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Tues Oct 17, 1871
Missing Persons in Portchester
Police are investigating missing persons complaints in the Portchester district. Four men and one woman are reported missing, some for as long as two weeks. Curiously, all are elderly, and police suspect nothing more than coincidental, yet tragic accidents. The Police Sergeant is reported as saying: “It’s likely these cases are completely unrelated, and nothing more than a serious of accidents: walking off a pier, wandering aimlessly into nearby woods, or other such misfortunes associated with old age and loss of mental acuity. Nonetheless, be assured we are doing everything in our power to find answers, and will make a public statement once we have learned more.”

Mon Oct 23, 1871
Tragic Deaths in Fairfield
Police are investigating the tragic deaths of two women in Fairfield. The women were found mutilated roughly 4 days apart; both left to die in the alleys. The names have not been published due to “security and investigation”, but reports indicate they were both retired and well-known in the community. When asked why the names are being withheld, Police Sergeant Thompson replied: “These women were both well-known and respected individuals, having lived in the community since before most of you were even born. We will not expose their families to the public prior to completing a full investigation to find the horrific perpetrator of these actions.”

Fri Oct 27, 1871
Another Murder Plagues Fairfield
Another gruesome murder in the Fairfield proper. The Police Sergeant refuses to make an official comment, stating “off the record” that this is an ongoing investigation, and the department will not rest until it has found whoever is responsible for the mutilation deaths of these three elderly women.

Wed Nov 1, 1871
Elderly Couple Mysteriously Dead
A gruesome scene in the Portchester district. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Fishersbee were found dead in their own homes from mysterious causes. They were found in their own bed, with blood soaking the sheets surrounding their heads. “It was horrible,” the daughter of one Mr. and Mrs. Fishersbee stated. “I was about to leave for work, but had not seen them yet. They’re usually up before me, so I decided to check on them. That’s when I found them, just lying there with blood all over the pillows and running down the side of the bed.” The police spokesmen stated they were not prepared to make any statements at this time.

Thur Nov 2, 1871
Two More Portchester Couples Dead
More gruesome deaths in the Portchester district. The bodies of two more elderly couples were found dead in their own homes earlier today. Witnesses state that pools of blood coated the pillows, as the couples lay dead on their own beds. Detectives state the two must have died at approximately the same time, roughly one day ago. Although no official statement has been issues as to the cause of death, the possibility of a fatal flu has been proposed.


Tues Oct 8, 1878
Portchester Fishermen Dead and Missing
Two fishermen, one dead and one missing, have been reported in Portchester. Cliff Phister, last seen on Thurs Oct 3, was found dead in an alley behind the Brewmaster Pub. Police state the body had obviously been dead for several days, as it was mutilated by vermin and other wild animals. Cause of death is unknown at this time, but police suspect “fatal intoxication”. Dog Reever has also been reported missing, last seen Sunday evening, Oct 6. Police are reluctant to begin a search at this time; so local citizens are asking for volunteers to form searching parties.

Mon Oct 14, 1878
Gruesome Murders in Fairfield
Suspicious murders, both grizzly and macabre, are once again plaguing the city of Fairfield. Two men were found brutally murdered at their own shops in Fairfield proper. There is no word yet on the identity of these men, other than they were local tradesmen in the community and were killed roughly 3 days apart. Police Sergeant Thompson refuses to provide details, but stated: “we have already gathered clues, and will be following these up immediately. Rest assured, the killer will be found.”

Mon Oct 21, 1878
More Women Murdered in Fairfield
Two women in Fairfield have been found murdered and left to die in a drainage gutter in Fairfield. This brings the death toll to 4 brutal slayings. The Constable who found the latest victims stated: “It was the most horrible thing I’d ever seen. They was gutted, like livestock, and their faces was bleeding from all over. I was sick from the sight, and it took several minutes before I could muster the strength to seek out a runner to make the report!”

Mon Oct 28, 1878
Police Covering Up Fairfield Murders
Police are attempting to cover up more gruesome murders in the Fairfield proper and surrounding districts. But inside investigators report that a total of 2 citizens are reported missing, and 7 found brutally murdered throughout Fairfield and Portchester. Police are becoming increasingly concerned since the latest three victims were highly upstanding citizens of the Stamford community. Street patrols have been doubled, and Inspectors are combing the crime scenes and questioning anyone remotely involved in an effort to stop the killings.

Fri Nov 1, 1878
Sixteen Unexplained Deaths In Portchester
Sixteen deaths have been reported, all occurring the same day, and all with the same gruesome details. The bodies of five elderly and three younger couples were found dead in their Portchester homes today. All were in bed, lying in pools of blood that apparently poured out from their eyes, ears, and nose. No signs of foul play were found. “It’s as if their brains just exploded inside their heads,” the detective told reporters. One young couple is survived by their 8 year old son who was present in the house at the time of their death, but himself was unharmed. The child has been taken to a foster care facility, until a suitable home can be found.


Mon Oct 19, 1885
Two Girls Missing in Fairfield
Two young girls are reported missing from Fairfield proper. Police Spokeswoman Gazelle Vespertine is assuring citizens that every effort is being made to find the young girls, and are reminding citizens of the incident just a few months ago when two girls went missing. She was quoted as stating: “as you remember, the girls were found relatively unharmed, and the culprit imprisoned and awaiting trial. We have every confidence that these girls will be found as well, safe and sound.”

Wed Oct 21, 1885
Missing Fairfield Girl Found Dead
The body of Stacy Blanchard, one of the two missing girls, was found today horribly mutilated and rotting in an abandoned building near the south quarter of Fairfield. First arrivers report the child had been dead for several days, and ravaged by animals. The Police Spokeswoman could not be reached for comment.

Fri Oct 23, 1885
Another Girl Murdered in Fairfield
Another young girl was found brutally murdered just outside Ferrel’s Fine Garments near the Shippan gated community. Mr. Ferrel happened upon her body having headed to work early, a couple hours before sunrise. He is greatly disturbed and was difficult to understand, but it appears she was still alive and the villain still present when he arrived. However, when questioned for details, he would only mumble: “Horrible, horrible thing. Writhing about. Terrible, terrible thing.” He was swiftly escorted by police to Fairfield Asylum for observation. The girl’s stomach was ripped open, prompting citizens to call this “the work of the Fairfield Slasher”, referencing a series of similar mutilations in 1878. However, police officials hold that “the current killings have little to no similarity to those previous unfortunate incidents” and that “this is clearly the work of a single deranged individual, who will be quickly brought to justice”.

Sat Oct 24, 1885
Fairfield Slasher Suspect In Custody
A possible break in the murder of two, possibly three, young girls in the Fairfield proper. A local Street Cleaner, Harold Kielich, has been detained for “dangerous delusional hallucinations and hysterical behaviors”. He insists that a horrible monster is roaming the streets of Fairfield, killing young girls by, and I quote, “ripping through their stomachs and eating their insides”. Horrible monster, indeed, since testimony from Jacob Ferrel of Ferrel’s Fine Garments places Harold at the scene of the last murder. Subsequently, Harold has been incarcerated at Fairfield Asylum, pending a complete psychological evaluation. Police Spokeswoman Gazelle Vespertine assures Fairfield and surrounding residence: “Sleep well tonight. We are confident that the Fairfield Slasher has been found.”

Sat Oct 26, 1885
Fairfield Slasher Still At Large
The Fairfield Slasher is still roaming the streets! Another body, that of nine year old Abby Sinster, was found murdered in her own home just this morning. Abby was found by neighbors lying dead on her own bed. The neighbors, who wished to remain anonymous, stated: “The bed sheets were totally soaked. And the poor girl lay in the middle, with blood all over the place. We can only image what must have become of her father, Carl.” As of this writing, the whereabouts of Carl Sinster are unknown.

Sat Oct 27, 1885
Fairfield Slasher Finally Caught
“Rest assured, the Fairfield Slasher has truly been apprehended!” This is the message from Police Spokeswoman Gazelle Vespertine at an announcement earlier today. Carl Sinster was reportedly found in the Portchester district wandering the streets in a crazed stupor, his clothes soaked in blood. “Carl was an upstanding citizen in the community,” a neighbor was quoted as saying. “It’s hard to believe he could do such a horrible thing.” But Inspectors state he was found carrying a blood stained knife, and suffering from a fractured arm he suffered leaping from the second story window of his daughter’s room after having committed the heinous act. The trail of blood from the girl’s bed to the window sill contain dried shoe prints that are a perfect match. Not only this, but among his possessions was a young girl’s necklace, which has now been identified as belonging to Amy Schuester, the second of the two girls reported missing earlier this month. The Chief Inspector had this to say: “Most interesting is the fact that Mr. Sinster was present, and actually reported, the mutilation deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Wellbrooke in Oct of 1878. This is very suspicious, given the current information. We will be doing an intensive search of his estate, and are certain we will find clues linking him to the other mutilation killings, as well. Rest assured, citizens of Fairfield, the hand of justice will move swiftly. Sleep well tonight, this case is closed!”

Sun Nov 1, 1885
Thirty Two Dead in Portchester
Thirty-two deaths were reported today, ages ranging from retired seniors to small children. Police are baffled as to the cause. Inspectors say they all died from massive internal head trauma, evidenced by bleeding out from the eyes, ears, and nose. Tragically, two toddlers, aged 2 and 4, were orphaned by the event, losing their older sister as well. But thankfully, they have been taken in by neighbors of the young couple. “It’s tragic,” the neighbor woman who will remain nameless exclaimed.“They were such nice hard-working folk. My husband and I have always been like second-grandparents to those kids. So you can be sure, we’re gonna take good care of them.” Police were reluctant to make any official statement.

Archived Newspaper Articles

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