Annie Diary 3

Oct 12 – Wednesday

Can’t get my mind off that book Douglas and I found, can’t believe he took it with him. Where the hell is he? Oh great, Sherman is coming over to my table. I wonder what he wants. Apparently Johnny is acting really strange, yeah…he has. Johnny is just really strange. He wants me to look at Walter’s room and see if there’s anything interesting. Apparently he heard customers talking about rats with faces too. Odd.

Walter just went missing one day, but Sherman never said anything. Idiot, the first two days are the most important in a missing persons case. He’s long gone. Might as well look around. The bed sheets have some odd tears, some scratches on the window sill (large and small scratches on the inside but only small scratches on the outside), like a creature has been in here. There’s a stack of papers here, someone wrote “Sinster!” and took the paper. I’ll keep this stack for reference.

Room 3: Small and large scratches all over the window sill, small and large scratches on both inside and outside. None on the bed. Room across the hall has no scratches on the windowsill.

Walter Room:
Messy, the bed is unmade and there are clothes on the floor, papers on the desk.
Bed – Unmade, sheets scratched up around where the hands would be. No poop under the bed.
Dresser – Nothing of interest, just clothes.
Windowsill – Large and small scratches on the inside, only small scratches on the outside. Large, deep scratches with dried blood.

Johnny won’t get his damned ass out of bed. There’s time for sleeping later, this is important! I’m onto something here. Finally managed to drag him out of bed by telling him I’d rob him if he doesn’t take me to his house.

Johnny’s House:
Large scratches on both inside and outside of window sill. No small scratches.

Random thoughts:
Small rats and a larger rat? Small rats first, and then larger rat? No. Johnny’s house only had large markings. Dried blood in Walter’s room but he just went missing. No blood in bed or in the room otherwise. Walter made the scratches? Dagger of some sort, nails, creature/beast? Walter wasn’t murdered in the room, but there was a man murdered down the hall in Room 3. Obviously not a robbery because they left money in his pocket.
Maybe it has nothing to do with rats. Rats couldn’t make those large marks. Sinster…a name? A proclamation? Sinister? Spinster? Sinster, it’s a name. I know that name…but from where?

Herald came into the bar, I know he knows something about these rats with faces but he won’t talk about it. He’s afraid people will send him back to the Asylum. At least he said something useful. Sinster is the “slasher” from before, he’s in the Asylum now, or so they say. Better get to checking that out.

Oct 13 – Thursday

This book…is so good…
Douglas wants the book back but I haven’t even finished it. He needs to shut up and let me read it. He gave it to me, it’s mine now. If he didn’t want me to have it, he shouldn’t have given it to me.

Angus was talking to some voo doo lady or something, so we’ve asked him to take us to see her. He can’t find the damned place. Should have paid better attention to where she was. Seriously? Now he’s talking to a shrunken head…he really needs to be committed to the Asylum.

Oct 14 – Friday

God damn it all, my stupid roommate is waking me up early in the morning again. What the hells is his name? Doesn’t even matter. He’ll pay my rent if I search for this Peter Crayburn child who has gone missing, a four year old child. If I find him before he gets murdered, I’ll get a new top hat and dinner. I suppose I should start looking for him.

Taking me to a house south side of Pearl street, across from north Elmwood street. Kids room: Small bed, small dresser, little table, toys, window with shutters flapping, chair under the window. Window sill: outside of window tiny small scratches and some strange wispy marks on the window like brush stroke marks. He was in his jammies, tucked in bed with teddy bear, locked window, closed door. Door closed but boy missing, no struggle, front door locked. There’s no teddy bear here, so obviously he took it with him. He wasn’t kidnapped, he was coaxed out.

Little kid feet out the window, heading across the street, a small piece of cloth stuck on a bit of wood. There’s a small fence before a building Buttons and Bonnets. Black mucus stuff on the teddy bear. It appears the the child walked over, sat down, and just allowed the rats to eat him. No one else was there, at least not that I can tell.

Annie Diary 3

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