Ellen Deepton's Home

Located at 13 Lafayette Place, North of Pearl St. The house here are tightly packed, yet 5’ of space between them. The neighborhood seems unusually quiet.

The Deepton home looks quite normal from the outside, the front and side window to the living room covered by a thin drapery. However, the back windows are covered by thick black drapes. Inside the Deepton home, this living room also seems staged. There are two doors that exit the living room – one enters the kitchen area, and the other enters a bedroom.

The bedroom has no bed or dresser, but instead contains 12 straw-filled mattresses. Various remnants of food litter the floor: bread crumbs, roasted animal bones, dried fish skins, rotting apple cores, etc. Three oil lamps sit in corners of the rooms.

The kitchen is a complete filthy mess, complete with roaches, ants, and rats. Dirty dishes are piled up in the sink, covered with mold, and stinking horribly. Carcasses of previous meals (chickens and fish spines) lay rotting on the floor. Several loaves of molded bread lay about.

A highly visible and small trap door leads to an underground cellar. Upon opening it, the smell of burnt candles and incense will escape. Down the cellar steps, several large barrels of dried and sand-preserved food stores line the walls. Jars of canned good line the shelves on another wall. Rats scurry around the cellar, as well.

In the center of the room, a large Occult circle complete with symbols of “summoning and consolidation” on one side, and symbols of “separation and confinement” on the other, has been drawn on the floor. Surrounding the circle, on the inside, are 5 candles – all of which have burnt nearly to the ground and apparently extinguished themselves. In the center is a large oval yellow stone (6″ × 3″) on a black setting (7″ × 4″) with a black coleopterous beetle atop, surrounded by tiny etchings that look like beetles and flies. Surrounding the occult circle is a circle of salt – which, in several places, contains signs of rats having run through it to break the circle.

In addition to the circle, there are yellow painted writings on all the walls of occult symbols and the Yellow Sign. In one small corner, where there also happens to be a tremendous amount of dismembered small animals, are more symbols of summoning and a book: Revelations of Hali.

Ellen Deepton's Home

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