Feast of Fish

I Wish I Had a Spare Character Sheet

Wed, Oct 12, Early Morning


Still nervous about his dreams the previous night, Johnny made his way back to the tavern, rather than going home. He left a note for the owner, explaining that he didn’t want to sleep at home, and locked himself in a room.


Douglas went back to his home and dived immediately into “The King in Yellow”. He read until he fell asleep in the pages.

Wed Oct 12, daytime


After a groggy morning of rounds, Mary headed to an appointment with a new patient. Along the way, she purchased a newspaper with a small article about another toddler death.

The new patient complained of an itchy rash on his back. When Mary examined him, she found a boil 3 inches in diameter. It appeared to be pulsating. She boiled some towels and sterilized her scalpel and performed a lancing operation. As she attempted to squeeze puss from the lance, a disgusting worm peeked out and lashed at her hand! She pulled back, but she got a scratch. She forced the worm out of the wound and onto the ground, where she covered it with a bowl. The ordeal left her insensate. She maintained her professionalism, and after draining the rest of the fluid, collected the needle-nosed worm in a mason jar. After this horrible day, Mary went home and calmed her nerves with a couple fingers of whiskey and an early bedtime.


Angus came to the tavern and found Johnny’s note, but didn’t know it was his. He asked the owner about it, and the owner seemed really concerned about Johnny.


Sherman talked to Annie. He’s concerned about Johnny. Johnny’s been acting strange, obsessed with Walter and going to the library late at night. Annie agrees, Johnny may need to be committed. She tells Sherman that Johnny had “seen rats with human faces”, which disturbed Sherman. Anyway, would she take a look at Walter’s room and see if she could find what Johnny was looking for in there, in case it’s important?

She finds mainly two clues. Scratch marks on the bedding and windowsill, and indentations in the paper on the table of the underlined word “Sinster!”


Finally awake after his long nap, he realized that he was supposed to read the other book. But falling asleep in the middle of the book like he did made him lose his place. He decided that he should spend the day rereading the stories.


Angus overheard a couple of customers talking about Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: “Mysterious how shop owners who did not tithe ran into some trouble with their shops being burglarized. I don’t trust those young guys, and all that theatrical ‘hallelujah’ preaching stuff." They also mention the newly mutilated toddler. They had read the same article that Mary had.


Annie decided to investigate Room 3 again. After picking the lock, she found the windowsill to be highly scratched up.

She confronted Johnny telling him to take her to his house. “You’re seeing rats with people’s faces,” she accused, but he denied the accusations and was reluctant to leave the room for any reason. After several minutes, including threatening to “take stuff”, he still did not assent. She she went to investigate his house and found deep, thick scratches on his bedroom windowsill, both inside and outside.

Clue Summary

*Walter’s Room – Deep scratches, only inside window
*Room 3 – Deep and shallow scratches, inside and outside window
*Johnny’s Room – Deep scratches, inside and outside bedroom window


At the end of his shift, Angus was approached by a strange woman who, for $2, lead Angus to a mysterious question-answerer.

Angus was lead to a soothsayer’s shop on Union Avenue. A Haitian woman in a cowl spoke to him about the human-faced rats. “Of course they killed someone. That’s what they do. They come every festival. There is a dark evil about, and you’re at the heart of it. But it’s not the rats you have to worry about, it’s what drives them out.” She reached into her robes and pulled out a wadded bloody cloth. Placing it to her ear, she says: “What’s that? What’s that you say? Are you sure? Alright then.” She placed the cloth on the table saying: “She says she must go to you, now. Says she has much in common with what you’re going to see. No choice now, you must take it!” She tried to hand the bloody wad to Angus. After some hesitation, he unrolled the bloody cloth, revealing a wrinkled shrunken head.


After some trepidation, he tries talking to the head. She responds to his actions: “Do you hear anything? Of course not! But she’s yours now, she says she’s yours! Run away, now. Run away. You must not be later for your appointments!” and laughs maniacally.


Annie spent the rest of the day trying to find out who Sinster is. Unsuccessful, she went to the tavern, where she met Crazy Harold. “Have you heard of Sinster?” “Sinster? Sinster? Sinster… Sinster… slasher? Yeah, I don’t like thinking about the slasher, they thought I was the slasher. Never saw anything. They’re going to switch my route! Those streets are too dark. Can’t see anything; can’t get ’em clean. Too dark.”

“You ever see rats with faces?”

“No, those would be monsters. Monsters aren’t real, can’t see what’s not real?”

Annie continued to harass the poor man.

Thursday, Oct 13


Douglas had a startling dream in his room, walking along the shore of a lake, tall listing building beyond, lightly purple sky with black stars. Then he feels a presence watching him; it grows stronger until he awakes with a start. He was relieved to find there was only a pale woman with long scraggly hair next to his bed.

She looked angry and panicked as she screamed, “Where is it!? You’ve taken it, where is it! You can’t just take it like that!”

Thurs Oct 13


Angus thought the previous day had been a creepy dream, but awoke to find the shrunken head on his dresser. He rewrapped the whole thing, bloody cloth and all, in a nice clean handkerchief.


Douglas was shaken and hungry after his two-day reading binge, so he went to the tavern early in the day.

Douglas, Angus, and Johnny

Johnny made some food for Douglas, while Douglas read “Brothers of the Yellow Sign”, for the first time.

Douglas, Angus, Johnny, Annie, and Mary

Annie made it into the tavern around 1pm. She interrogated Douglas about the results of his readings and scolded him about missing their meeting time yesterday. The scolding ended when Douglas handed her the King in Yellow, prompting her to sit and read. Mary showed up at 3pm.

Angus tried pulling out his shrunken head, but he got bitten! When he succeeded in taking it out, it was no longer shrouded in a nice handkerchief. Johnny was opposed to anyone talking about the supernatural inside the bar. “Get that head out of the bar. This kind of stuff ruins patronage.” Johnny took the head and threw it in the garbage. Mary got a room for everyone. Sherman came over to talk to Johnny about freaking out the customers. Angus took the head out of the garbage.

Everyone went up to a room.

Courses of action

  • Investigate 4yr-old toddler crime scene
  • investigate Sinster
  • talk to Voodoo lady. (Tried, She can’t be found.)
  • Go to new church
  • Go to scene of bot-worm infection

Johnny ended up talking to Crazy Harold. “I talked to Frank, and he’s found me a new apartment. Moving out of Elmwood Heights. Going to be cleaning near Stamford, better light. These streets are too dark. Can’t see; can’t get ’em clean.” Johnny inquired what streets he had been cleaning a couple nights ago. Harold mentioned Windsor and S. Windsor Ave. But that he had “got sick and couldn’t finish the night”.

That night, Johnny was visited by Rat Walter again. He was sitting on Johnny’s chest, eating at a pile of entrails and organs. “Are you sure you won’t join us!? That’s four! YES it is! All done, and now four more!”

Friday, Oct 14


9:00am, “Annie, Annie, you gotta help, Peter Crayburn’s parents are looking for him. He’s gone missing. Come with me!” Her roommate is frantic. “I’ll pay your rent.”


Angus had a dream. His finger was bitten and the shrunken head was talking to him, “Buttons! Buttons!” wha? “Buttons. Bonnets! Buttons and bonnets and buttons and buttons and bonnets…” the tiny head jabbered in the dream.


Annie went to the Crayburn home and found the child missing. There were small scratches on the outside of the window. The missing stuffed bear enticed Annie to track outside the window, where she found little Peter’s tracks. Following them, she crossed tracks with Mary and Angus.

Annie, Mary, and Angus

Prompted by his tiny head, Angus checked behind some garbage bins. To his horror, he discovered the remains of a tiny child. According to Annie, the tracks suggest that the child was compliant. He walked behind the garbage and simply sat down and waited to be eviscerated.

The Plan

  • Deliver the child body to the police
  • Go to the church to try and meet yellow cultists
  • Find 4th Victim (Buried b/c in Portchester? Does Harold have info? Something Behind Barker’s Bread?)
  • Find patterns in previous killings
  • Get Police information about current and past murders
  • Find out why Walter was interested in Sinster
  • Find friends/family of Sinster



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