Walter Rythum Memorial Hospital

The Hospital is a large 2 story stone building with many windows, and multiple doors; although only the main entry is ever unlocked. The grounds are well kept, with small patches of grass and bushes decorating the entry walkway. Treatment is rough, at best, so many avoid the hospital except under dire emergencies.

There is talk that some patients disappear, never to be seen again, and their records destroyed. But police insist this is simply evil rumors, since no discrepancies have ever been discovered in the records. The hospital also provides coroner services to the police when cause of death is unknown, or foul play is suspected.


Game Play Information

The front doors open into the 30′×30′ reception area. It is well lit with oil sconces, oil lamps, and open front windows. Several chairs and a few small tables are scattered about the room. Corridors exit through the left and right walls. A tall, long counter separates an additional 10′×30′ space; a long bench table with four on the opposite side, and entrance is gained from the far left section of counter that stops three feet short of the wall.

On the bench table sits a “Patient Admission/Release log”, and pens and ink wells. Stacks of papers lay in several piles, some slightly scattered.

The back wall contains bookcases full of folder stuffed with papers. Next to the bookcases is a thick oak door, with a large padlock.

A rustic telephone hangs on the right wall behind the counter; it is only connected to a few local hospital rooms (doctor, coroner’s office, housekeeping).


The woman behind the desk (Betty Snife) is somewhat young (30’s) and wears a dingy white apron over a simple black gown. She is fair of face, but not necessarily pretty. Her curly light brown hair is almost neat, but sticking out in places as if she has been pulling on it. She is clearly stressed and talks a mile-a-minute as if she is on speed! She consistently opens a small round pill case that she keeps in a shirt pocket, and rubs a pinch of white powder across her gums.

She is constantly misplacing things, dropping things, scatter brained and forgetful, jumpy, and edgy.

Down the right hall and all the way down is an operating room. Turning left from the operating room is a thick oak door that leads to a stairwell 20’ down. Beside the stairwell is a smooth slab with a circular chain attached to a crank box. At the bottom of the stairwell attached to the chain is a gurney. The Coroner’s office (Dr Orkliff) is at the end of this stairwell behind a thick oak door.

Walter Rythum Memorial Hospital

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