Annie's Epilogue

Anny returned home, and immediately set to work organizing her new business venture with Douglas: Adler & Lincaster – Investigations and Consultation. Things were slow, at first. But with Edward’s recognition and praise during his acceptance speech for promotion to “Chief Inspector” (End of Game Prologue – What happened to Sergeant Stromburg and Edward Jackson?), and financial support and advertising from Douglas’ new investments, the business soon began to take off.

Anny made quick work of most cases, typically rifling through several in a week, and quickly gaining an impressive reputation. Within a matter of months she had made enough money to purchase her own home. This got her thinking: “Why shouldn’t I have my own place; but why should I have to pay for it?” Finding someone else to research the available properties in Fairfield, she found a very nice small home for a ‘steal’. Convincing Douglas it was a great investment, he purchased the property along with other available properties nearby. Annie promptly moved into the home, claiming it as her own.

With Annie completely focused on work, business soon increased to the point where she had to turn away clients. Often she would listen to what they had to say, spit out a quick answer, and send them on their way – no charge – almost every time being correct. Fairfield citizens were confused by this, seeing it as highly altruistic in contrast to her perpetual terse nature. “She must really have a kind heart underneath that rough exterior,” people would say.

Edward continued to seek her advise on tough cases. His visits were seen by most citizens as another endearing quality of their new Chief Inspector. Of Edward, people would often say: “He’s such a good fellow. Even as busy as he is, he still doesn’t forget his friends. I’ve seen him myself, on several occasions, consulting with Anny to help her with some of her more difficult cases.”

Annie's Epilogue

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