Other World Curiosities

The store is owned and operated by Mortisha Aadams. She is tall and thin, with long black hair and excessively dark eye makeup. She wears a long, tight fitting black dress that drags along the ground as she walks. Her speaks with a purposely “spooky” voice. She gives readings for $1 per 15 minutes.

It has a small store front, with window crowded by several hanging gris-gris, statuettes on the sill, and signs advertising Palm, Card, Crystal Ball, and Scalp readings. The door is fixed with several small bells that tingle loudly when it is opened. A strong scent of sage and lilac permeates the shop. They are threaded on black human hair. The store itself is deep, cluttered, and dusty. There is a payment counter at the back, with a curtain behind that blocks entrance to the back-areas where readings are done.

Inside are numerous oddities, from strange dolls, eerie carvings, strange paintings, old books, incense, candles, etc. There are also numerous herbs, and other magical ingredients such as ground toad bone, raven’s claws, powdered zombie dust, ghoul sweat, black cat hairs, and even holy water (blessed by a priest that was later killed by a demon).

Items purchased by Investigators on Thur Oct 20

  1. White Beeswax Candles (13)
  2. Book – Grimm’s Kinder-und Hausmarchen – Volumen ein, zwei, drei, 1819/1819/1822. Old pages, but in good shape (sold as children’s tales, but not for the weak of heart) – 213 tales in total, fully illustrated.
  3. Book – Ancient Old Ones and their Modern Day Servants, in English. Describes secret cults, and the evil gods they worship
  4. Book – Magie der alten Kulte (Magic of the Nameless Cults), in German. Study reveals insane and horrific descriptions and troubling scenes; the stuff of nightmares. It contains some history, religion, and reportedly spells.
  5. Book – Abridged version of Magic of the Nameless Cults, in English. The English version, translated from the German. Some say much was lost in translation, but others say that much was clarified from further research during the translation.
  6. Golden amulet with blood-dripping dagger. An amulet of protection, to keep the wearer safe.
  7. Small pewter decorated cross on thin chain – A protective necklace that appears to have blood dried in the crevices. “I’m not quite sure of the background on this item, but notice the embedded blood stains”
  8. Dark wooden case with 3 vials of greenish liquid with mystical markings on the glass – A magical liquid that will destroy any demon, monster, or ghost.
  9. Shrunken Head body – It is a large doll, with the most realistic shriveled hands, feet, and legs. It wears a tattered woman’s house coat – dingy white with small yellow and pink flowers. If disrobed, the body will be complete and disturbingly anatomically correct. “It was left here by a strange old woman that said: ‘the head doesn’t need it anymore, but the body needs a good home’, and ran off laughing.”
  10. Hourglass with wooden supports“said to slow time, when you need just a little more”
  11. Metal Wind Chimes – Angel blowing a horn on top, 7 bells in the shape of horns hanging down, with a serpent shaped striker in the middle. “It used to hang at Our Lady of the Angels, but kept falling down. The caretaker sold them to me about 3 years ago, just before Our Lady of the Sacred Heart was opened as a church. They are said to foretell bad tidings” hanging in Angus’ home.

Items purchased by Investigators on Fri Oct 21

  1. Shriveled Monkey Paw – with 2 3 fingers down. “It is a wishing device, with 3 wishes left.”
  2. Black cat’s tail – It seems unremarkable, but changes position when not watched. “Cut from the cat of the Black Witch Frau Trude – of told in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.”
  3. Clear liquid – gives the drinker *great courage and strength of will
  4. Red cloudy liquid – makes the drinker *impervious to fire for several minutes
  5. Milky white liquid with silvery specks – makes the drinker *invisible
  6. Thick, purple, molasses liquid. Said to make the drinker *invulnerable to any physical attack for several seconds.
  7. Clear liquid – makes the drinker *weak as a baby for several minutes
  8. Cloudy gray liquid – drinker has *great influence over the next person they speak to
  9. Clear yellow liquid – will *purify tainted or unclean liquids
  10. Thick black tar – will *deflect any spell onto another random target
  11. Clear green liquid – when added to another liquid, the drinker will be *suffocated to death
  12. Red tar – grants the drinker *3 wishes, but be cautious
  13. White gas with some visible liquid – when poured over an object, will *turn it to mist for a few several hours
  14. Black liquid – *poison, will kill the drinker in a matter of minutes, unless the antidote is given
  15. Tan milky liquid – causes the drinker to *see visions and have dreams.
  16. Small glass sphere filled with greenish gaseous substance – will banish any ghost or demon back to the underworld.
  17. Idol (of cthulhu) – gray stone, bat winged, long claws, horned head, tentacle-mouthed, sitting on a circular platform. Said to be able to summon one of the great old gods. The word ‘cthulhu’ is etched into the bottom.

Items not purchased by Investigators

  1. Porcelain doll, with reversible head – male/female, wearing plain clothes. Eerily reminiscent of the Dreams. “The doll is supposedly haunted, and causes nightmares.”
  2. Stack of 50 sheets of old parchment“said to have belonged to the late Charles Dickens – Tale of Two Cities, a Christmas Carol – and left behind in Hartford CT in Mar 1868 when he left for MASS, eventually returning to England in Apr”
  3. Long purple stole (vestment scarf) with catholic yellow rosary cross – contains several dark greenish stains. “Said to have been used by Bishop Henry Bascom, founder of Windsor CT just North of Hartford, to exercise a terrible demon from a young girl, just weeks after his consecration to Bishop, and coincidentally weeks before his death (1850).”
  4. Small gold gong with tiny mallet – used in meditation to summon protective angels.
  5. Blood stained towel – used by Martha Jane Cannary (aka Calamity Jane) to treat the sick an injured. (Gunslinger, dressed like a man, known for her skills in shooting, drinking and cursing.) She cured several men with small pox, and healed others who would have surely bled out without her help.
  6. Metal pincers (slightly rusted) – used by George Custer to interrogate the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians. Will cause even the strongest willed men to succumb

Other World Curiosities

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