Old Henry's Shack

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Old Henry’s shack is buried in a deep wooded pocket just North of the North Dockway. It is deserted, and is claimed to be haunted.

When investigators find Old Henry’s shack, it is a shambles: roof caving in, door falling off the hinges. The shack is a single room, with a mattress in the corner, table and chair in the opposite corner, fireplace on the other side of the room, and cabinets on the wall near the fireplace. The other wall seems strangely bare, as if some large piece of furniture used to be there. There is also evidence of salt, black candle wax, and fresher blood on the floor in the middle of the room.

In another corner lies a large fishing net covering a large skeletal remains, and a rotting coil of rope lying haphazardly nearby. Close examination will reveal that the net has been torn open, and the rope has been severed roughly in three places. The net covers a pile of strange bones. Natural History skill will reveal the remains appear to be a large, seal-like beast with short legs and arms ending in long digits. The skull has an abnormally enlarged brain case (neurocranium). The bones appear to be 20 to 30 years old.

Close examination around the mattress will reveal sheets bundled between the mattress and the wall. The mattress itself is rotting and will fall apart easily. In searching around the mattress, the investigators will hear some soft squeaking coming from under an old, tattered blanket. Moving the blanket aside will reveal a Rat Thing mother nursing some young.


It is a woman and her three children from Portchester. Her husband disappeared 7 years ago, and showed up just a few weeks back as a Rat Thing. He tricked her into agreeing to her and her children becoming rats. She has stayed here, in fear of her children getting sick from cold if she leaves. The others come occasionally, having been here just a few nights ago (Fri Oct 21 11pm) performing some sort of ritual.

Old Henry's Shack

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