Church of the Redeemer

This Protestant church is located several block East and a little North of Our Lady of the Angels, and is favored by the Irish and German sub-community. Although from the outside the stonework appears to be in dangerous disrepair, the structure is actually still quite sound. The doors are open 24 hours a day, and there is always a minister or religious leader present. There are rumors of hidden passageways and chambers beneath the building, but the constant occupation by ministers and congregation prevent any from investigating.


Game Play Information

A tall doorway is on the West wall, visible as you come up the road. The building is surrounded on three sides by woods, with a couple large trees close to the back right corner of the building. The exterior stone work is very old, as is apparent from the tremendous amount of weathering. However, the mortar and stones themselves are quite solid. The front door is a brightly painted yellow double-door with reinforced iron framework.

The church itself is nothing fancy; plain, but clean and functional: wooden benches, a simple lectern, tall pole pillars that rise to support the lofted ceiling; all carved from rich cherry wood.



The caretaker, William Sullivan, is a very old man with long, full, white beard and a balding head. He has kind eyes, that can become piercing when he is trying to “read” someone. He mostly putters about, picking at the surrounding landscape and doing minor cleaning and organizing tasks.

Investigators will meet him first, out in the fields on hands and knees searching for “four-leafed clovers”. He will have a small basket with other various herbs (Lamb’ Quarters, Wild Mint, Sage, and Aconite (Wolfsbane). He is distant and cautious, but will take investigators to the Vicar if asked.
He believes in all the German, and most of the Irish myths, but will be reticent to speak of them.



The building and services are managed by Vicar Nigel O’Reilly. He is a jolly fellow with short curly dark hair, bright squinty eyes, and a rough beard and mustache. He smells of wine, mead, beer, or whatever the chosen drink of the day is; but he is never drunk and always quick witted. He is extremely friendly, and will offer whatever aid and information he can.
He knows all the Irish and German myths, but does not put any credence into them – although he knows that the groundskeeper definitely does.


Church of the Redeemer

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