Douglas' Epilogue

Douglas’ Last letter to Father – Farewell for now.

After returning home from the harrowing events at the cave, Douglas became completely engrossed in the acquisition of property. He spoke to bankers in both Shippan and Stamford, drawing loans based on his family and personal credit. He worked with Legal Assistant Drew to draw up legitimate, yet somewhat misleading, documents regarding the stature, status, and tenure of his new business venture with Anny (Adler & Lincaster – Investigations and Consultation). With these he was able to secure more credit from both banks and personal investors. Within a week, he had acquired enough capital to purchase a substantial amount of both residential and commercial real estate.

Profits were quickly realized as the Feast of Fish festival drew greater numbers than usual, due to news that the murders had been solved and that “actual monsters that were responsible for the murders” had been caught and would be on display. With the restored confidence, citizens and businesses began returning in mid-November, wishing to buy back the properties they had practically abandoned in mid-October.

Douglas first used these profits to promote Adler & Lincaster, while working with Drew to develop additional investment strategies. Through clever transactions and contracts he was able to lease properties to businesses costing them less than they had originally been paying, with special purchase options available at the end of the leases. This was appealing to the businesses since they would not suffer an immediate loss, would actually be paying less than they were before, and could leave at any time without further obligation (with a small cancellation fee). This also allowed Douglas to maintain ownership of the properties while gaining a steady revenue stream exceeding his original investment. And, any business opting to purchase the property at the end of the lease did so (unknown to them) at Douglas’ original purchase price; thereby, turning the entire term of the lease into pure profit.

Within a few months, it became more profitable for Douglas to pay a “Senior Property Manager” to work with Drew, as it gave Douglas time to scout out additional investment opportunities that would quickly become available, but just as quickly be scooped up by other investors. As his reputation and credit grew, he was able to purchase newly available properties on credit, and then lease them out for slightly more than his own monthly cost and the same “all-profit” purchase option at the end of the lease. This soon led to his hiring an “Investment Portfolio Manager and Speculator” to handle this part of the job as well.

Several months in, Angus came to Douglas with a new investment opportunity idea. It seemed feasible, and if it succeeded, could result in tremendous profits. Now that he had the resources, he could not deny helping one of his friends. So, with such a Win-Win situation, he agreed to the idea and gave instructions to his Managers to work directly and closely with Angus, and provide everything they could within reason – provided the risk was moderate or less. (See Angus’ Epilogue.)

This consistent and intense focus helped him to heal from his psychological damage. And now, with a good amount of free time on his hands, he went back to his studies: studying the other books Angus had bought from the Curiosity Shoppe, and careful and controlled conversations with the Servant of Hastur – the King in Yellow on the shores of Carcosa.

Douglas' Epilogue

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