Cabin in the Woods

While searching through the woods, the investigators will run across a white picket fence, with a small closed gate. Beyond the gate is a pathway that leads between a lush lawn of beautiful green grass. The pathway leads to a small cabin with three steps that lead up to the front porch. On the left side of the porch is a fine rocking chair. On the far right side is a large oak barrel with a pewter ladle and cup. On the side of the barrel is a small sign that reads: “Feel free to take a cup of water, if you’re thirsty.” The door to the cabin is closed and locked, but beside it is a small wooden chest that contains the following items:

1. Small pink rag doll with golden braids

2. Wooden toy truck

3. Metal flask, full of whiskey

4. Two bundles of one dollar bills ($50 each)

Behind the cottage is a small garden, with a round, stone well in the center.

Many root vegetables are weathering over, and brussels sprouts remain on the stalks. A few winter squashes lay hardening. Remnants of peas and green bean vines hang wilted on trellises.

A large barrel of rain water sits next to a back door with a small window beside it.

The cottage is a simple, two rooms. The kitchen is a small nook that connects directly to the living area separated only by a small metal furnace with stove top. The kitchen contains two counters, cook ware, eating utensils and knives. A cabinet holds jars of food, sacks of dried foods, and hanging dried/drying herbs.

On one of the counters are three bowls of porridge. If tasted, one is too hot, one is too cold, but one is just right. If eaten, POW vs 20 or get sleepy and head to the bedroom for a nap (sleep for 1d3 hours).

The living area contains a rocking chair next to a fireplace, and a small table and chair in the corner. A door connects the living room to a small bedroom.

The bedroom contains a simple straw mat, some folded clothes, and a small metal mirror hung on the wall. It is decorated cheaply with dried flowers hung on the walls, and fresh flowers in vases. A small lantern sits on a tiny table next to the bed.

Cabin in the Woods

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