Our Lady of the Angels

This old, established Orthodox Catholic church is located near the center of Fairfield. It was built in the early 1700’s, and has been meticulously cared for ever since. However, attendance and monetary support have been consistently dropping due to the popularity of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. As a consequence, the building and its grounds are starting to suffer. Once pristine with masterful landscaping, it is now “acceptable” at best.


Game Play Information

Entering the building will take them immediately into the worship room. It is a typical church setting with rows of wooden pews, statues of saints with brass jars of holy water along the walls, kneeling bench near the back wall with the pulpit behind it on a raised dais. A railing above the pulpit reveals the presence of the second story, which contains a large pipe organ that sits facing the back wall. The pipes are visible behind the organ, running from ceiling to some unknown depths beneath the floor.

Tall candelabras sit on both side walls near steps that lead up to the dais. From the dais, doors on both the right and left lead into the other portions of the building. A large tapestry on the back wall is old, and the colors are faded by the dust that covers it. It depicts a Garden of Eden scene, with the Tree of Knowledge in the center, snake wrapped about the trunk, Eve on the left reaching for an apple, and Adam on the right looking behind himself over his left shoulder. Interestingly, he is looking at an angel that is barely noticeable behind and between two bushes that appears to be smiling with the head slightly bowed, as if nodding reassuringly.

The priest, Anthony Lingard, is very old, but not decrepit. He is slightly hunched and walks slowly, but is otherwise healthy looking. He wears a long black robe with white lace trimming the waste line. A beautiful, copper-clad cross hangs on a gold chain about his neck. He has faith that the church will return to its former glory.


A young woman, Sister Juniper (Haslow) is a sweet looking young girl with perfect pale skin and average figure. She says little and listens closely.


William Smith – groundskeeper

William Smith is the groundskeeper. He is hunched over with scraggly, dirty hair, dry leathery skin, and cracked hands with dirty nails. He wears worn out work pants and a torn, dirty gray shirt.

He lives in a small shack far from the church, in back grounds area near the tree line at the far edge of the cemetery. In front of the shack is a modest vegetable garden. Behind the shack is an underground cellar; double oak doors, with a heavy iron chain and lock. If the doors are disturbed, a putrid stench will arise from within.

Down the cellar, along a far wall, are root vegetables, drinks, and dried meats in storage. On the other side of the room is a dining room table set with candelabras, a dingy table cloth, and old, dirty and chipped dishware and glasses. Two elderly couples, three adult couples, three young female and two male children corpses sit in chairs around the table, as if dining. The majority are dried out, and almost mummified. Others are mostly decayed and shriveled. But there is also an infant boy of about 4 years sitting in a wooden highchair (Gregory Tinder). He is pretty ripe: swollen in the belly and face, and maggots are crawling in and on his flesh.

Our Lady of the Angels

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