Asylum Murder Clues

The night Orderly Rick Maldrich reported the incident at the Fairfield Police Department at roughly 12:30am.

Rick’s Statement:

My shift was ending soon, so (as usual) I was about to review my notes with Frank. But as I approached the outer door, I heard a commotion. I unlocked the door and threw it open to find Frank struggling against 3 assailants wearing long yellow robes. Frank was fending them off, until one struck him in the back of the head with the butt of a pistol. Frank fell to the ground, and one continued to strike his head with the pistol. Fearing only for Frank’s life, I rushed into the room, but was tripped by 2 others that were hiding behind the door. I felt something strike me in the back of the head, and must have passed out. When I came to it was hours later – almost midnight – and Frank lay dead on the ground in a pool of blood. The Asylum door was open, and the keys were lying on the hallway floor. Rushing inside, I quickly noticed one of the cells had been opened, and the inmate was gone. This is when I ran to the police station to report the incident.

I recall seeing the intruders’ faces clearly, but can’t remember any details right now; I may have a concussion. There were 5 assailants in total, all wearing long yellow robes. The 2 that tripped me were women, and for some reason I think that one of the men was a person of some importance.

I also recall seeing an unopened can of yellow paint and a paint brush on the ground.

Released Inmates
Orderly Peter Graystone performed a visual check for all inmates listed in the “Catalog of Inmate Internment and Release” records. He found the following inmates missing (and cell doors open):

  1. Ellen Deepton – paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of a “Gold Crowned King” that will destroy the world
  2. Isabelle Timeboon – pyromaniac
  3. Cindy Gryphon – incurable and high-risk nymphomaniac
  4. Jack Spinkle – bi-polar kleptomaniac
  5. Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher

Crime Scene Clues

  1. Frank Lowbron’s body shows bruising about the neck and a broken neck. Also, the skull was caved in by a small roughly 2″×3″ object.
  2. Medical investigation indicates Frank was dead prior to the skull injuries.
  3. Frank is missing his flask of whiskey.
  4. Rick has a large welt on the center forehead, but no trauma to the back of the head as he claims.
  5. Rick is wearing a clean, newly washed coat.
  6. Bloody smudges on the locked top left drawer. Inside is the gun, with bloody handle.
  7. The visitation clipboard is missing.
  8. Records Room contains patient folders. All seem in order, except Ellen Deepton’s contains a Patient Transfer form dated Oct 1, to Bridgeport Medical – although the patient record in the “Catalog of Inmate Internment and Release” on Lowbron’s desk shows no such transfer took place. Transfer papers are suspect: Receiving Orderly signature is illegible with no printed version, and Receiving Doctor is blank.
  9. In the Orderly’s room, little seems to be out of order other than the normal mess:
    • The large iron ring of keys is hanging on the hook inside the closed cabinet
    • The patient log with names and room numbers.
    • However, the work schedule notepad is missing.

Asylum Murder Clues

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