End of Game Epilogue

The investigators stopped the impending doom of all humanity. However, there were many things still left unresolved. This is how things wrapped up for the group.

Individual character prologues:
Angus’ Epilogue
Annie’s Epilogue
Douglas’ Epilogue
Johnny’s Epilogue
Mary’s Epilogue

What about Betty Rat-Thing at the cabin?
When the investigators returned to the cabin, Betty was very upset to see Johnny’s half-corpse. “He promised to take us home, keep us safe, and turn us back to human,” she cried. While Anny was unmoved, Mary disturbed and distracted, and Douglas was muttering to himself in a completely introverted state, Angus insisted that they make good on Johnny’s promise. The others seemed confused by Angus’ stance, but Angus was adamant that a promise was a promise, and they must see this as a “last wish” of Johnny’s and do everything they can to keep it. Douglas finally agreed to take the woman and her children to him home to keep them safe until he had settled his mind enough to perform the ritual to restore them.

Did the Shan murder any more children?
The following day, the investigators found that the militia walking the streets had done very well.

  • Two groups actually heard singing, put in their earplugs, and successfully scared off the bug from an intended target. They then entered the home in a military fashion, and forcibly escorted the family to the nearest church.
  • Unfortunately, one group was very distraught. They had been excited that they had killed a Shan, only to find that they had actually shot down an owl. There was a lot of confusion amongst the group because some insisted it was a bug creature, while it was clearly an owl to the others. It was a few minutes later, after seeing a Shan flying off with something in its hands, that they all realized they had been tricked. They had been instructed to put in their earplugs at the first signs of encountering the beasts; unfortunately, they did not realize they had encountered one and therefore did not put them in. They tracked down where the beast had flown away from, and found that a young girl had been murdered. Angry at the parents, they bound them and forcibly took them to the nearest church where they demanded that they be detained for “murder charges” – which traumatized the parents even further.
  • One group shot one of the creatures to death; they brought it back to show others in the church – this did not turn out to be as morale boosting as they had hoped, and instead caused a small panic. When Angus found out what had happened, he was very angry, and accosted them: “Why did you bring it back to the church?! You were told to burn it in the streets.” Their response was: “Well, we were real excited, and it was so cool looking. And besides, that damn Leeroy Jenkins kept saying it was all a bunch of Hooey – so we had to bring it back to show it to him.”

What happened to the sea beast in the cave?
The investigators returned to the cave a couple days later. Cautiously entering, they saw it was no longer lit from within. When they entered, they found a slightly chewed on brain laying on the floor, starting to rot. There was no signs of the portal, the altar of brains, or the sea beast (Bunyip).

What of the locket Anny stole from Frau Trude’s cabin? And Nightshade’s tail?
Interestingly, Anny was not awakened by the cat anymore. She had several peaceful and restful nights of sleep. Until, a week or so later, she did have a strange dream. In it, she was sitting at a small table, enjoying a cup of tea and eating a bowl of porridge. A short, old woman walked into the room, and sat down at the table across from her. She looked like a human version of Frau Trude; less wrinkled, less twisted.

“So, what you did was a very brave thing. You sacrificed yourself, and were almost killed. I have told Nightshade, she must leave you alone. It would not be right – and, she has time. She can go after her tail when you are gone and have passed it on to another.

I am sorry about your friend; but it was a good death. You would have all been dead, if it weren’t for him. … I know what you stole from me. It is very precious, but it is okay. You can keep it, for now. I still remember her; I can still see her in my mind, just a clear as the day I met her. Wonderful, pure-hearted child. I cherished her – it’s really too bad that your kind has to die. But I can see it now, even I will get to be loving and caring again. So, keep the locket. When the time is right, perhaps we can make a trade. You can return to me my locket, and I will return to you something similar that you love but have lost."

Curious, Anny opened the locket to reveal its contents. On the left is a hand-drawn and colored picture of a slightly younger and human Frau Trude with a hairpiece of yellow flowers. On the right is a pretty young girl with long, golden, curly locks and a blue head-band.

What about Walter, and Sherman, and Betty and her children?
After a few weeks, Douglas felt strong enough to attempt to cast the ritual. Since they needed a body, they convinced Mary to talk to Dr. Orkliff to obtain one. She really, really, did not want to do this. However, she eventually agreed, which led to a very interesting professional relationship (see Mary’s Epilogue).

Douglas cast the ritual, and Walter was restored. Interestingly, the human body used just remained dead and Walter returned as his old self looking exactly as he had before he had been transformed into a Rat-Thing. Several days later, Mary was able to obtain 4 more bodies, and Douglas cast the ritual again to restore Betty and her three young children.

While the others pleaded with Douglas to restore Sherman, he could not be sure which toe was his and was not willing to restore any random Rat-Thing. In addition, Mary made it clear that Dr. Orkliff was a little nervous that these missing bodies may cause “undo suspicion, which would not be acceptable”. Fortunately, a few nights later, Douglas was visited by Sherman who asked why he had not “fixed him” yet. Douglas explained that he could not be sure which toe was his. Sherman promptly bit off another toe and tossed it at him (causing a little more sanity loss) and insisted that he would go nowhere until Douglas restored him. True to his work, Douglas awoke to Sherman Rat-Thing sleeping on the pillow next to him, implored Mary to gain another body from Dr. Orkliff, and then promptly cast the ritual to restore Sherman as well.

What happened to Carl Sinster?
Thanks to modern medicine, Carl recovered in only a few short weeks. He walked with a limp now, but otherwise was quite healthy. He insisted on being taken back to the cave, but was warned against it since the rat-things would have surely returned. He remained living in his unknown Portchester residence, but visited the Raven’s Head often. One night, he made a strange comment to Angus – something about having to do something that’s probably not too bright, but just has to be done. “You can understand, can’t you Angus. I just need some closure.” Angus told him to wait, and that he would go with him if he would just wait a few minutes. Angus told Walter he needed the rest of the night off, but when he returned to the table, Carl was already gone. He never heard from him again.

What happened to Lady Shijo?
Lady Shijo seemed very pleased when the others returned, but still somewhat distant. Without any information from the others, she immediately said: “I’m sorry about your friend. He was a good soul. You all would have died, had it not been for his bravery and sacrifice.” She then left with her guards and dogs without saying another word, and was never seen again.

What happened to Miss Shulu (voodoo woman)
Having heard Frau Trude’s threats to “deal with that meddling young girl once and for all”, Angus headed to the voodoo woman’s house the very next day (Monday Oct 24). The front door seemed dirty and unkempt, and the hinges were rusted. There was no answer to even the loudest knocking; so, trying the door and finding it unlocked, he entered inside. The long hallway was covered in dust and dead flies, and opened into the familiar, small circular room. However, the drapes that hung on the wall were tattered and rotting, and the table was covered in a thick layer of dust. Seeing a small opening behind a tattered curtain, he ventured beyond to find a small bedroom. The bed’s wooden frame was rotted and collapsing, and the mattress was torn and stained, showing obvious signs of bug and vermin infestation. An old wooden dresser, also old and in disrepair, contained only a single garment: tucked to the far back of one of the smaller drawers, almost undetectable, was an ancient and tattered, young girl’s red hooded cloak.

What happened to Sergeant Stromburg and Edward Jackson?
Sergeant Stromburg was released from the hospital on Thurs Nov 3rd, and was able to give the opening speech to the Feast of Fish Festival at 9am Sat Nov 5th. He commended Johnny Ruines for his brave sacrifice; and Douglas and Anny (of Adler and Lincaster Investigations and Consultation) and most especially Edward Jackson for their superb investigatory skills and leadership during the crisis. He awarded Edward with both the honorary title of “Sergeant In-Stead” and promotion to “Chief Inspector”, which was met with rounding applause.

Edward gave a short speech where he stated that he could not have done it without the skillful help of Anny Adler and her associates, and their clever plan to secure all citizens within the churches. “We knew of the horrific beasts that were actually responsible for the horrible murders, but needed to keep the citizens of Fairfield safely protected while we hunted out their lair to exterminate them. All credit must be given to Anny and her associates for following the final leads, and eradicating the threat forever.” Regardless of his attempts to give all credit to the investigators, his speech was met with shouts of “Way to go Edward” from the public.

In addition, Sergeant Stromburg announced a full pardon for Carl Sinster, stating that he had been wrongfully convicted due to inaccurate evidence. This was met with much less positive response: a few soft hand claps, and several whispers of slight discontent.

Anything different at the Raven’s Head Tavern?
Before leaving, Lady Shijo’s ‘cook’ shared his recipes and ingredients with the Raven’s Head cook, Albert Pettigiff. Albert was able to incorporate the exotic new flavors and cooking techniques to create an American-Asian fusion style of cooking. He mixed various seafood and sours in new and unique ways, along with flash frying and spicy seasoning to create delicious stir-fried vegetables (typically not eaten by hard-working men, in lieu of good old stews, meats, and bread). The exotic and delicious flavors were a sensation, and Walter and Sherman branched out to open a very exclusive and lucrative restaurant in Stamford.

Betty approached Walter on Sunday November 27. After her husband had disappeared, she had made her living by selling sketches and other artworks. She handed Walter a painting she had done of Johnny: him sitting in a dignified pose upon a chair in an old dilapidated shack. “I’m sorry if the likeness is not very good. But I only saw him for a few moments, and it was through, well, my eyes were a bit clouded at the time. But I’m hoping you’ll accept it, and hang it in a place of dignity – he saved my life.” Walter didn’t really understand (having forgotten a lot), but didn’t ask any questions, and immediately hung it over the fireplace in the common room – quite visible from almost any location in the tavern. Although Johnny’s facial expression is kind but somehow slightly disturbing, the resemblance is remarkable.

Whatever happened to Trent and Bruce?
They are still around, and are still brutish ogres. They are no longer regulars at the Raven’s Head Tavern, but do come in occasionally. Inevitably, they cause a fight or some other disturbance and have to be kicked out. Most likely, this is what they do in every tavern; and most likely make the rounds from tavern to tavern as they are kicked out, only to come in again a few weeks later to repeat the cycle.

What happened to Harold?
Harold continued working at the Raven’s Head, although greatly affected by his insanity-induced alcohol abuse. After a few weeks, the newly restored Walter and Sherman convinced him to seek help. Unfortunately, there were no substance abuse programs available in Fairfield, or even Bridgeport for that matter. Feeling defeated and anxious, he confided in Mary. “Perhaps Dr. Orkliff could help you. He’s a hypnotist, you know.” She said she would talk to the Dr. about it first, and introduce them if he agreed to help. Harold first met with Dr. Orkliff on Thursday Nov 17th, and they agreed on twice a week 30 minute hypnosis sessions: Tuesday and Thursday evenings. After the second session Harold was much more stable, and by mid December was a sober teetotaler once again.

Was the library ever restored?
In lieu of the Sunday Oct 23 nightly vigil and the events of that evening, the restoration originally planned to begin on Oct 23 was delayed. It began a week later on Oct 30, but the work went much quicker than anticipated. Things went smoothly right from the start, without any of the typical small issues related to restoration projects (such as misplaced tools, unexpected additional damages, and work related accidents). As such, the work was completed as originally scheduled, and the New Fairfield Public Library opened with a large celebration and speech by Friedrich Lincaster on November 31st. Unfortunately, few residents attended the “Grand Re-Opening”.

Insistent that the new library be successful, and in an effort to protect his reputation after such an expense, Friedrich Lincaster worked with City Counsel members and the local schools to advocate a new focus on Reading and Literature. He proposed that Wednesday’s be considered “Library Day”, and children would be escorted to the library and allowed to browse the collection, read, and even check out books to be returned the following week. The proposal was not only well received by the other City Counsel members who had also voted for the library’s restoration, but by the students who were excited about having what they considered to be “a free day every week”.

The new Library Day was a success, resulting in almost immediate improvements in literacy and the children’s desire to read books. Most children preferred to read in the library because it was “so cool looking”, and that whenever they were having trouble finding something, “that really nice old woman always seemed to be there to help”. Since the oldest woman employed (Betsy Hubbard) was only in her late 30s, this became a popular joke with Parents and Teachers who started calling her “Old Betsy”, much to her displeasure.

End of Game Epilogue

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