Optional Rules

Characteristic Rolls
Use when no other skill makes sense – examples:

- STR x 5 = Lift

- DEX x 5 = Catch

- INT x 5 = Quick Thinking

- CON x 5 = Endurance

- APP x 5 = Charm

- POW x 5 = Instinct

- SIZ x 5 = Intimidate

- SAN = Personal Control

- EDU x 5 = Logic

- (INT + POW) / 2 × 5 = Perception

Combat Criticals and Fumbles
01-05%: Critical Success – ignore armor, if no armor double damage.
90-00%: Fumble – examples:

- can’t get holster unsnapped or knife unsheathed

- grip slips

- firing weapon backfires or bullet ricochets wildly

- drop weapon

- attacker stumbles and falls

- weapon breaks or jams

Combining Skills
Use two skills together to accomplish a related task or solve a problem that does not apply to a single skill

  • Skills must be relatively equal in percentiles
  • Success is d100 less than or equal to the lowest skill percentile

Consecutive Rolls
In rare cases, a failed roll, if close enough, can provide insight that reduces the difficulty and allows for another roll

Multiple Dodges
In rare cases, allow Dodge to be used multiple times per combat round

  • 1st attempt – full Dodge percentage
  • 2nd attempt – 2/3 Dodge percentage
  • 3rd attempt – 1/3 Dodge percentage

Hypnosis Skill
Target must be willing and hypnotist must make a successful Hypnosis roll.

  • Aid to Psychoanalysis: if investigator has 10+% of Psychoanalysis, add 25% to Psychoanalysis skill when treating that patient thereafter.
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion: Target performs a single particular action without apparent thought; but will not accept suggestions contrary to their normal behaviors or desires)
  • Memory Aid: Bring fragmented or buried memories to light (could cause additional Sanity loss for the patient due to “re-living the memory”).
  • Alleviate Pain: Ease or temporarily erase symptomatic pain. The pain makes this more difficult – match POW vs. POW on Resistance Table in addition to the successful Hypnosis roll.
  • Disinformation: Alter memory of an incident in a minor way.

Optional Rules

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