Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

This unorthodox and controversial Prognosticate Catholic church is located just 3 blocks South of Our Lady of the Angels. The old stone building had been abandoned for decades prior to the new church petitioning the city for its use roughly 3 years ago. Once overgrown and at risk of decay, it is now immaculately well kept, with beautiful new stained glass windows, internal and external fixtures, oak pews, and beautiful landscaping.




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The church interior is beautifully decorated with bright fresh rugs, polished and shiny cherry wood pews, beautiful paintings and tapestries, tall white statues, and beautiful red-fabric covered kneeling benches in front of a short communion counter. The pulpit is a dark polished oak with shiny gold cross embossment within a squared border. Two confessionals sit against the right wall. A long curtain behind the pulpit hides a broom closet on the left, and stairwell to the second floor to the right.


Two brothers and their 2 friends run the church. Two wear goatees, which have recently become popular with both the Irish and German communities.

Priest Brad Scouty: handsome young man, healthy build, short blond hair, glasses, and a small neatly trimmed goatee.
Priest Jeremy Feist: tall, young man, thin face and very straight short brown hair.
Seminary Russel Graystone: timid-looking young man, bald and thinly framed. Always has a 5 o’clock shadow.
Seminary Peter Guilley: jolly young man, bald, short and stocky. He sports a somewhat wider goatee.


They all live in the church, their rooms being on the second floor, and sometimes “entertain” ladies in the rooms. Investigators have encountered two girls, (Sister Margaret and Sister Ellie), wearing nothing but lingerie.



Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

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