Brothers of the Yellow Sign

It will take a day of studying the book and a successful Int+20 roll to gather the following information:

The “Yellow Sign” is the sign of the great “King in Yellow”. This figure is believed to prowl the extra-dimensional lands of Carcosa, as described in an anonymously authored play called “The King in Yellow”.


The “Brothers of the Yellow Sign” is a group of cultists dedicated to the “Great Old One – Hastur the Unspeakable”. He is connected with the mystic Lake of Hali, the Yellow Sign, and Carcosa. He is an ancient “Old One”, one of the original “Old Gods” that ruled over the earth millions of years ago. He was imprisoned on the distant and extra-dimensional world that holds the city of Carcosa, in the Lake of Hali, millions of years ago during the final great battle. It is not known who imprisoned him, although it is rumored that it was his half-brother, the great Cthulhu because he feared the growing power of his rival sibling.

Hastur’s appearance is disputed; in a reported instance of possession, a corpse took on a bloated scaly look and the limbs became boneless and fluid. Likewise, the things in the Lake of Hali reportedly look octopoid and have unbearably horrible faces. Therefore, the most commonly accepted description is an octopoidal mass with long tentacles, and a horrid mutated face with gaping maw that devours whole any victim unlucky enough to be snatched by one its arms.

The cultists worship the “yellow sign” as the sign of Hastur. They refer to him as “He Who Is Not to Be Named”, most likely misunderstanding his old naming (i.e., the Unspeakable). They are typically drug addicts, alcoholics, and other such societal outcasts. They rarely come from well-off families, and are typically uneducated, poverty stricken, and abandoned souls who are looking to the cult for a sense of community and excitement, and to “get back” at the rest of society for their troubled lives.

The cultists believe in two things:

  1. A powerful and magical king wearing yellow/gold garb will enter into this world, rewarding his followers and summoning the mighty Hastur from the Lake of Hali where he has been imprisoned for an eternity.
  2. Hastur will enter this world, destroying all in existence except his followers, and then carry them back to his land in Carcosa where they will enjoy a lifetime of physical satiation.

The cultists, when practicing, wear dark purple robes – in deference to the purple skies of Carcosa. Otherwise, they will appear as normal citizens in normal clothing; however, they always wear a silver ring adorned with a polished yellow stone – in deference to the Yellow Sign.

Brothers of the Yellow Sign

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