Walter Rat

Wed Oct 5, 11pm

Johnny opens the door to a guest’s room to find a pack of rats eating the guest. A couple a as large as small dogs. One turns to him, and has the face of Walter:

“He’s back, Johnny. Just like before, he’s back. But this time, everyone is going to die!”

Tue Oct 11, 4am

Johnny awakes at 5am to Walter Rat Thing on his chest. It is smiling, rubbing its hands, and licking its lips:

“That’s three! Yes, just one more – than another four. Won’t be long now. No, won’t be long. Do you want to join us? Do you want to escape death? He’s back, and its just like before. Except, this time, everyone will die!”

Fri Oct 14, 5am

Johnny awakes at 5am to Walter Rat Thing on his chest. It is chewing on entrails and internal organs:

“I always liked you, Johnny. Are you sure you won’t join us? That’s 4 – yes, 4. All done, and now 4 more.”

Johnny attempts to stab it – it leaps aside, and give him a cold stare before leaping out the window:

“That wasn’t very nice, Johnny. No, not nice at all.”

Mon Oct 17, 5am

Walter Rat Things: Bites off the tip of Johnny’s big toe. Then laughs: “Hee hee hee. Your friend, he saw it. He saw it too. Just 3 more to go. Just three more, and then everyone dies! Are you sure you won’t join us, become us? Well I’ll keep this (referring to the chunk of toe flesh), just in case you change your mind – or if I change mine.”

Walter Rat

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