Dr Orkliff

Doctor Orkliff is well dressed in bright white lab coat, dress slacks, and leather shoes. He is quite striking, with perfect hair and grooming, piercing brown eyes, and a physique that is solid, yet thin. He is cordial, but somewhat distant

He can be helpful, if persuaded nicely. He and Mr. Kier (of Staab and Kier Mortuary) had a bit of a falling out. And there is a certain package the Mr. Kier refuses to deliver to him. The shipment was much heavier than anticipated, so shipping costs were much greater than anticipated. “But that is Mr. Kier’s problem. I will not pay more than what was agreed ($50 – not $72)”

He will give them the copies if they agree to retrieve the package for him. It is a 3′×2′×2′ high shipping crate, and should have a shipping label from “Romania”. It is most likely in the storage shed. He will caution them that they should not open it, or disturb the contents in any way.

Dr Orkliff abhors churches as places he “cannot bear to enter, as they offend me greatly!” He is also very proud of his current situation and contribution to society, stating: "I have tried to live a respectable and responsible life here in Fairfield. But I fear that certain personal ‘flaws’ may become the attention of fearful and uneducated persons. I would hate to have to move elsewhere to start over. It may cause me to have to do things that I greatly want to avoid.”

Dr Orkliff

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