Lady Shijo

A very nicely dressed asian (Japanese) woman with 2 body guards and 2 massive dogs enters the Raven’s Head Tavern and want to rent the entire second floor rooms. They want the rooms from now til Nov 10th.

The woman is beautiful, with slick hair pulled back tight against her head, and a fancy bow of yellow flowers tying it neatly in the back. Her gown is shimmering white with delicate pink flowers and lining embroidery. The dogs are long haired and solid white, but wear a thick leather hide and necklace. They seem to have both wolf and bear characteristics. The dogs are not on leashes and remain by her side at all times. The body guards wear Long black robes embroidered with silvery (but not shiny) etchings, and small “winged” shoulders; each carries a long thin sword in a black scabbard.

She tells Angus:

“There is something about you. Something distant, yet attached. It is wise, but could lead to your death.”

She tells Johnny:
“There is an evil here. A hidden evil, filled with great hate and malice.”



Wed Oct 19th

At the Fairfield Warehouse district fire, she tells Johnny:

“You have lost something, something small but sacred to you. Something violating. Do not be too quick to judge or too quick to anger. Your friend can help you. Your friend knows how to help you. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.”

When Johnny asked her to clarify, she simply turned and walked away.

Lady Shijo

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