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Sat Oct 8, 1892

Toddler Found Dead In Alley
A three year old toddler was found dead Friday evening behind Ye Old Cheese and Biscuit Shop on Hickok Way. The owner, Mr. Frank Stewsman, found the young child while dumping the day’s waste. “Horrible thing,” he told the reporters. “The poor child was ravaged by animals, his stomach all torn open and ate out.” The parents, who have not been named at this time, filed a report Friday Oct 7 morning, when they awoke to find the child missing an nowhere to be found. They stated the door to their home was unlocked and slightly ajar when they awoke, and police found no signs of forced entry.

Wed Oct 12, 1892

Another Toddler Dead In Fairfield
A four year old boy was found dead on the streets of Fairfield, Tuesday afternoon. The child was found by a local paperboy, but police refuse to disclose any details at this time.

Vandals Painting Business Doors
Fairfield businesses are being plagues by vandals using yellow paint to graffiti the buildings and doors. Miss Rosa Springstein of Pink Lady Resort, Melissa Brownstone of Her Lady’s Wear and Jewelry, and Sara Klein of Klein’s Bakery and Goods have all been victims of the vandalism. “The Fairfield Police are certainly falling down on the job,” Miss Springstein told reporters. “They really need to step up patrols.” The three have asked for compensation from Fairfield City representatives to help pay for restoration costs, but city officials have not yet responded as of this time.

Tue Oct 18, 1892

More Toddler Deaths In Fairfield
A four year old girl was found dead on George Street near Bank One. Police refuse to disclose details, saying only that: “It is a tragic occurrence. We have assigned all available personnel to investigate the recent tragic deaths, and are increasing nightly patrols.” Regardless of increased police presence, many shops have closed for an indeterminate amount of time.

Vandals Running Rampant on Fairfield Businesses
A total of six businesses have now been the victim of vandalism, and Fairfield Police are no closer to finding the vandals. Ralph’s Smythy, Victor’s Cobblery, and Rooster’s Emporium are among the newest businesses to be vandalized. The vandals are using a thick yellow paint to draw strange symbols on the building walls and doors. No one knows, as of yet, the significance of the markings, and no further vandalism to the businesses have happened. Police are calling this: “most likely the act of silly youths just trying to create some drama”. The police have doubled their nightly patrols, and the city has offered reparations to the affected businesses to help offset the cost of removing the graffiti.

Feast of Fish in for a Feast of Troubles
The recent toddler mutilations and business vandalisms have caused several Fairfield businesses to close their doors, just weeks before the Feast of Fish Festival is to begin. Many of the business owners refused to comment, although Stephen of General Home Supply and Goods had this to say: “I was living here during the last Feast of Fish, and I remember the multiple murders of young children at that time. Fairfield Police are always quick to make statements like ’there’s nothing to fear’, or ‘the killer has been caught’. But one of my friends lost their child back then, and there isn’t anything that can bring her back. What’s more, now there’s vandals marking businesses with that weird yellow sign. There’s no way I’m risking the life of my family, let alone my little boy. I’m closing up and leaving town today!” Police insist that the vandalisms and recent toddler accidents (as they call them) are unrelated, and insist they are doing everything in their power to get matters under control. Police Spokeswoman Cindy Nicerton had this to say: “Citizens of Fairfield need to remain calm. The last Feast of Fish Festival was plagued by the Fairfield Slasher, who was caught and incarcerated thanks to the diligent efforts of the Fairfield Police department. These new deaths are simply the unfortunate result of unlocked windows and restless children; regardless, citizens should take extra measures to ensure the security of their young ones until these mysteries are solved. And rest assured, investigators are already following up on significant clues, and the recent vandals will be identified and stopped.”

Thur October 20, 1892

Fairfield Asylum Desk Clerk Murdered – Dangerous Inmates On the Loose
Frank Lowbron, Fairfield Asylum desk clerk of more than 10 years, was found brutally murdered late Tuesday evening. Orderly Rick Maldrich was also assaulted, but survived the attack. He told reporters: “There were five of them, and they seemed crazed. One kept beating Frank with the butt of a pistol, and when I rushed to help, I was knocked out too. When I awoke, Frank was dead and several inmates had been released.” Police refused to disclose the names of the released inmates, although rumors indicate that one of them is the infamous Fairfield Slasher, Carl Sinster.

Mortisha Aadams, owner of Other World Curiosities, had this to say: "I’ve had enough! The days preceding the last Feast of Fish Festival were horrible, and this proves to be even worse. If the Slasher has been released, along with several other criminally insane, who knows what lies ahead. I feel sorry for the citizens that must remain, but I for one am closing shop and moving out. My prayers go to the community, and the hard working and brave Fairfield and Stamford police.

Yellow Vandals Targeting Fairfield Homes
The yellow vandals that have been plaguing Fairfield businesses by painting strange symbols on business doors are now targeting residents’ homes. Fortunately, Fairfield police were there and apprehended the suspect before he could complete his task. This brings the total vandalisms to seven in under three weeks. Fairfield Police refused to provide any information regarding the incidents or the suspect, stating: “We have gathered a significant amount of evidence and are analyzing the data at this very moment, and will certainly tie this individual to all the recent vandalisms soon.” Police had first publicly stated that the vandalism is “most likely the act of silly youths just trying to create some drama”; however, this now appears to have simply been a clever deception. “Chief Investigator Edward Jackson is a real genius,” officer Purnam said. “He certainly seems to be ‘on his game’, and it has really paid off this time.” Investigator Jackson could not be reached for comment.

Fairfield Police Covering Up Toddler’s Death
It’s not just three, but four young children that have been brutally murdered and left to die on the streets of Fairfield. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crayburn were urged to stay silent by Fairfield Police when their four year old son, Peter Crayburn, was found dead in an alley on the morning of Oct 14th. Now, nearly one week later, Mr. Crayburn has broken his silence: “I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer!” he told reporters. “Police told us not to say anything, but it’s been a week and they don’t seem any closer to finding the killer. And now, after hearing about that poor little girl, Missy Brooke; and the release of the Fairfield Slasher…”

The first child, three year old Tommy Smythe, was found dead and mutilated on Oct 7th. Since then, three more toddler mutilation deaths have now been reported. Is there a Fairfield Slasher copy-cat? Will the two Slashers gain forces to murder even more Fairfield parent’s children. Police and Asylum officials say: ‘There is no copy-cat, and the Fairfield Slasher was not released.’. But that is little comfort to the Fairfield parents that have already lost children, and others consumed with dread.

Fri October 21, 1892

Fairfield Police Sergeant Brutally Assaulted
Fairfield Police Sergeant Jeff Stromburg was brutally assaulted in his own home on Thur Oct 20. Witnesses told reporters that the home was horrifically vandalized, and the Sergeant was found tied to the bed with thin wire. Local citizens, having heard a disturbance inside the home, found six men in purple robes about to murder the Sergeant, and were able to stop them just in time. Fairfield police refuse to make any official statements, but one officer indicated that the assailants are the same “Yellow Vandals” that have been plaguing local businesses.

Witness statements describe the same scene investigators found nearly seven years ago. In November of 1885, Sergeant Ben Diggen was found brutally slain in his own home. Shortly after Diggen’s death, Stromburg assumed the position of Sergeant and spent considerable resources on the case, but was unfortunately never able to apprehend the murderers.
At this time, Sergeant Stromburg is in critical care at Walter Rythum Memorial Hospital, and is not expected to return to duty any time soon. Chief investigator Edward Jackson has assumed the role of “Acting Sergeant” during Stromburg’s recovery.
The series of murders and vandalisms have already greatly taxed police resources, and citizens have begun banding together to form mini-militias in self defense should things take a turn for the worse. Police Spokeswoman Cindy Nicerton could not be reached for comment, and is rumored to have left town. However, Acting Sergeant Jackson had this to say: “Citizens of Fairfield, rest assured. We have captured the Yellow Vandals and completely removed this threat from our city. In addition, we have gained significantly more leads to the horrific deaths of our children, and will soon have this situation under control as well. Please be patient, and rest assured! The Fairfield Police Department is working closely with the Stamford Police Station, are we are very close to solving and putting a stop to these mysterious deaths.”

Fairfield Business Woman Brutally Murdered and Robbed
Miss Lindsey Fair was found Wed Oct 19 morning brutally murdered in her shop on Collete Street. Her body lay behind the counter with her throat ripped out, and the cash box was busted open and empty on the floor beside her. Miss Fair of Nonde Scrip’s Ladies Wear was well loved in the community not only as a highly successful business woman, but for her generous donations to multiple charities, including public assistance programs and local churches.

Miss Isabelle Crane, owner of Ancient Writings and Forbidden Manuscripts, found Miss Fair and immediately contacted Fairfield Police. The Police were on the scene within minutes, and during their investigation the building was secured by a small group of Fairfield citizens. The group seemed well-organized and disciplined, but when questioned would simply state: “We’re just a small group of normal folk that have decided enough is enough, and are ready to help the police however we can.” One very enthusiastic member added: “Yeh, and if you cause any trouble, you’ll have to answer to Douglas!” although he refused to elaborate, and later explained he had meant to say: “…you’ll have to answer to the guys.”

Miss Crane stated: “I’ve seen some awful events, but Miss Fair was a sweet young thing. I can’t believe even the coldest of thieves would rob her, let alone kill her in such a horrific way. She’s done so much for this community, her generosity almost certainly having helped even the individuals that murdered her. Fairfield citizens need to unite, and these horrible villains need to ‘answer to Douglas’ – (whatever that means.)”

With the recent vandalisms to both businesses and residents homes, deaths of young children, arson in the Warehouse district, attempted murder of Sergeant Stromburg, and now the horrific murder of one of Fairfield’s most loved business women, it is almost certain that the Feast of Fish Festival will need to be cancelled.

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