Fairfield Public Library

The public library is open 24 hours a day, and closed only on the following holidays:

  • Feb 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Feb 17 – Washington’s Birthday
  • Mar 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
  • varies – Orthodox Easter (Apr 13, 1890; May 3, 1891; Apr 17, 1892; Apr 9, 1893)
  • Jul 4 – Independence Day
  • Nov 1 – All Saints’ Day
  • Dec 24, 25 – Christmas

The building was constructed in 1709, and is the epitome of gothic architecture. The exterior is riddled with screaming gargoyle’s jutting out from the walls. The walkways are lined with tall
Pointed archways containing tall stone statues, that leads to double-wide iron-enforced doors. And the main entryway contains 20’ tall vaulted ceilings.





Game Play Information

The building contains one large 120′×120′ room, with two smaller 120′×60′ rooms on each side, accessible from an open doorway in the center of the walls. A stairwell on both the left and right corners of the large room lead up to the second floor, which overlooks the main room area from a balcony. The second floor spans the width of the large room, with a 30’ overhang supported by 4 exquisitely carved columns (ivy and tiny fairy-type creatures).

All walls are lined with tall bookshelves packed full with books of various sizes and ages. The interior space is filled with tables and chairs. Several oil lamp are scattered randomly amongst the tables. In the very center of the main room is a 20′×20′ service area, where sits an decrepit looking woman, Greta Lybrum. She is hard of hearing, and has poor eyesight, but will admonish those who speak up for being too loud.

The books are meticulously organized using Dewey Decimal; the following describes the location of books:
000 (General works) – second floor
100 (Philosophy and psychology) – left room
200 (Religion) – left room
300 (Social Sciences) – left room
400 (Language) – right room
500 (Pure Science) – right room
600 (Technology) – right room
700 (Arts & recreation) – main room
800 (Literature) – main room
900 (History & geography) – main room

An archive exists in an underground cellar area, accessible from a floor hatch within the service area. A rickety wooden stairwell leads down into the dry darkness. The archive is as large as the main room, its ceiling supported by 5 tall carved columns containing strange faces of all types and moods. Many of the faces appear to be in agonizing grimaces, while the majority are more neutral; none are smiling. The floor is covered with a 3" layer of sand to help keep moisture under control, and it is indeed very dry air in here.

The archive is a maze of tall, free standing bookshelves, and bookshelves lining the walls. A single table, with oil lamp and chair, sits near the stairwell. The archives hold many old books, some written in indiscernible languages.

If an investigator purposely searches the “Literature” section, a successful Library Use at -20% in combination with a successful Luck roll will reveal The King in Yellow. Likewise, an investigator wandering the archive and is unlucky enough will also stumble upon the book. The book is a thin 9″×9″ black leather bound book with a tarnished copper front cover plate. The book binding itself is black, as evidenced by the spine and back which prominently displays a strange symbol.



  • Opening the book to a random page will reveal the following passage:
Crouching behind the large, weathered boulder, he watched in terror as the figure glided across the landscape. Shrouded in golden robes, startling against the pale purple sky littered with tiny black stars, the figure turned to scan its surroundings. “Why did it stop? Could it see him?” This he could not tell, but his breath turned to ice at the thought, and he began to choke.

Reading the passage will induce an irrational panic which will subside after few minutes, leaving behind a strong curiosity about the book.

Fairfield Public Library

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