Feast of Fish

What's Everyone Doing?

Tuesday, Oct 11

Angus and Johnny

“Won’t be long. Wanna join us, Johnny? Three down, just one more. Just one more, then another four!” WalterRat visited Johnny in the middle of the night, as a nightmare.

Poking around at work, Angus talked with a customer who knew about “You mean The Rat King. Vicar O’Reilly at the Church of the Redeemer would know more.” And he gave instructions.

Johnny went to talk to the bar owner, Sherman. They exchanged pleasantries before Johnny got to the point. “Let me into your brother’s room. I got my reasons.” After a long discussion, he succeeded. With permission, he went to Walter’s room. Unfortunately, after an hour or longer of searching, no clues were found.


“Ms. Springstein’s resort was vandalized. Weird symbol was painted in yellow. A week or so ago,” Explained one of Mary’s eczema patients. “Ms. Springstein is a beautician.”

Douglas and Annie

At around noon, they met to head out to where Douglas saw the yellow symbol. It is on the door to “Her Lady’s Wear and Jewelry”. Annie tried to take a picture, but she suspects the exposure is probably ruined.

The mark was mostly cleaned, with just some yellow chips on the street. To find out more, Douglas and Annie headed into the shop. The elderly proprietor looked up from a book and greeted him. After a short, awkward exchange, Douglas bought Annie a piece of jewelry. With the ice broken, Douglas began questioning her about the door. She admitted to knowing of others. Ms. Springstein “Pink Lady’s Resort”, Ms. Klein “Klein’s Bakery and Goods”. She was willing to do a sketch of the symbol on her door, which jogged Douglas’s memory. She also mentioned that there was a bucket of paint found on the scene of her own vandalism.


From here, they continued on to visit Ms. Klein’s bakery. A man was cleaning the door, Annie tried for another picture. While she tried that, Douglas drew a version of it.


The two went inside. Again, to break the ice, they bought a bunch of food. Klein’s door was vandalized on Sunday. She’s heard of more vandalisms all around town. With this information in hand, the pair heads to the library.

Mary, Angus, and Johnny

In the early afternoon, Mary got off her shift and went to the Raven Head.

Mary and Johnny

These two went poking around, looking for Harold. They weren’t able to find him, and so they headed to the asylum.

Annie and Douglas

They arrived at the library. It looks like Notre Dam. The books were arranged by the Dewey Decimal System. Douglas couldn’t find a card catalog. Without anyone else in the library, Douglas approached the old woman at the counter. She perked up when Douglas and Annie mentioned black magic. She revealed that the library has books regarding the symbol, but they are in “the archive.” Douglas threw his weight around, and the librarian eventually consented to them going to the archive.

Mary and Johnny

Up Clarkstreet and through a small wooded area, they arrived at the broken, hanging gate of the asylum. After hearing a shrill shreik, they continued inside, where they were greeted by a fellow in wirerimmed glasses.

Oct 27, 1885 – Harold thought to be Fairfield slasher. Delusions of monsters.

Carl Sinster – Fairfield Slasher killed his daughter, and years before he probably killed his neighbors.

Oct 1st – Harold released. Set up with a street cleaning job in the evening.


On his lunch break, Angus headed to the Church of the Redeemer. At the old timey church, there was an old-timey old man tending the garden. The old timer was happy to forward Angus into the church to talk with Vicar O’Reilly.

Angus immediately starts asking him about local folklore. Specifically, he asks about rats with human faces and admits to having seen one. Just before the Vicar can have him committed for insanity, Angus asked about the Rat King. Vicar explained a short story about giant clusters of rats, their tails knotted together, and told Angus to talk to the land’s caretaker.

Annie and Douglas

They descended the rickety stairwell into “The Archives” under the library. Annie cleared the dust off of a table, while Douglas searched bookshelves for information about cults. When she arrived at the table, she found that the table was not dusty, nor was the lantern upon it.

In the following several hours, Douglas noticed moving shadows multiple times but assumed it was Annie. It wasn’t. Neither of them seem too concerned about this fact.


As he left the church, Angus had a confrontation with the landscaper. They argued for a moment over the importance of four-leaf clovers. The landscaper, who had just plucked something from a patch of clover, insisted that there is nothing lucky about clovers.

Angus asked about the Rat King, who the landscaper told “When many rats grow in a confined area, they tie together. The mass of rats can grow so large that they carry off livestock and children and such.” And he mentioned seeing a huge rat.

Mary and Johnny

Mary and Johnny walked into the library. Gretta Libraum greeted them warmly. The newspapers are kept in The Archive, and after some convincing she lets them down.

Annie and Douglas

While Annie was wandering a strange book caught her eye. She resisted pulling it from the shelf, but it had drawn her attention to other cultist books. She pulled a thin book with an ornate cover. When Douglas’s attention was brought to it, he was unable to resist opening it. He finds a passage: “Crouching behind the large weather boulder, he watched in terror as the figure glided across the landscape…” The sense of the passage left lingering thoughts in Annie’s and Douglas’s minds.

Annie, Douglas, Mary, and Johhny

Johnny found the stacks of newspaper, and when he called out that he had found it, Annie heard him. Johnny and Mary pulled a huge stack of newspapers and headed toward the table.



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