Fairfield Asylum

The asylum is a large 3 story stone building with small barred windows and ivy that climbs the decaying stone walls. It sits atop a hill, surrounded by a heavy iron fence 30 yards distance from the building on all sides. The yard is ill-kept, with tall weeds growing in patches amidst tall, thin, sickly trees. A single narrow dirt road winds up the hillside to the gates, which hang unlocked and barely attached to the fence. The moon rises behind the asylum casting eerie shadows on the grounds. At night, screams and cries can often be heard, even from the base of the hill.


Game Play Information

The front door is open, slightly ajar. Just inside is a small 20′×20′ lobby area. Old, stained and torn couches sit on the far left and right walls. In the center is a simple desk with a chair in front and behind. On the wall behind the desk is a menacing metal braced door.

The man Frank Lowbron behind the desk is plump, bald, and red faced. He wears thin blue steel framed oval glasses, and smiles way too wide.


He also frequently pulls from a metal flask of whiskey tucked into his coat pocket. He wears an old tired suit, worn and fuzzy from daily wear.

The desk holds an inkwell and pen, a small lantern, many old food crumbs and smears, and playing cards in the middle of a game of solitaire. A clipboard hangs on a hook on the left side of the desk, and holds multiple Visitor Registration forms. The majority of “visitors” are listed as “John or Jane Doe”. Interestingly, there is an entry for Aug 1? 1892; a John Doe visiting Carl Sinster.

The drawers contain:

  • Top left drawer – Locked: key to Asylum door, the two book keeping rooms, and their cabinets. Also, gun, oil, cloth, and bullets.
  • Bottom left drawer: a large book; catalog of inmate internment and release dates.

Beyond the Main Door

When the door is opened, the air is very dry. Beyond is a long hallway, with two locked doors on either side that open to rooms visible through barred windows.

The room on the left contains book cases with old books and bundles of papers (lecture notes) wrapped in bulging folders. Books are a random mass of medical writings, including “Mental Disorder Classifications”. A small table and lamp is in a corner.

The opposite room contains large standing locked cabinets that hold patient folders, and blank forms:

  • Patient Medical Record
  • Patient Dental Record
  • Prescription Medication form
  • Doctors stationary with Asylum letter head
  • Certificate of Death
  • Patient Transfer form
    Each Patient folder contains a copy of all forms from the Entry room plus the Medical and Dental record, and some contain one or more of the other forms.

At the end of the hallway is another metal braced door. It is locked, and has a small 2" square window that opens via a sliding panel controlled from the other side. The man who opens the door, Rick Maldrich, is large and fat, and wears a filthy white doctors coat with what appears to be small dots of blood here and there. He has a full beard, also full of tiny bugs that he constantly scratches at. He is gruff and rude. He puts on a show of his authority, but acts as if he could care less about the patients.

To the right is a small 20′×20′ room where he spends the majority of his time. There are books of all types scattered about, including a couple drawn porno and one book with 12 vintage porno photos of plump, hairy, naked women. There is food filth all over, and several bottles that previously contained everything from water to whiskey at some point. A small cabinet with doors hangs on the wall. It contains food and drinks, bottles of oil, matches, a small knife, a patient log outlining names and room numbers, and a work history/detail log. A large set of skeleton keys on a large iron ring hangs from a hook on the side of the cabinet. A small table contains a stack of papers and charcoal. There is also a small stack of charcoal drawings: portraits, landscapes, and still life.

The hallway continues deeper into the Asylum, meeting many intersections and occasional stairwells, all lit by oil wall sconces. It is a maze, but Rick navigates it perfectly.

Fairfield Asylum

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