Douglas Lincaster - ToDoList

Things to do:

  • See tailor- New business suit for Douglas and Annie, filing for fighting styles.
  • See banker – Get ahold of as much capital as possible, using cash on hand and credit.
  • See attorney – May Be legal assistant Drew? I liked him. Setup account to buy up properties as aggressively as possible with all available monies. There should be many properties hitting the market very cheaply. Seek maximum profit for either renting or resell after things settle down.
  • Make will, and take out life insurance on self with Annie as primary beneficiary and Mary as secondary.
  • Buy books from Angus, they’ve been very informative and helpful.
  • Learn more magic from the Servant of Hastur
  • Setup office space for Detective agency

Maybe a future?

  • Propose to Annie Does she want to make it official or just keep pretending so she can use my family name?
  • See jeweler – Wedding set, reasonably priced.


  • See printer – Business cards “Adler and Lincaster Consulting and Detective Agency”
  • See librarian – Check out Brothers of the Yellow Sign and The King in Yellow and look for surveyors maps of forest near Port Chester, where Carl described.

Douglas Lincaster - ToDoList

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