Feast of Fish

He wouldn't mind if we had some pot and ran the bar

Clue and ToDo List

  • Cure Johnny
  • Grace Hopper is mother of Tim Hopper (Deceased boy)
  • Dogs can hear Shaggai Shan

Saturday, October 22nd, 5:00pm

The gang (Johnny, Mary, Annie, and Douglas) left the store and started heading toward the Brewmaster Pub. Inside, they found a dilapidated rundown dive. Douglas ordered drinks and food for everyone, and asked about SamSomething and Joe Catcher.

The bartender brought out the soup and wandered around the bar cleaning. He stopped over-long at one table, and the patron quietly tried to leave the bar. Johnny distracted the bartender while Mary, Annie, and Douglas caught up with him and brought him back to the Pub.

During a long conversation with a very drunk Joe Catcher and an increasingly drunk Sam. They mentioned that Joe had seen Henry at the docks, picking up a barrel of water. He recounted a short tale of Henry having claimed to have caught something in his net.

Sherman had been around, asking about Henry, too. They told him to talk to Peter Kimmen (sons Jeffrey and Carlton) at the Dead Duck Inn. They arrived at the door, a beat up thing with an actual dead duck nailed to it at around 7:00pm.

Saturday October 22, 11:00pm. Angus at the Raven’s Head

Things had gotten calm in the Inn when Trent and Bruce burst into the place. They started causing a commotion and making a big deal out of Lady Shijo. Angus called the attention of all of the members of “Douglas’ Militia”, then when Bruce kept running his mouth, he cold-cocked him and forced him to apologize to Lady Shijo.

Saturday October 22, 7:00pm. Johnny, Douglas, Annie, and Mary

The four of them pushed into the Dead Duck and saw “Charles” playing cards with One-armed Peter. They sat down with them and played a few hands of poker. A few hands and a few dollars and the lips start to loosen.

North down Battery til the North docks. Left down Maple St. go till you hit Corenth. head down til you hit a dead ends at the woods. Head into the woods. in 10 mins find a path next to an old stream, take the path north. Stone well in front of the cabin.

Saturday October 22, 11:00pm. Johnny, Douglas, Annie, and Mary

Around 10:00pm the lot set out from the Dead Duck for home. When they neared Lafayette St. they noticed the tell-tale signs of a Buzzkill: lights diminishing and extinguishing in the distance.

Mary panicked and ran toward the Church of the Redeemer. Douglas, Annie, and Johnny ran the opposite direction, though Johnny was too slow. He was overtaken by Annie and Douglas who made it to the Police Station in relative safety. Johnny was attacked thrice by the Buzzkill, but he shook it off each time. When he arrived at the bar, he found it in a party state. Lady Shijo explained the situation to him, and he had some words with Angus.

At the police station, Douglas and Annie slammed the doors open and started causing a scene.

At the church, Mary explained of the evil spirit. William took her to the Vicar and she explained again. A person brought two shaken but uninjured men into the church. Mary talked over with them, and they had been attacked by a Buzzkill.

At the Raven’s Head tavern, Johnny continued to scold Angus, marked down the losses the bar had suffered, and took what he could out of Angus’s paycheck. Harold and Lady Shijo each had things to say. Lady Shijo is going to watch over the bar while Johnny faces his end and the end of all things. Harold drank another bottle of vodka, and told Angus that he had had an old lady come visit. And he was surprised that he had a cat. The cat left when the old lady did.

Middle of the Night

Johnny was visited by WalterRat. “Wakeup Johnny, it’s almost morning. You’ll be so happy. It’s gonna be great! All three of us will be together again. Sherman didn’t want to either, at first, but that’s probably because of how mean the others are. You don’t want to be a rat? Well, I haven’t given them your toe yet. Tuesday night, at midnight, they’ll make me give it to them. But I won’t give them your toe if they can go back to the cave.”

Douglas had a dream-meeting with the King in Yellow (a servant of Hastor), where he was taught two spells. One to communicate with the servant at any time, and one to Summon/Banish Buzzkills.

Angus was wakened by Frau Trude. “Hurry, try this one!” And when Angus peeked above the covers (through which he could smell something rancid), he spied the bloated purple corpse of a young girl. He left and grabbed a spoon. Frau Trude was willing to help him hold the head down, and he went to work on the delicate surgery. He bent his head in concentration as he maneuvered the spoon around the socket. At one point, he thought he felt a pocket of rot and swiveled his spoon to avoid it. The edge of the spoon bit into the jelly of the eye and it popped in his hand, spraying gunk from the socket. “It’s ruined! Get the other.”
He did that, successfully pulling the other eye from the girl’s corpse. Having now two eyes, Frau Trude took the girl’s body and fled on her tail-less cat mount, telling Angus “I’ll take the body; you keep the eyes.”

Sunday October 23rd, 8:00am

Douglas awoke with the certainty that the Buzzkill can be killed. Annie agreed that they should go to 13 Lafayette, and she gave him the stone.

They got to the house and entered it. It was just as they remembered it: in a horrid state of disrepair and abandonment. They proceeded through the trapdoor into the ritual room. Annie’s dog noticed something dark and threatening in a corner of the room, where Annie saw nothing and Douglas only saw a deep darkness.

Douglas began to draw a circle of salt in the center of the room. Before he finished, the thing erupted from the wall! Douglas saw a bit of darkness flash and that was all, but Annie and the dog saw a huge mass of insects, maggots, and bugs. Douglas just barely managed to finish the salt circle before the thing broke into it.

Annie managed to restrain her dog, and Douglas started chanting. He finished the spell and the essence of the Buzzkill was trapped within the stone.


Mary needs to do the research on the pieces of Shaggai Shan that we have. We’re running out of time and that could give us more information on how to fight these things. Specifically we need to know how strong acid needs to be to destroy them and what else will affect them, what sort of weapons can we use against them. There is a large concentration of them at the cave that we will need to fight and it’s imperative that we know how.


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