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Common Knowledge

- The majority of the population is Catholic. The traditional church is Our Lady of the Angels, but roughly 3 years ago a new progressive church, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, has gained in popularity. As a result, the older church is losing followers and falling into disrepair.

- The Feast of Fish Festival is approaching, scheduled to begin on November 5th. This is a 7-year cyclical event prompted by the massive increases in seafood catches.

- Tourist flock to the city for this event, since it happens on such a rare cycle. Retailers and Hospitality companies double their yearly income in a matter of only a few weeks due to the event’s popularity.

- The festival is a two week event where seafood is practically free, but money is made on the sale of alcohol, vegetables, and lodging. There are also both free and paid entertainment. Essentially, the entire city is having a party 24 hours a day for two solid weeks.

Bartender – Joel

- Moved here from Ridgefield July 1891. Hired July 15th 1891.

- Mad Jack’s table.

- Walter went missing August 12th.

Bouncer – Tyller

- Moved here from New Haven in Dec 1891 to “get away”. Hired Jan 21, 1892.

- Mad Jack’s table.

- The owner, Sherman Lightbrother, has a brother named Walter. Walter was co-owner, but hasn’t been around for a month or so.

- Bruce Fist and Trent Crab are terrible troublemakers, always drinking too much and trying to start fights.

Nurse – Dart

- Studied at the University of Bridgeport and moved here in Apr 1889. Almost immediately start working for Dr. Oswald Kuttlebaum.

- Studies have shown that invisible “creatures” can enter the body through open wounds, and grow in numbers. This causes inflammation and reddening of the surrounding tissues, and can lead to further illnesses and even death. These creatures can be killed by the application of special “antiseptics” and keeping wounds covered, clean, and dry.

- Sicknesses have been on the rise, and tend to occur more frequently during the wet cold winter months. Ten or so years ago, 16 deaths occurred overnight in Portchester, and roughly 5 years ago 32 deaths happened. They were attributed to a virulent flu, brought on by the cold weather and damp sea-side conditions. The bodies were burned, which effectively prevented any further deaths.

Private Investigator – Crys

- Grew up in Fairfield. Father was a Police Detective, murdered during a home break-in. His best friend, Edward Jackson, adopted her.

- A serial killer terrorized the city just prior to the last Feast of Fish celebration, but was lucky caught prior to the actual event.

- Just prior to the last Feast of Fish celebration in 1885, sometime in early November, 32 people were found dead in Portchester due to some strange virus. The bodies were burned, and no more deaths occurred.

Dilettante – Andy

- Studied at the University of Bridgeport and moved here in August 1892 (this year).

- There is a strong social rift, although public officials deny it. The Fairfield Police rarely look into incidents in Portchester, causing that area to have fallen into decline both financially and criminally. Stamford/Shippan has made large donations to ensure proper support, which has shifted attention from Portchester even further. The Portchester citizens are becoming increasingly irritated by the situation, which may cause civil uprising in the near future.

- The Feast of Fish Festival attract tourists that boost the economy by a staggering 40% per anum, even though the event only lasts two weeks.

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