Sergeant Ben Diggen's Home

This corner home is run-down, and all windows and doors are boarded up. In fact, the homes on each side and several across the streets are also abandoned, although not quite so securely. With careful search and a successful Spot Hidden at -20%, the boards across one of the smaller back windows will be found to be loose. They are easily removed and replaced for easy entrance and re-covering of the window.

This window opens into a small room with a tall sink, old dirt covered hand towel, empty wooden bucket, and a toilet. A single door exits into the living room, which is a huge mess. Furniture has been overturned and broken, a large mirror has been shattered, tables and chairs have been bashed into bit.

Graffiti covers the walls, floor, and ceiling. The graffiti is drawn in several day-glow colors of sickening hues: putrid green, vomit orange, bile-yellow, ochre-red, etc. The scene is overwhelming.

A successful Occult roll will reveal there are ritualistic symbols. Even without a successful roll, the numbers 2, 3, 5, and 31 permeate the text. In addition, the symbol of the King in Yellow (KIY) will also be readily identifiable, drawn in several places on all the walls, floor, and ceiling. However, with too much examination, the several dried and withered eyeballs of small animals will be found embedded in the walls. Sanity 0/d3.

Anyone with Accounting greater than 20% will also note that in all places, the 2, 3, and 5 have actually been grouped to read:

(3 + 2) x 5 + 3

Three doors exit the living room. The one on the left is the front door, which is boarded up firmly. The one furthest on the right is the small kitchen area, and the one closer on the right is the bedroom

The Kitchen is also a disaster, with plates, glasses, and silverware busted and scattered about. Table cloths, napkins, and draped have been ripped to shreds and appear to be largely blotted with old blood stains. Several dismembered and gutted birds, rats, cats, and small dogs also litter the area, some stuck to the walls with silverware.

The Bedroom is similarly destroyed. The mattress has been shredded, and feathers cover the floor and surrounding busted furniture. The remains of a dresser and standing closet can be found littered about. If investigators walk around the room, the one with the best luck roll will step on a squeaky floor board that actual depresses slightly into the floor. It is a false board that opens to a small hiding hole. Inside is a folder that contains the missing pages of the Police records from 1871, 1878, and 1885.

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Sergeant Ben Diggen's Home

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