You Investigate”. Most seemed to grasp these pretty quickly. He will hold a special “Strategy Training” session tomorrow to teach more hand signals, and some defensive/offensive formations. Result: 2 groups excelled. 1 group just couldn’t get it. The others need more training.

Saturday Oct 22, 3pm:
Angus utilized the 12 men from the 2 groups that excelled to aid in the training. As such, training was a success with all groups learning all tasks from yesterday and today.

  1. Horseshoe Formation: When encountering a potentially dangerous situation, militia will form a horseshoe with firearms at the front ends, and melee weapons at the back arch. This allows those with firearms a clear shot at any enemies, with rear protection provided by the melee defenders. If the enemy advances, the melee force can move forward to form a line while the firearms move out to fire from side-flanking positions.
  2. Additional Hand Signals:
    • Something/Bug is on the move (point in direction and follow movement with finger)
    • Bug spotted and unsuspecting (Tap shoulders three times)
    • Fire (Knife hand at target)
    • Meet back at the rally point that is the nearest church (Fist in air, preferably with weapon in said hand)

Strategy for Sunday Oct 23:


  1. During the day: patrol the streets in groups of two and escort civilians to the churches, as needed. When escorting people from their homes to the church asking if the homeowners have weapons is a must, and its advised that they bring as many as they can(please keep in mind this is 1892, more firearms existed then people in the US, even if they dont people should have axes and poker sticks for fires shovels and whatnot, I expect many people with weapons especially the richer they are)
  2. Late afternoon: canvas households. Offer to escort any stragglers to the church of their choice. Note the locations of any who refuse to leave their homes.
  3. Night: patrol around the churches in six groups of six (three in Fairfield and one in Stamford). This leaves two patrols to guard residents who refused to leave their homes. Those who are resting for the night from day shift will sleep in the churches with their weapons nearby.

1. In the event of spotting a bug (or potential bug), the unit should be commanded to “Stop” and then all members alerted of its location.

2. If it is decided to engage the target, all firearms should fire simultaneously and aim for the wings and mouth primarily to disable flight and singing.

3. After the beast is unable to sing or fly, it can be engaged by melee fighters (if present). The target should be to dismember the limbs. (NOTE: The creature does not need to be killed to be rendered harmless, and if Mary can pull a limb off of it with relative ease then shooting them off is easier.

[jm] – This is not necessarily true. You guys shot one with a gun and the bullet passed through it, leaving a hole, but otherwise not seeming to cause it much damage. Mary was cutting off limbs after the creature was dead and being dissolved by acid. The main body was melting away, and Mary was cutting off legs before the acid-melt reached them to destroy them too. However, the booklet you guys received said that the chrysalis was only damaged by acid, but said nothing about the creature itself only being harmed by acid. So, maybe your idea is correct — you’ll just have to wait to see.
4. After target is no longer mobile it is to be put in the center of the streets and set on fire, move on to primary objective.
[jm] – again, are you sure it will be harmed by fire?
tb – Im not positive, however no one has ever tried as far as I know.
Here is how I figure this will go.

Groups will run into bugs
They will engage bugs

Bugs can live even after a ton of gun shots but the body is still able to be affected IE holes being created and parts being removed, and as for the weakening by acid I am somewhat confident that if that area was affected by acid it would have simply melted seeing that it has such a fast rate of being dissolved it technically can’t weaken but just destroy. Note this is just how I see it.

After the primary targets being destroyed IE wings and mouth it is now a ground game and the target must be rendered useless

For all intents and purposes the bugs are inanimate objects that are trying to kill us.
If a door was trying to kill me I would shoot its hinges off, if a car was trying to kill me I would aim for its engine or wheels, this is the same principle. Do I know its going to work? Hell no, for all I know a unknown force was making the car move, and if I shoot the engine its pointless. But I wager its better then doing nothing.

As for setting it on fire, its two fold, it might kill it and at the same time if someone is successful we will see it with the smoke, if we see smoke it means AT THE LEAST a bug has been rendered useless and thus we should roll for extra sanity points. I don’t expect to see it, or for you to allow us to get extra sanity, but if I am right then it was well worth the shot.

Also marry cut it off with a knife, even if it was weakened a bit of metal moving at twice the speed of sound should be more than capable of yielding the same results
[jm] – Actually, you’re correct about gaining back sanity. There is an actual rule for this. “When an investigator defeats [an unnatural entity that they have lost sanity to] … his or her confidence naturally increases. The game reflects that as an increase in Sanity points.” The points awarded are up to the GM, and should be based on the circumstances.
[al] – I sure hope you find time in the training for fire safety. Fire was extremely dangerous at this period in time. Often taking out the major of cities if it got out of control, since there wasn’t any building codes for preventing the spread of fires or much of any fire control equipment.

[tb] – Hence why its in the middle of the street rather then any old place. The streets of 1890s city’s seem wider then our streets. even if it was the same size the bugs are not much bigger then a tiny person meaning they wont make a large fire. But safety tips are always welcome I suppose.

Up for debate

1. Patrols at day will be 4 groups of two, they are available to escort people to the churches, as needed.

tb: I would like to talk to the group about this one, I feel like something I don’t know requires daytime patrol.
2. Send word to nearby groups of militias, other nearby police and military personnel to patrol the streets for a murderer, use the police influence to deem it as necessary "to catch a killer" declaring martial law. And bring hearing protection because it has been discovered he uses sonic based weapons.

3. Promises of having a lavish dinner with their with our rich and benevolent hero will be the reward and incentive for recruiting new people and great deeds in protecting our great city, also financial compensation.

[jm] – gack!


[jm] – the other items were moved to above sections.

When this is over I plan to rename the city into Duglin after our savior Douglas Lincaster, he is a inspiration to us all!

[jm] – now you’re going too far :)
[al] – I prefer either Linlin or Casterlin. Hehehe, I’m Douglas Lincaster of Casterlin, has a nice ring to it.
h3. Side quests
  • I wish to steal as much cash from the ravens head tavern, the owners are gone but we can use the wealth to help fight the bugs or something along with ear protection or hire people to fight so on and so forth.
[jm] – How do you plan to do this?
tb: I most likely have a key or something, if not whenever I enter into the bar just go wherever the cash register is and take it all.
[jm] – Why rob Raven’s Head Tavern? Shouldn’t you have loyalty to that place? If you’re going to rob someplace, why not some other shop?
tb- asking a self serving thief who talks to shrunken heads and thinks that the world is in danger let alone the city to be loyal to a bar is pointless. if we all die we died to save humanity and we did not have proper equipment that could have helped we would feel regret, if we died and I did steal then we gave it all we got. Also the risk involved in robbing some other place is much higher, the owner is still around, the police force is still active the best option is to hit someplace that has no one to report me and should have tons of cash directly because of me anyway. He would think of this as a “Save the world tax”/“I am always making the right rolls” besides, if I feel like it I can pay him back afterwards with the vast wealth I will obtain by opening a private military contractor or writing a book about Douglass, I might even be a politician after this!
  • I wish to ask the Asian lady and her guards to join the fight, or help us in some way. -
[jm] – you would need to find her.
tb: Is she no longer at the inn?
[jm] – I don’t know. I think you’ve been busy, haven’t you? Perhaps you plan to go back to the Tavern Saturday night after the second training? If so, this would be the time for you to rob it, as well, if you still plan to do this.
tb – Probably the wealth will be split 50/50 for doctors supply’s and militant supply.
  • I also wish to obtain one anti ghost orb thing we have -
[jm] – how do you plan to do this? Who has them? How will you get it if you’re busy doing all these other things. In fact, I don’t see how you can possibly get all this done in a day and a half, as is.
tb: I annie most likely has them, or Mary, I would simply ask whenever I run into them
[jm] – As for declaring martial law, the police would never agree to this. They are doing everything in their power to maintain peace and calm the public. Martial law would cause immediate panic. Also, the police are already patrolling and doing their jobs appropriately, although their forces are very thin right now.
tb: would the police rather have peace or death? They know something FISHY is going on and they have no control over it, also this is 1892, declaring martial law is far less hectic than nowadays, the populace might not even know about it, but the main point is that military leadership is needed here to govern and protect us.
[jm] – I see your point. But let’s stay focused. The plan is to put together protection for Sunday night. I know you’re thinking ahead, but big changes require small steps where societies are involved.
tb – fine

Angus and the Militia

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