Fairfield Police Department

The Police Department is located almost 2 blocks East of the Public Library, strategically placed near the heart of Fairfield, and close to the majority of the population. A desk clerk is on duty 24 hours a day.



Game Play Information

Desk clerk is Scott Brighton. Older gentleman, with sallow face and prominent frown. Terse and stern. Thinks too highly of himself.


There are always two Constables in the room with him.
Constable: Jim Darknun – Tall and thin. Uppity and terse.


Constable: Keith Purnam – Young, brash, uses big words incorrectly.


Sergeant: Jeff Stromburg – pudgy older man, meticulously shaven. Stern and calculating, but acts nonchalant.


He took over as Sergeant about 7 years ago, when the previous Sergeant (Ben Diggen), was gruesomely murdered in his home.
“There were no clues to the murderer, and I don’t really know all of the details. The men that were working back then have all moved on – left town or quit. Except for Senior Constable Scott Wellbrooke – he got promoted and works at the Stamford Police Station now, lucky bastard.”

Fairfield Police Department

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